McCoy Tyner records ‘Expansions,’ his tenth album with Woody Shaw, Gary Bartz, Wayne Shorter et al (1968)

McCoy Tynerr’s ‘Expansions’ is his tenth album recorded on August 23, 1968 with Woody Shaw, Gary Bartz, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Herbie Lewis and Freddie Waits and released in June 1970 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Vision (Mccoy Tyner) – 12:18 . 2.Song Of Happiness (Mccoy Tyner) – 12:00 . 3.Smitty’S Place (Mccoy Tyner) – 05:21 . 4.Peresina (Mccoy Tyner) – 10:21 . 5.I Thought I’D Let You Know (Calvin Massey) – 06:25

Musicians : Mccoy Tyner – Piano . Woody Shaw – Trumpet . Gary Bartz – Alto Saxophone, Wooden Flute* . Wayne Shorter – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet* . Ron Carter – Cello . Herbie Lewis – Bass . Freddie Waits – Drums

Production : Produced By Duke Pearson Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : On August 23, 1968 . Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs

Recorded In 1969 At Blue Note.

Released In October 1955 By Clef.

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McCoy Tynerr


It seems that on this album Tyner was determined to make the statement that as a leader he was not prepared to be confined by any boundaries between inside and outside, tradition and the avant-garde. Instead, he incorporated elements and approaches from various eras of jazz music and focused on making music that would be uniquely his own […]

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Of the Tyner records I’ve heard, this is my favorite. The band isn’t much bigger than on Today And Tomorrow, but the sound is a lot fuller, partly due to Tyner’s use of unusual instrumentation. […]

McCoy Tynerr’s ‘Expansions’ M


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