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From ‘Milonga Triste’ to ‘Canto Triste’, we have mixed 19 ‘Latin Music‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Tristeza‘. It has Vinicius De Moraes, Cortijo, Astrud Gilberto, Gato Barbieri and many more.

IMAGE : Payachito! Photo by Esparta Palma

Todo Tango: Aníbal Carmelo Troilo played slightly bent forward, with eyes closed, his double chin hanging. Some time later he remarked: «Is is said that I am very often moved and that I cry. Yes, it is true. But I never do these things for trivial reasons .»

Loronix : I never heard about a second album by Geraldo Trio or any other recording by Jose Geraldo, which is the full name of Geraldo Trio leader. Personnel information is not available and I don’t have any evidence which instrument Geraldo plays on his trio.

Radames Gnattali Quartet : Then, in 1943, the Orquestra Brasileira Radames Gnattali was created, together with the show Um Milhao de Melodias, which remained active for 13 years. It was a show that presented music from the entire world, but with appropriate Brazilian dressings through arrangements by Gnattali that were executed by the orchestra. At that time, Gnattali used to write nine full-scored orchestrations per week.

Mú : The year was 1962. Prior to the historic Carnegie Hall Bossa Nova concert, that same year, Oscar Castro-Neves met a young American musician named Paul Winter. An instant kinship, as Castro-Neves defines it, was formed.

Nelson Guirado : My second favorite female Cuban singer is Celina who, along with her husband Reutilio, defined a kind of afro-guajiro mix that was unique in Cuban music. Their music combined the guitar dominant guajiros with the sparse but very African conjunto style.

Music of Puerto Rico : When Betancourt was 11 years old, he sang with a small band named after a beer, “Cabeza de Perros”, since the band was sponsored by the brewing company. By 16, he was singing with the a well known Cuban band, Guaguanco Matancero : Carlos Lyra’s social concerns took him to the CPC (Popular Center of Culture), where he would brew the protest song derived from the bossa nova, seen by him and other composers like Edu Lobo, Geraldo Vandré, and Chico Buarque as reactionary.

RFI Musique : Charles Aznavour came from an interestingly mixed cultural background. His father Micha Aznavourian, had been born in Georgia; his mother, Anar, came from a family of Armenian jazzesmen who were based in Turkey.

PLAYLIST : Celina & Reutilio – Tristeza Guajira (3.06) . Gato Barbieri – Milonga Triste (5.01) . Radames Gnattali e Camerata Carioca – Valsa Triste (4.36) . Ismael Silva – Tristezas nao pagam dívidas (2.25) . Peruchin Jr. & the Cuban All Stars – Fantasia Triste (2.33) . Oscar Castro-Neves & Paul Winter – Canto Triste (3.09) . Blue Mambo – Triste o alegre (5.11) . Anna De Hollanda – Samba Triste (3.50) . Vinicius De Moraes – Tristeza e Solidão (4.39) . Astrud Gilberto – Tristeza (3.35) . Geraldo Trio – Chora Tua Tristeza (2.58) . João Gilberto – Triste (4.16) . Herman Oliva – Tristezas del Plata (4.12) . Cortijo – Sola Y Triste (2.14) . Justo Betancourt – Lagrimas y Tristezas (2.46) . Charles Aznavour – Que c’est triste Venise (2.37) . Aníbal Troilo – Mi Noche Triste (3.20) . Elis Regina – Há uma história triste (3.13) . Astor Piazzola – Tristezas De Una Doble A (7.13) .


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