As we wish Happy Birthday to James Hetfield, we celebrate ‘Metallica At Their Best’

As we wish, today, American singer and musician, James Hetfield a Happy 57th Birthday, the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of his band : Metallica


Photo : Facundo Gaisler

Audio : Enter Sandman . Nothing Else Matters . Master of Puppets . One . The Unforgiven . Sad but True . Fade to Black . Battery . For Whom the Bell Tolls . Wherever I May Roam .

Video : Nothing Else Matters . Enter Sandman . The Unforgiven . One . Whiskey In The Jar . Wherever I May Roam . Hardwired . Welcome home (Sanitarium) . Sad But True . Master Of Puppets . Atlas, Rise! . St. Anger . Turn the Page . The Day That Never Comes . I Disappear . The Memory Remains . Now That We’re Dead . All Nightmare Long . Fuel . Halo On Fire . Murder One . Confusion . Dream No More . Frantic . The Unnamed Feeling . Until It Sleeps . Here Comes Revenge . Some Kind Of Monster . ManUNkind . Lords of Summer .


Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ is their debut studio album released on July 25, 1983 by Megaforce Records. >>

Metallica ‘s ‘Reload’ is their seventh studio album (the last with bassist Jason Newsted) released on November 18, 1997 by Elektra. >>

Load incl. Until It Sleeps is Metallica’s sixth studio album (certified 5× platinum) released on June 4, 1996. >>

Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ is their third studio (six times platinum) album produced by Flemming Rasmussen and released on March 3, 1986 by Elektra Records. >>

Metallica ‘…And Justice for All’ is their fourth studio album (the first with bassist Jason Newsted) released on August 25, 1988, by Elektra Records. >>

‘Metallica’ feat. Enter Sandman is their eponymous fifth studio album (also known as ‘The Black Album’) released on August 12, 1991 by Elektra Records >>

Metallica’ s ‘Ride the Lightning’ is their second studio album produced by Flemming Rasmussen and released on July 27, 1984 by Megaforce Records. >>

Metallica ‘s ‘S&M’ is a live album recorded on April 21–22, 1999 at The Berkeley Community Theatre with The San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen and released on November 23, 1999 by Elektra. >>

Metallica ‘s ‘Death Magnetic’ is their ninth studio album (the first with bassist Robert Trujillo) produced by Rick Rubin and released on September 12, 2008 by Warner Bros. >>




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