Michel Petrucciani records ‘Power Of Three’ at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter (1986)

Michel Petrucciani’s ‘Power Of Three’ is an album recorded on July 14, 1986 at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Jim Hall and Wayne Shorter and released in 1987 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Limbo (Wayne Shorter) – 07:57 . 2.Careful (Jim Hall) – 06:49 . 3.Morning Blues (Michel Petrucciani) – 08:15 . 4.Waltz New (Jim Hall) – 05:30 . 5.Beautiful Love (Wayne King, Victor Young, Egbert Van Alstyne, Haven Gillespie) – 07:19 . 6.In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) – 12:18 . 7.Bimini (Jim Hall) – 10:05

Musicians : Michel Petrucciani – Piano . Jim Hall – Guitar . Wayne Shorter – Tenor Saxophone On (1 – 7), Soprano Saxophone On(3)

Production : Produced By David Rubinson, Mary Ann Topper . David Richards – Engineer

Package : Edouard Curchod – Cover Photo . Fernando Gonzalez – Liner Notes . Henry Marquez – Design

Recorded On July 14, 1986 At The Montreux Jazz Festival.

Released In 1987 By Blue Note.

(Source Michel Petrucciani‘s ‘Power Of Three’ | Official Site)


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When producer Mary Ann Topper teamed Petrucciani with Hall in late 1985, it was a truly inspired choice. Hall, the consummate accompanist and thoughtful soloist, is the kind of player who can work with just about anyone and find a way to gracefully inject his own gentle presence. And if the Petrucciani/Hall pairing was inspiration, adding Shorter for the final three pieces of the performance was pure genius. […]

This is an all-star summit that works quite well. Highly recommended. [A video/DVD was also released.] […]

This is my introduction to pianist Michel Petrucciani. I am really impressed with his abilities as an accompanyist. Wayne Shorter certainly plays excellently but the rapport between Petrucciani and guitarist Jim Hall is the best part of Power of Three. […]


Michel Petrucciani‘s ‘Power Of Three’


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