Atlantic Records publish Mike Stern’s third album : ‘Time in Place’ (1987)

Mike Stern‘s ‘Time in Place’ is his third studio album recorded during December 1987 with among others Peter Erskine, Don Alias and Michael Brecker and released in 1988 by Atlantic Records.


Atlantic Records publish Mike Stern’s third album : ‘Time in Place’ (1987)

Track Listing : 1.Gossip (Mike Stern) – 05:59 . 2.Time In Place (Mike Stern) – 06:49 . 3.Before You Go (Mike Stern) – 05:31 . 4.No Notice (Mike Stern) – 06:39 . 5.After All (Mike Stern) – 07:35 . 6.Four Shades (Mike Stern) – 05:04 . 7.Chromazone (Mike Stern) – 07:41

Musicians : Jim Beard – Keyboard . Don Grolnick – Organ . Peter Erskine – Drums . Don Alias – Percussion . Jeff Andrews – Bass . Bob Berg – Saxophone . Michael Brecker – Saxophone

Production : Produced By Steve Khan, Christine Martin . Malcolm Pollack – Engineer, Mixing . Kevin Halpin – Engineer . Tom Durack – Engineer . Dary Sulich – Engineer . Ed Brooks – Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Ebet Roberts – Photography

Recorded December 1987 At Skyline Studios In New York City, New York.

Released In 1988 By .

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mdekoning @ RateYourMusic
This is all exactly what you’d expect from an 80s fusion album. Most of this sounds like it comes straight from a Steps Ahead album, but then without Mike Manieiri’s vibraphone. As Brecker, Erskine and Stern himself have all played with that band it’s really no surprise. […]

The music (seven Stern originals) ranges from the rhythmic to the more sophisticated and features plenty of the leader’s high-powered guitar. […]

Mark53 @
Some of it strays to far in the Pat Metheny area, but on the whole Mike cranks it up and plays some blistering solo’s which are more rock than jazz and doesn’t go for the ‘see how fast i can play’ too much which is fine by me. It has made me curious about his other albums, so i guess he’s on the right track. […]


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