Miles Davis At Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series – Volume 4

The four-CD box set comprises live performances by Miles’ stellar band lineups in 1955, 1958, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1973, and 1975, in Newport, Rhode Island, New York City, Berlin, and Switzerland

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Miles Davis Bootleg Series, NEWPORT 1955-1975 clocks in at 296 minutes, nearly four hours of which is previously unreleased. From Miles’ debut performance at NJF in 1955 (a hastily arranged jam session featuring Thelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan, that immediately led to the trumpeter’s Columbia signing), to his final public perform¬ance of the ’70s in 1975 (at Lincoln Center during NJF-NY, the singular “Mtume” named for Miles’ favored percussion¬ist of that decade), the box set traces the ascendance of Miles’ music as the ne plus ultra of jazz. The full-length concert performances alone of Miles’ famed “Kind Of Blue” Sextet (with Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb), and second great quintet in ’66 and ’67 (with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams) represent templates that reverberate in jazz and popular music to this day

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Quatre heures de musique inédite ! La saga de Miles Davis au festival de Newport dans un magnifique digipack Deluxe contenant 4CD Inclus un livret de 36 pages avec un texte de Ashley Kahn (auteur de Kind Of Blue : The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece) et de nombreuses photos rares

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Cofanetto 4 CD con tre ore di musica inedita, Miles Davis registrato dal 1955 al 1975 in otto edizioni del Festival di Newport.

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Cofre, CD

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(4CD) ‘Bootleg Series Vol. 4’ – 40-track anthology of live recordings from the iconic jazz festival, spanning twenty highly creative years

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Vier CDs umfassendes Box Set, 8 Live Gigs aus 2 Jahrzehnten, mitgeschnitten in NEWPORT, NEW YORK, BERLIN und der SCHWEIZ. Vor sechzig Jahren trat der legendäre Trompeter erstmals auf dem New Port Jazz Festival auf und sicherte sich so auch einen Vertrag mit Columbia Records. Die diesjährige Ausgabe des Events (31.Juli bis 2.August 2015) erinnert mit Workshops und Konzerten an diesen Jahrestag. Gewürdigt wird dabei auch George Wein, Gründer und Impresario des Festivals, das untrennbar mit Miles’ Karriere verbunden ist. Das Box Set enthält nahezu 4 Stunden bislang unveröffentlichtes Material.CD 1: 17.7.1955: Newport Jazz Festival, Newport; 3.7.1958: Newport Jazz Festival, NewportCD 2: 4.7.1966: Newport Jazz Festival, Newport: 2.7.1967: Newport Jazz Festival, NewportCD 3: 5.7.1969: Newport Jazz Festival, Newport; 1.11.1973: Newport Jazz Festival In Europe, Berlin; 1.7.1975: Newport Jazz Festival NY, Avery Fisher Hall CD 4: 22.10.1971 : Newport Jazz Festival In Europe, Neue Stadthalle, Dietikon, Switzerland
Miles Davis At Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series – Volume 4

Highlights include Davis’ debut performance at Newport in 1955 (an impromptu jam session featuring Monk and Mulligan that immediately led to the trumpeter’s Columbia signing) and his final public performance of the ’70s in 1975 (at Lincoln Center during NJF–New York). […]

The original concerts were produced by George Wein and this box set is produced by Richard Seidel and Michael Cuscuna with co-producer Steve Berkowitz, the Grammy award winning team responsible for previous Bootleg Series sets. […]

Songs We Love: Miles Davis Quintet, ‘Gingerbread Boy’ (Live At Newport) As the band launches into its solos, it only grows hungrier and more aggressive. The blues form begins to fracture at the edges of bar lines, the harmonies grow more tense and unresolved, and Tony Williams drives like a man possessed, swerving for whatever accent or displacement he felt necessary, safety be damned. […]

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