Happy birthday Millie Jackson. ‘Loving Her Is Right’

This day (July 15, 1944 ), in Thomson, Georgia, is born Millie Jackson, an American R&B/soul singer.

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5 minutes of Millie (2016) . Breakin’ Up Somebody’s Home (2004) . I Wish it Would Rain . If You’r not back in Love by Monday / Nobody Sings A Love Song (1990) . Wanna Be Your Lover (1986) . If Loving You Is Wrong (1984) . Hold The Line Live In London (1982) . Hypocrisy (1973) . My Man, A Sweet Man (1972) . It Hurts So Good (1973) .

Tracklist :

(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right . It Hurts So Good . My Man, A Sweet Man . I Cry . It’s All Over But The Shouting . All The Way Lover . The Rap . Summer (The First Time) . Loving Arms . All I want Is A Fighting Chance .


[2011] Soul diva Millie Jackson will pay Tribute to The Blues at Hollywod Park Casino Inglewood, California >> 6 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (July 15, 1944 ), in Thomson, Georgia, is born Millie Jackson, an American R&B/soul singer.

Millie Jackson : In spite of being stamped bawdy, brash and bad, Millie is the epitome of performance perfection on stage. She has no peer in this department!!! Several years ago, she added a new dimension to her established legendary career by creating, financing, directing and starring in a ‘hit’ musical stage play that was based on one of her previous recordings, “Young Man, Older Woman”.

@allmusic : Hilariously racy monologues were a hallmark of her concerts, as the title of Live and Uncensored implies. Beyond the foul-mouthed hijinks on this 1979 release, though, Jackson created witty narratives that covered everything from sexual foibles to soap operas, and in the process dressed down both sexes…

@last.fm : She is a former Grammy Award nominee for If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want to Be Right) from the album Caught Up. On that album, the follow-up Still Caught Up, and others, she was backed by the renowned Muscle Shoals rhythm section. Her voice is frequently compared to Gladys Knight’s.

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