GRT publish Minnie Riperton’s debut solo album : ‘Come to My Garden’ (1970)

Minnie Riperton‘s ‘Come to My Garden’ is her debut solo album produced by Charles Stepney and recorded on November 24–26, 1969 and released in November 1970 By Grt.

Track Listing : 1.Les Fleurs (Charles Stepney, Richard Rudolph) – 03:18 . 2.Completeness (Charles Stepney, Rose Johnson) – 03:32 . 3.Come To My Garden (Richard Rudolph) – 03:19 . 4.Memory Band (Charles Stepney) – 04:05 . 5.Rainy Day In Centerville (Charles Stepney, Richard Rudolph) – 05:22 . 6.Close Your Eyes And Remember (Charles Stepney, Richard Rudolph) – 03:38 . 7.Oh, By The Way (Charles Stepney, Richard Rudolph) – 02:58 . 8.Expecting (Charles Stepney, Jon Stocklin) – 03:51 . 9.Only When I’M Dreaming (Charles Stepney, Sidney Barnes) – 03:24 . 10.Whenever, Wherever (Charles Stepney, Rose Johnson) – 03:34

Musicians : Minnie Riperton – Vocals . Maurice White – Drums . Phil Upchurch – Guitar . Ramsey Lewis – Piano . Charles Stepney – Conductor . Elsa Harris – Backing Vocals . Kitty Hayward – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Charles Stepney . Stu Black – Engineer . Gary Starr – Engineer

Package : Tom Ornshaw – Artwork . Dean Rudland – Liner Notes

Recorded On November 24–26, 1969 At Ter Mar Studios (Chicago, Illinois).

Released In November 1970 By Grt.

(Source Minnie Riperton – Come to My Garden | Minnie Riperton @ Wikipedia )


Funk My Soul
This record is really truly an unbelievable masterpiece….she sounds so so so so pretty on this Album (as though all of her albums) but this one shines like crystal…. amazing vocal acrobats ,and the most beautiful part about it , she was a black woman with incredible talent and remarkable ability …. she brought the opera + r&B + soul = Minnie Riperton …… […]

Bringing in arranger and producer Charles Stepney to put together an elegant, flourishing backdrop of orchestral overtones, the album bears a heavy resemblance to Bacharach/David recordings of the time. Minnie’s nimble backing vocals switch from powerfully soaring multi-tracked majesty to intimately restrained whispers in an instant. […]

Riperton’s lilting vocals on the title track and others like “Les Fleurs”, which is sung from the viewpoint of a budding flower (the lyrics “kiss my petals weave me through a dream” provide the inspiration for the collection’s title)and the dramatic “Completeness”, give an early inking of the astounding range that she would exhibit on “Lovin’ You”. […]


Minnie Riperton‘s ‘Come to My Garden’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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