‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°614


Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Gryffin – Last Of Us (w/ Rita Ora)

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Dan Griffith, known as Gryffin, is an American DJ and producer blending melodic house with organic and electronic elements. His debut album “Gravity” (2019) features hits and collaborations with Carly Rae Jepsen and Aloe Blacc, showcasing his talent in creating emotive dance music.
Music video directed by : Dumi Siwo – Song featured on the album : You & I

Nobody Compares To You (W/ Katie Pearlman) (2017)

49 . Purple Disco Machine, Ásdís – Beat Of Your Heart

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Tino Piontek, aka Purple Disco Machine from Germany, brings together house, disco, funk, and synth-pop. His 2013 hit “My House” and 2017 album “Soulmatic” propelled him to fame. The 2020 single “Hypnotized” achieved Europe-wide success, leading to the acclaimed 2021 album “Exotica”.
Music video directed by : Ndvd

In The Dark (W/ Sophie And The Giants) (2021)

48 . Six Sex – 4 Novioss

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Francisca Cuello, performing as Six Sex, hails from Argentina and created “Raveton,” merging reggaetón, dance hall, and electronic music. Starting in 2019 with the EP “Fantasy,” she has quickly risen, collaborating with Merca Bae on “Purple” and performing at major festivals.
Music video directed by : Bruno Adamovsky

Area 69 (2021)

47 . A7s – Lost In The Music

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Alexander Michael Tidebrink Stomberg, or A7S, is a Swedish artist known for “Breaking Me” with Topic (2019), which hit top 10 in 24 countries. His work, including “Your Love (9PM)” with ATB and Topic (2021), blends dance-pop and EDM.

Breaking Me (W/ Topic) (2019)

46 . Lilly Palmer – Hare Ram

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

German DJ and producer Lilly Palmer has emerged as a force in the techno scene. Her debut EP “We Control” on Drumcode label (2020) highlights her ability to intertwine techno with melodic elements.

Fall In Love (2023)

45 . WTRGRL – Are U Up

Date Added : févr 18, 2024

Collaborating with producer ZHONE, Chloe Saavedra, under the alias WTRGRL, merges mainstream pop with underground club beats, marking her debut project with a blend of androgynous vocals and ethereal harmonies.
Music video directed by : Natasha Wilson

44 . Rose Villain – Click Boom!

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Italian artist Rose Villain gained fame with “Don Medellín” and “Chico,” earning platinum certifications. Her debut album “Radio Gotham” showcases her pop, dancehall, and urban fusion, charting high on Italy’s music charts.
Music video directed by : Andrea Folino

Rari (2022)

43 . Gims & Lossa – Loco

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Gims, a Congolese-French artist, rose from Sexion d’Assaut to solo success with albums like “Subliminal” and “Ceinture noire.” Known for collaborations with Sia and Maluma, his music has topped French charts.

Est-Ce Que Tu M’Aimes ? (2015)

42 . Love Remain – LDN Grls [Gboyega’s Theme]

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Love Remain is a UK producer from South London.
Music video directed by : Movin’ Mad

Like Home (2022)

41 . Valiant – Lumbah

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Valiant, real name Raheem Bowes, is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame via his viral hit “Dunce Cheque,” which sparked both attention and controversy.
Music video directed by : Jb Visuals

Dunce Cheque (2022)

40 . Annalisa – Sinceramente

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Hailing from Carcare, Savona, Italy, Annalisa Scarrone, known simply as Annalisa or Nali, is a singer-songwriter who has participated five times in the Sanremo Music Festival. To date, her discography includes 7 albums and 32 singles, earning her 21 Platinum and 12 Gold discs, and selling over 1.7 million copies.
Music video directed by : Giulio Rosati

Scintille (2013)

39 . Anna Prior – Tech Não

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Anna Prior, drummer for the indie rock band Metronomy, has significantly influenced their sound. Born in 1983 in London, she’s known for her versatile music talents. Aside from Metronomy, Prior’s solo work and DJ sets showcase her broad musical range, with “Thank You For Nothing” marking her debut solo single.
Music video directed by : Tom Furse

Thank You For Nothing (2021)

38 . Wendy Cathalina – Möky

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Wendy Cathalina is a Malagasy pop singer from Madagascar.
Music video directed by : Patrick Ramangason

Miangotro (2019)

37 . Bayera – Kocha Się Raz

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Bayera, a prominent Polish electronic and dance music artist, is known for his disco polo hits like “Zabawmy sie” and “Popłyniemy.”

CześĆ Goodbye (2022)

36 . Jax Jones, Zoe Wees – Never Be Lonely

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

British DJ Jax Jones, born Timucin Fabian Kwong Wah Aluo, gained prominence with hits like “I Got U” and “You Don”t Know Me.” His debut album “Snacks (Supersize)” showcased his versatility. Jones received a Grammy nomination for “I Got U” and won the ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2020.

You Don’T Know Me (W/ Raye) (2017)

35 . Artbat & Armin Van Buuren – Take Off

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Ukrainian duo Artbat rose to fame with powerful house and techno tracks like “Mandrake” and “Upperground,” becoming Beatport’s top-selling artists. They won Mixmag’s Star of the Year and earned the Breakthrough Artist of the Year title at the Ibiza DJ Awards, solidifying their status in the electronic music scene.

Horizon (2021)

34 . Steve Aoki & Lil Jon – Get Lower

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Steve Aoki is an electrifying American DJ and producer, famed for his high-energy shows and pioneering cross-genre collaborations

Boneless (2013)

33 . Mohamed Ramadan, Future & Massari – Arabi

Date Added : févr 10, 2024

Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, known for his acting and music career, released hits like “Number One” and “El Malek.” His versatility extends across various roles in film and TV series, earning him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base in Egypt.

Bum Bum (2019)

32 . Gia Woods – Your Engine

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Gia Woods, an Iranian-American pop artist from Los Angeles, debuted in 2015 with “Only A Girl.” Her EPs “Cut Season” and “Heartbreak County” reflect her LA experiences and LGBTQ advocacy. Her 2023 EP “Your Engine” features singles like “Elevation” and “Heartbreak Radio.”
Music video directed by : Elle Cameron, Gia Woods

Hungry (2019)

31 . Agnis – Antipriest

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Agnis, Polish artist and former Desdemona vocalist, embarked on her solo career with darkTunes in 2020. Influenced by Apocalyptica, she released “I AM THE LIGHT,” blending her passions for acting, painting, and music.
Music video directed by : Krzysztof Kubiak

Slavic Witch (2021)

30 . Azawi, Konshens – Summer Bae

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Azawi, born Priscilla Zawedde on February 2, 1996, in Kampala, Uganda, is a multi-talented singer and dancer. Her breakthrough in music came in January 2020 with the release of her single “Quinamino.” Azawi‘s discography includes the albums “Lo Fit” (2020) and “African Music” (2021).

Quinamino (2020)

29 . Jungeli – T’étais Où ? (w/ Vegedream, Alonzo & Zaho)

Date Added : févr 6, 2024

Jungeli, a French Afrobeat musician, blends African sounds with contemporary Afrobeat. Known for hits like “Petit genie,” Jungeli‘s music, featuring lively percussion and catchy melodies, celebrates African culture.
Music video directed by : Styck

Petit Génie (W/ Imen Es, Alonzo, Abou Debeing & Lossa) (2023)

25 . Neyna & Mc Acondize – Nu Ka Sta Para

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Cape Verdean artist Neyna, based in Portugal, gained recognition for tracks like “Amor bem.” After completing her studies, she focused on her music career, collaborating with Nelson Freitas.
Music video directed by : Neyna

Tempo Para (2020)

24 . J. Rey Soul – Holla

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

J. Rey Soul, a Filipino-American singer, rose to fame through The Voice of the Philippines and later joined the Black Eyed Peas. Her collaboration on hits like “Mamacita” highlighted her unique blend of talents. In 2021, she signed with Epic Records.

Mamacita (W/ Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna) (2020)

23 . Bon Entendeur vs Nicoletta – Fio Maravilha

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

French collective Bon Entendeur combines French heritage with contemporary sound, creating mixtapes featuring political speeches and film dialogue. Their debut album “Aller-retour” revitalized French classics, and they launched BE Records in 2020, marking a new chapter in their innovative music journey.
Music video directed by : Edie Blanchard

Le Temps Est Bon (Vs Isabelle Pierre) (2018)

22 . Ray Dalton – All We Got

Date Added : févr 4, 2024

Seattle-based singer Ray Dalton gained fame through Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.” His solo career includes hits like “If You Fall” and “In My Bones,” earning Grammy nominations and MTV Video Music Awards.
Music video directed by : Julian Kleinert

In My Bones (2020)

22 . Soolking – Tiki Taka (w/ SCH)

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Soolking, born Abderraouf Derradji in 1989, in Algiers, is a singer and rapper whose music style is a unique blend of reggae, soul, hip-hop, and Algerian raï. He gained significant popularity with his 2018 debut solo album “Fruit du démon,” and his singles “Guérilla” and “Dalida” which both achieved Platinum status. His second studio album, “Vintage,” was released in 2020, followed by “Sans Visa” in 2022.
Music video directed by : Soolking & Wassillo

Dalida (2018)

21 . Benjamin Ingrosso – Kite

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Swedish artist Benjamin Ingrosso has achieved success with over 400 million streams and chart-topping hits. He represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest with “Dance You Off” (2018) and is known for his musicality and songwriting skills.
Music video directed by : Maksym Rovenko

Shampoo (2020)

20 . Tita – Kukata

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Bulgarian pop singer Tita gained fame through X Factor Bulgaria in 2014. She released her debut single “Voodoo Kukla” (2016) featuring Krisko and has since continued to release singles. Tita has also ventured into acting, appearing in the series “Sledvai Me” (2017).
Music video directed by : Ivan Dimitrov

Da Si Trayat (W/ Djena) (2021)

19 . Armanii – Dunce Barbie Pt II

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Armanii is a dancehall artist known for soulful ballads like “Intentions” and “Gift Wrap.”

Wild & Wikid (2022)

19 . DPR Artic – Do Or Die (w/ DPR Ian)

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

DPR ARTIC, real name Kim Yongwoo, is a key member of the Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) collective, known for his role as a music producer and DJ. He officially joined DPR in December 2023 and is set to debut in 2024 with an EP featuring four collaborations and three solo tracks. ARTIC’s producer credits include tracks like “Set It Off feat. DPR CLINE,” and he contributes to DPR’s diverse music projects and live performances, including appearances at major music festivals.

18 . Tourist – Valentine

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

William Edward Phillips, stage name Tourist, is an English electronic musician and songwriter known for co-writing Sam Smith’s Grammy-winning “Stay with Me.” Tourist has released albums including “U” (2016), “Everyday” and “Wild” (2019), and “Inside Out” (2022).
Music video directed by : Ozzie Pullin

Run (2016)

17 . Kiesza, Sugar Jesus – Heaven Ain’t Calling

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Canadian artist Kiesza, known for “Hideaway,” mixes soulful, house-influenced dance music. Her career, transitioning from folk to uptempo, took off in 2014. Besides writing for artists like Rihanna, she’s collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo. Her 2020 album “Crave” marked her return to music after a hiatus due to a car accident.

What Is Love (2014)

16 . Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Tiësto, Dido & W&W – Thank You [Not So Bad]

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Dimitri Vegas, born Dimitri Thivaios in Belgium, is one half of the renowned EDM duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Their chart-topping single “The Hum” in 2015 propelled them to international EDM stardom. The duo secured the No. 1 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list in 2015 and 2019. Dimitri’s music style spans club, EDM, house, and progressive house genres, and he’s also delved into acting and entrepreneurship. He collaborates with artists like David Guetta and Afrojack, performing at major global festivals.

The Hum [Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs Ummet Ozcan] (2015)

16 . Nikk – Paseena

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Nikk, a Punjabi singer, composer, and songwriter, debuted in 2019 with “O Meri Jaan Aa.” Despite a B.Tech in Civil Engineering, his passion for music led to popular tracks like “Yaari” and “Relation,” amassing millions of views. Known for his romantic and peppy songs, Nikk blends personal experiences into his lyrics, striking a chord with his audience.
Music video directed by : Jsie

Yaari (W/ Avneet Kaur) (2019)

15 . Tiësto & Fast Boy – All My Life

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Tiësto, born in the Netherlands in 1969, is a celebrated DJ and EDM pioneer. His career, starting in the 1990s, led to the establishment of Black Hole Recordings and collaboration with Ferry Corsten in Gouryella. His album “In My Memory” and remix of “Silence” broadened his global reach. Mentor to artists like Martin Garrix, Tiësto‘s style evolved over time, recently returning to trance with VER:WEST.
Music video directed by : Yael Ella & Johnathon Karalis

Red Lights (2014)

14 . Zerb – Mwaki (w/ Sofiya Nzau)

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Zerb is an electronic music producer and DJ known for producing house, deep house, and tech-house music. His track “Paradise” gained attention, and he’s recognized for his infectious beats and melodic elements in electronic dance music.
Music video directed by : Mikhail Mehra

13 . Zeddy Will – Cha Cha

Date Added : janv 30, 2024

Zeddy Will, also known as CBANDZZZ, is a TikTok star from New York City, born in 2002. Famous for his “window talk” series, he has amassed over 6 million followers. His content ranges from comedy to vlogs on YouTube. A former athlete, Zeddy’s social media presence highlights his creativity and connection with a young audience.

You (W/ 2Rare, Kenzo B, Dj Smallz 732) (2023)

12 . Nora Fatehi – Im Bossy

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

Nora Fatehi, a Canadian dancer and actress active in the Indian film industry, is known for her dance performances in films and music videos. She gained fame with the song “Dilbar” and participated in reality shows like “Bigg Boss 9.”
Music video directed by : Jesse Boyle

Manike:Thank God (2022)

11 . D-Block & S-te-Fan – Kamikaze (w/ Diandra Faye)

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

D-Block & S-te-Fan, a Dutch DJ duo comprising Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas, specialize in hardstyle, electro house, and progressive house music. Formed in 2004, they’ve performed at major events like Qlimax and Mysteryland. Known for “Music Made Addict” and “Rockin’ Ur Mind,” they’ve also released tracks as DBSTF, including “Beautiful World” with Blasterjaxx.

World Renowned (W/ Dj Isaac) (2019)

10 . Emel – Lose My Mind (w/ Nayomi)

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

Emel Mathlouthi, a Tunisian singer-songwriter, gained fame with “Kelmti Horra,” an anthem for the Tunisian Revolution. Her music combines world, electronic, and experimental genres, with albums like “Kelmti Horra” (2012) and “Ensen” (2017).
Music video directed by : Amber Gray

Holm [A Dream] (2020)

9 . Yīn Yīn – Tokyo Disko

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

Yīn Yīn, a Dutch quartet formed in 2017, is known for their fusion of funk, disco, psychedelia, and Southeast Asian music. Key releases include “Pingpxng” and the single “Dion Ysiusk,” showcasing their unique neo-disco and neo-psychedelic sound.
Music video directed by : Sara Elzinga – Song featured on the album : Mount Matsu

The Age Of Aquarius (2022)

8 . Inna – Cheeky

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Inna, born Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is a Romanian singer known for her electronic and pop music. Her debut single “Hot” led to global success, followed by hits like “Sun Is Up.” She won awards like the Eurodanceweb Award and is involved in humanitarian efforts, including campaigns against domestic violence.

Sun Is Up (2010)

7 . Purple Disco Machine, Ásdís – Beat Of Your Heart

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Purple Disco Machine, German DJ Tino Piontek, is known for blending house, disco, and synth-pop. His hit “My House” and tracks like “Devil in Me” highlight his style. Growing up in Dresden influenced his music, characterized by classic and modern disco elements.
Music video directed by : Ndvd

Hypnotized (W/ Sophie And The Giants) (2020)

6 . Artbat & Another Life – In Your Arms

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Artbat, a Ukrainian electronic duo, emerged from Kiev’s underground scene with a progressive house style. Known for tracks like “Mandrake,” they were Mixmag Stars and Beatport’s Number 1 artists in 2019. Their remix of “Return to Oz” and collaborations are highlights of their career.
Music video directed by : Oscar Gentin

Horizon (2021)

5 . Dvbbs & Bad Nonno – Inside Out

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Dvbbs, Canadian EDM duo formed by brothers Alexandre and Christopher van den Hoef, is known for hits like “Tsunami.” Their style blends EDM, progressive trance, and house. Albums include “Sleep” and EPs like “Beautiful Disaster,” marking their impact in the EDM scene.

We Were Young (2014)

4 . Aidonia – Bottles

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Aidonia, born Sheldon Lawrence, is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae powerhouse, hailing from Kingston. Debuting in 2004, his work spans multiple record labels including VP Records and Jag One Productions.

Pretty Please (2015)

3 . Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre, Tom Breu – Weak

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Lukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol, aka Vintage Culture, born July 7, 1993, in Brazil, is a DJ and record producer. Known for remixing classics like “Blue Monday,” he gained fame with a progressive and tech-house style. Nominated for Forbes’ ’30 under 30,’ he founded the label inHarmony Music. He advocates for mental health and engages in fashion design.
Music video directed by : Tom Furse

2 . Kiyoharu – Saint

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Kiyoharu Mori, born October 30, 1968, in Japan, is a musician and singer-songwriter, known for bands Kuroyume and Sads. He started a solo career in 2003, exploring genres like alternative rock and punk rock. Kiyoharu is also a fashion designer. His discography includes albums like “Poetry” and “Forever Love,” with contributions across various genres.
Music video directed by : Yutaro

Slow Pv (2009)

1 . Enisa – Disco Cone [Take It High] [In-Studio Performance]

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Enisa Nikaj, simply known as Enisa is an American singer signed to Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label and a model.

Count My Blessings (2011)

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