‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°619

Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Ashan Fernando – Koniththaa

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Ashan Fernando, born in Sri Lanka (1992), is a singer, composer, and audio engineer. Known for “Man Pathanawa” (2016), his music has philosophical depth and gained popularity through mainstream TV in Sri Lanka.
Music video directed by : Charuka Dushyantha

As Deka Wage (2023)

49 . Zhu, Sabrina Claudio – Settle For Less

Date Added : Mar 29,2024

Zhu, an American electronic artist born in 1989, emerged with “The Nightday” EP and “Faded,” earning a Grammy nod in 2014. Albums like “Generationwhy” (2016) and “Dreamland 2021” display his innovative electronic music style. Song featured on the album : Grace

In The Morning (2016)

49 . Adina Butar – Whisper

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Romanian vocalist Adina Butar, associated with Schulz Music Group, debuted with Markus Schulz at A State of Trance 550. Her involvement with SMG marks her as a prominent figure in the EDM scene.

Indestructible (W/ Markus Schulz) (2020)

48 . Young Posse,(영파씨) – XXL

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

South Korean girl group Young Posse debuted in 2023 with “Macaroni Cheese” and followed with “XXL” in 2024. They’ve been nominated for Rookie of the Year at the Seoul Music Awards in 2024.

47 . Cuebrick, Dinar Candy & Skytek – Face Your Future

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

German DJ Cuebrick rose to fame in 2016 with collaborations and support from DJ legends like Tiësto. His tracks, released on labels such as Enhanced Recordings and Armada, include “Squid Play” and “At Night.” Ranked #93 in DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in 2023, he’s known for his dynamic performances.

46 . Tripolism, Nandu & Radeckt – Soultrain

Date Added : Mar 27,2024

Danish electronic act Tripolism, signed by Ultra Records, made waves with “Dope Dance” in 2023, an Ibiza hit highlighted by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Their track “Whatever We Call It” with Meera also earned Essential New Tune status, showcasing their melodic house and Nordic noir style.
Music video directed by : Jesper Christensen

Dope Dance (W/ Nandu & Radeckt) (2023)

46 . Zerb – Mwaki [Major Lazer Remix] (w/ Sofiya Nzau)

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Zerb is an electronic music producer and DJ known for producing house, deep house, and tech-house music. His track “Paradise” gained attention, and he’s recognized for his infectious beats and melodic elements in electronic dance music.

45 . Edurne – Nada

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Edurne García Almagro, born December 22, 1985, in Madrid, gained fame from “Operación Triunfo” (2005). Her debut album included hits like “Despierta.” Edurne represented Spain in Eurovision 2015 with “Amanecer,” finishing 21st. Also known for acting, she played Sandy in “Grease” (2007-2013).

Amanecer (2015)

44 . Tar1Q – Jigga (w/ Khaid)

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Nigerian artist Tar1Q made his debut with the EP “Son of the Moon,” featuring “Bad Intention.” Known for blending personal narratives with Afrobeats, his work reflects his unique perspective on love and life.

Signals (2023)

43 . Behani – Again And Again

Date Added : Mar 25,2024

Australian artist Behani, real name Rebekah Behbahani, emerged in 2020 with “Let Me Know.” Formerly a Business Analyst at KPMG, she recorded her debut in Miami with Scott Storch. Her music combines reggaeton, Pop, afro rhythms, and R&B.

Real Man (W/ Ne-Yo) (2023)

42 . Badshah & Karan Aujla – God Damn

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Badshah, born November 19, 1985, in India, rose with “Saturday Saturday”. His songs feature in Bollywood soundtracks like “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”. Known for “Kar Gayi Chull”, he faced controversies over views for “Paagal” and rights for “Genda Phool”.
Music video directed by : Agam Mann & Azeem Mann

Jugnu (2022)

41 . The New Six – Fuego

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

The New Six, also known as TNX, debuted on May 17, 2022, with “WAY UP”. Formed by P NATION on “LOUD”, they represent a fresh addition to the K-Pop scene, with a fanbase named THX.

비켜 (Move) (2023)

40 . Markus Schulz & Haliene – Death Of A Star

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Markus Schulz, born February 3, 1975, in Germany, is noted for his “Unicorn Slayer” moniker. Ranked high in DJ Magazine and crowned America’s Number 1 DJ, he’s part of New World Punx and records as Dakota, with albums like “The Rabbit Hole Circus”.

Remember This (2014)

39 . Romanceplanet – Dance

Date Added : Mar 21,2024

Known for “December”, Romanceplanet, making waves in hyperpop, is signed with Cleopatra Records.

World Away (2023)

38 . Travis Japan – T.G.I. Friday Night

Date Added : Mar 19,2024

Formed under Travis Payne’s mentorship, Travis Japan signed with Capitol Records in 2022. Their debut “Just Dance!” and album “Road to A” showcase a mix of pop and dance tracks. Participating in America’s Got Talent season 17, the group’s members include Kaito Miyachika and Kaito Nakamura.

Just Dance! (2023)

37 . Paul Damixie & April Bender – Dumb

Date Added : Mar 19,2024

Romanian DJ and producer Paul Damixie gained fame with his remix of Adele’s “Hello” in 2015, winning iHeart Radio’s 2016 Remix of the Year. Formerly part of Radio Killer, Damixie’s hits include “Time” and “Get Lost.”

Secrets (2023)

36 . Harley – Party Anthem [Amapiano]

Date Added : Mar 19,2024

Harley born Harley Echene Mathieu Yoan Ilfix near Paris is an upcoming French rapper and Afrobeats singer.
Music video directed by : Hani Azzoug

Supalife 6Gnature (2023)

35 . Mira – Bad Booty

Date Added : Mar 19,2024

Romanian singer Mira, known for “Vocea României” participation, released “MiraDivina” in 2021. Her singles “Arctic” and “Zi merci,” and collaborations with DJ Project and B.U.G. Mafia’s Uzzi, showcase her pop and dance music prowess. Mira‘s “Strawberry Heart” marks her first English solo track.

Cheia Inimii Mele (W/ Dj Project) (2018)

34 . Becky Hill – Never Be Alone [Live]

Date Added : Mar 19,2024

Becky Hill, an English singer-songwriter, rose to fame on “The Voice UK” in 2012. Known for blending pop, dance, and R&B, Hill’s career includes hits like “Losing” and collaborations with MK and Matoma. Her 2019 mini-album “Get to Know” and 2021 debut album “Only Honest on the Weekend,” featuring David Guetta, highlight her dynamic style​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Jack Lowe

Losing (2014)

33 . Galantis, David Guetta & 5 Seconds Of Summer – Lighter

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Galantis, the Swedish duo of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, debuted with “Smile” in 2013, and achieved international success with “Runaway (U & I).” Known for blending songwriting with electronic beats, their albums “Pharmacy” and “The Aviary” feature hits like “No Money.” Despite lineup changes, Karlsson continues to evolve Galantis‘s sound.

Runaway [U & I] (2015)

32 . Cascada – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Cascada, formed in 2004 in Germany, hit it big with “Everytime We Touch” in 2006. Winning the World Music Award in 2007, they’ve sold around 30 million records. Their music, evolving from Eurodance to electropop, includes hits like “Evacuate the Dancefloor.”
Music video directed by : Marcel Brell – Song featured on the album : Studio 24

Everytime We Touch (2007)

31 . Tayc & Shreya Ghoshal – Yimmy Yimmy

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Tayc, a French-Cameroonian singer, emerged with “Alchemy” in 2017 and “Nyxia” trilogy, showcasing his R&B and AfroPop blend. His single “Le temps” topped French charts, establishing him in the R&B scene. Winning “Danse avec les stars” in 2021, highlight his diverse talents, from singing to dancing.
Music video directed by : Piyush & Shazia

Le Temps (2021)

30 . Bae173 – Fifty-Fifty

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

BAE173, a South Korean boy group, debuted in 2020 with “Intersection: Spark.” Despite Dohyon’s departure in 2023, the eight-member group continues to impress with energetic performances and diverse musical style. Their EPs, including “Intersection: Trace” and “Odyssey: Dash,” showcase a blend of K-Pop with other genres.

Dash (2023)

29 . Martin Garrix & Dubvision – Empty (w/ Jaimes)

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Martin Garrix, Dutch DJ, soared with “Animals” and joined the EDM elite. Ranked #1 on DJ Mag’s list (2016-2018), he founded Stmpd Rcrds and hit singles like “In the Name of Love.”

Animals (2013)

28 . Marina Satti – Zari

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Marina Satti, a Greek artist, blends traditional and urban sounds. Her single “Mantissa” (2017) went viral. Satti, a Berklee graduate, was Greece’s Eurovision 2024 entry, showcasing her cultural fusion in music.
Music video directed by : Zac Dov Wiesel

Tucutum (2023)

27 . Kream – Arrakis [Dune Inspired]

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

KREAM, a Norwegian DJ/producer duo, signed with Atlantic Records in 2017, releasing “Taped Up Heart.” Their “LIQUID : LAB” project and “Reverie” EP (2022) showcase their house and dance-pop sound.
Music video directed by : Nicolas Neubert

Pressure (2021)

26 . Rudimental, Skepsis – Green & Gold [Sydney Yacht Rave] (w/ Charlotte Plank, Riko Dan)

Date Added : Mar 13,2024

Rudimental, from Hackney, London, blends club/dance and drum’n’bass. Their debut “Feel the Love” (2012) topped UK charts. Albums like Home (2013) and Ground Control (2021) earned them a BRIT Award.

Waiting All Night (W/ Ella Eyre) (2013)

25 . Jungle – Back On 74 [The 2024 Brit Awards]

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Jungle is a British electronic music project founded in 2013 by London-based producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, that has evolved into a seven-piece band for live performances.

Holding On (2023)

24 . W.I.S.H. – Lazeez

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Indian girl band W.I.S.H, launched by Mikey McCleary and backed by Sony Music, debuted with the single “Lazeez.” Members include Suchita Shirke, Riya Duggal, Simran Duggal, and Zoe Siddharth.
Music video directed by : Mikey Mccleary

23 . Kaleen – We Will Rave

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Austrian artist Kaleen (Marie-Sophie Kreissl), born in 1994, founded Wifi Records and released “Stripping Feelings” (2023). She is representing Austria at Eurovision 2024 with “We Will Rave.”
Music video directed by : Jordan Rossi

What It Feels Like [Live] (2023)

22 . CDK – Somebody That I Used To Know

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

CDK, a dance & training company, is led by Brazilian choreographer Sergio Reis in the Netherlands.
Music video directed by : Sergio Reis

21 . Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding – Miracle [The Brits 2024]

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, born January 17, 1984, soared to fame with “I Created Disco” and “18 Months.” His track “This Is What You Came For” hit 1 billion Spotify streams, making him a leading figure in electronic music. Harris has won a Grammy and multiple Brit Awards, underlining his influence on the global music scene.

Summer (2014)

20 . Martin Garrix & Seth Hills – Biochemical

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, born Martijn Garritsen in 1996, rose to fame with “Animals” in 2013. He topped DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list from 2016 to 2018 and has collaborated with artists like Usher and Dua Lipa. Garrix, who started producing music after being inspired by Tiësto, also founded Stmpd Rcrds.

Animals (2013)

19 . Apache 207 – Loser

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

German rapper Apache 207, born Volkan Yaman in 1997, broke through with “Roller” in 2019. His debut album “Platte” topped the German charts, and his unique style blends rap with pop and rock elements. He won the 2020 MTV Europe Music Award for Best German Act.
Music video directed by : Paul Shady

Roller (2019)

18 . Didine Canon 16 – Sao Paulo

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Didine Canon 16, an Algerian rapper born Khireddine Youcef, emerged as a key figure in Maghreb rap since 2015. Known for “Akhténi” and “El Ma9youd,” his work often addresses social issues, resonating with youth. He collaborated with Mohamed Ramadan on “Nassaba” and appeared in “Ahwal Nass 2.”
Music video directed by : Salim Bel Hssan

Tesla (2022)

17 . Alessiah – Call You Back (w/ The Code)

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Alessiah, born August 28, 2007, in Bucharest, Romania, is a pop, dance-pop, and electronic music artist. Debuting with “Sunday” and known for singles like “Rebels” and “Hurricane,” produced in collaboration with Vanotek and Minelli. Managed by Universal Music Romania, she stands as the label’s youngest artist.
Music video directed by : San

Nostalgia (2021)

16 . Mono – Open Your Eyes

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Vietnamese singer Mono, brother of Son Tung MTP, debuted with a unique style blending hip-hop and R&B, making a distinct mark in the national music scene.
Music video directed by : Tony Nhat Nguyen & Nguyễn Việt Anh

Waiting For You (2022)

15 . Rico Nasty, Boys Noize – Arintintin

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, known as Rico Nasty, born May 7, 1997, in New York City, blends punk, trap, and hip-hop. With viral hits “Smack a Bitch” and “Poppin,” she signed with Atlantic Records, releasing the acclaimed mixtape “Nasty” and the album “Nightmare Vacation” featuring “iPhone.”

Smack A Bitch (2017)

14 . Nikka Costa – Dirty Disco

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Nikka Costa, born June 4, 1972, in Tokyo, Japan, navigates R&B, neo-soul, and funk. Known for “Everybody Got Their Something,” featuring “Like a Feather.” Her career, influenced by her father Don Costa, spans from child performer to adult success with albums like “Can’tneverdidnothin'” and “Pebble to a Pearl.”
Music video directed by : Bobbi Rich

Out Here On My Own (2015)

13 . Duck Sauce – Clap Your Feet (w/ Fuzzy Cufflinxxx)

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Duck Sauce, formed by Armand Van Helden and A-Trak in 2009, is known for their disco house music, including hits like “Barbra Streisand.” Their sound blends classic disco with modern house, making waves in dance clubs worldwide.
Music video directed by : Harrison Fishman

Barbra Streisand (2010)

12 . TDJ – Come Back Home

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Montréal’s TDJ, born Geneviève Ryan Martel, stands out in trance and progressive music, gaining attention with “TDJ001″ in 2020. Influenced by techno and emo, she’s collaborated with Casual Gabberz Records, and her work includes the innovative “SPF INFINI” compilations.
Music video directed by : Kevin Elamrani-Lince

Addictive/Predictive (2022)

11 . Badshah, Payal Dev – Zaalim

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Indian artist Badshah, born November 19, 1985, achieved fame with hits like “Saturday Saturday” and “DJ Waley Babu.” Known for blending Indian pop and hip-hop, his 2019 track “Paagal” broke YouTube records for first-day views, spotlighting his impact on Indian and Bollywood music scenes.
Music video directed by : Abderafia El Abdioui

Jugnu (2021)

10 . Jador, Zaho & Guaynaa – Fana

Date Added : févr 26, 2024

Romanian artist Jador, born Remus Ionuț Dumitrache on March 25, 1995, is known for his manele music and vibrant personality. His rise followed “Puterea Dragostei” appearance, leading to collaborations with Alex Velea and Tzancă Uraganu.
Music video directed by : Gabriel Cioplan, Franck Bondrille, Alan Cohen

Fana (2023)

9 . Martin Garrix & Mesto – Breakaway (w/ Wilhelm)

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, born May 14, 1996, catapulted to fame with hits like “Animals” and “Scared to Be Lonely.” Ranked No.1 DJ by DJ Mag (2016-2018), he made history as Ultra Music Festival’s youngest headliner in 2014. Founder of Stmpd Rcrds, his work spans genres, marking him a global EDM icon.

Animals (2013)

8 . Meute – Vermis

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 2015 by trumpeter Thomas Burhorn. The band, comprising eleven drummers and horn players, redefines the techno genre by blending hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music.
Music video directed by : Simon Hollmann – Song featured on the album : Empor

Sail (Awolnation Rework) (2023)

7 . Stan Walker – Māori Ki Te Ao

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Stan Walker, a singer, actor, and television personality, soared to fame as the 2009 winner of “Australian Idol.” Signing with Sony Music Australia, his debut album “Introducing Stan Walker,” featuring “Black Box,” achieved platinum status. Known for his pop and R&B style, Walker has won multiple New Zealand Music Awards. His influence extends to television, where he judged “The X Factor NZ” and debuted his acting career in “Mt Zion.”
Music video directed by : Stan Walker, Shae Sterling

Ultralight Beam (2020)

6 . Tri.Be – Diamond

Date Added : févr 25, 2024

South Korean girl group Tri.Be, debuting in 2021 with “Tri.be Da Loca,” quickly rose to fame. Their music, including hits like “Kiss” from “Leviosa” and “We Are Young” from “W.A.Y,” showcases a blend of K-pop and global sounds. Despite member Jinha’s departure in 2023, the group continues to thrive with six members.

Would You Run (2021)

5 . Albyna – To’ Fumada

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Albyna is an upcoming Spanish singer.
Music video directed by : Sam Santos

Solo Tu (2022)

4 . Meduza – Dola Re Dola (w/ Varun Jain)

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Meduza, an Italian electronic music trio, rose to fame with hits like “Piece of Your Heart” and “Lose Control.” Their style blends EDM, house, and bass music. Awards include a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2020.

Paradise (W/ Dermot Kennedy) (2020)

3 . OtebNSolrac – Nobody

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

OtebNSolrac are DJ Twins from San Leandro, California.

2 . Captain Jack – Long Long Time Ago

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Captain Jack, a German Eurodance project, gained fame in 1995 with hits like “Captain Jack” and “Drill Instructor.” Their energetic dance tracks earned them 19 gold and platinum records across Europe. The group experienced a revival in 2008.
Music video directed by : Tom Dannenberg

Captain Jack (1995)

1 . Boris Brejcha – Miracle (w/ Leony)

Date Added : févr 22, 2024

Boris Brejcha, a German DJ and producer, is known for his “high-tech minimal” style. His journey into music began after surviving the Ramstein air show disaster. Brejcha founded Fckng Serious label and released “Space Diver” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Kevin Kaczynski

Level One (2023)

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