‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°661

Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

53 . Rachelle Allison – Si Seulement

Date Added : May 23,2024

Rachelle Allison, from the French Caribbean, is renowned in the Zouk and Caribbean music scenes. Her breakthrough single “Loin de Moi” gained acclaim. Notable single: “Ma Lumière.”
Music video directed by : Mike Saint

Capitaine (2023)

52 . Relja – Ribe Zloceste

Date Added : May 23,2024

Relja Popović is a Serbian artist, known for being part of the hip-hop duo Elitni Odredi. Their 2010 album “Oko Sveta” includes hits like “Moja Jedina.” Relja also pursues an acting career.

Hladno Leto (2023)

51 . Masterkraft & Ugoccie – Today [Oringo]

Date Added : May 23,2024

Masterkraft, born Sunday Ginikachukwu Nweke, is a Nigerian producer known for hits like “Kwarikwa” by Flavour and “Fine Lady” by Lynxxx featuring Wizkid. He has worked with top Nigerian artists including Wizkid, Banky W, and Timaya.

Equipment (W/ Flavour) (2021)

50 . Kraff & Jiggy D – Narly

Date Added : May 21,2024

Jamaican artist Kraff, aka Tevin Randall, made his mark in trap dancehall with “Deniro.” His EP ’11:11′ symbolizes his musical and spiritual journey. Despite challenges, he infuses his music with youthful energy, resonating globally.
Music video directed by : Shane Creative

Dinero (2022)

49 . Preston Pablo, Juliana – Dance Alone

Date Added : May 21,2024

Canadian artist Preston Pablo, from Timmins, Ontario, mixes pop and R&B. He rose to fame with “Flowers Need Rain.” He debuted under Universal Music Canada after gaining early exposure on YouTube. Preston won the Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2023 and continues to release hits like “Believe” and “Dance Alone.”

Flowers Need Rain (W/ Banx & Ranx) (2022)

48 . Mrs Energy – Maji Maji (w/ Mabantu)

Date Added : May 21,2024

Tanzanian artist Mrs. Energy blends various genres, gaining recognition with “Nilale.” Known for vibrant performances, she also engages in choreography, modeling, and acting.

Nilale (2023)

47 . DJ Bliss & Bia – 808

Date Added : May 21,2024

Emirati DJ Bliss, real name Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, born June 6, 1981, is a prominent DJ and TV presenter from Dubai. He rose to fame winning ‘Palm DJ of the Year’ and performed internationally, including at Ministry of Sound. His single “Let It Go” (2012) and album “Made in Dubai” were successes. He’s also known from the Netflix series “Dubai Bling.”

Hala Walla (W/ Shaggy, Daffy & Flipperachi) (2023)

46 . Otyken – Oneness

Date Added : May 20,2024

Siberian group Otyken, founded by Andrey Medonos, fuses pop with traditional folk, using instruments like the komuz and igil. They promote Chulym folklore and languages, with albums like “Kykakacha,” representing diverse Siberian ethnicities and preserving ancient musical traditions.

Legend (2022)

45 . Cappuccino – Wa Zebi

Date Added : May 20,2024

Zarbola, a French actor known as Cappuccino, gained fame in the 2021 web series “Cappuccino.” He performs on TikTok and other platforms under the name Cappuccino.
Music video directed by : Kenan Camber

Covid (2021)

44 . Gran Error & Elvana Gjata – Besame En Rio

Date Added : May 20,2024

Gran Error is a Romanian duo, Marco & Seba, celebrated for the track “Clap Clap” with Elvana Gjata and Antonia.
Music video directed by : Bogdan Paun

Clap Clap (W/ Elvana Gjata & Antonia) (2023)

43 . Alexandra Stan & toka – Bambola

Date Added : May 20,2024

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan, born in 1989 in Constanța, burst onto the scene with “Mr. Saxobeat” (2010). Her albums “Saxobeats,” “Unlocked,” and “Alesta” highlight her dance-pop style. Stan’s music, including hits like “Lemonade” and “Get Back (ASAP),” combines energetic dance rhythms with pop melodies.

Mr. Saxobeat (2017)

42 . Bru-C – Ten Toes (w/ Mc Spyda, General Levy & Eksman)

Date Added : May 18,2024

Bru-C, a British MC and rapper from Nottingham, known for his grime, bassline, and drum & bass tracks, released “Original Sounds” in 2019. Signing with Def Jam Recordings in 2021, his authentic sound reflects real-life experiences.

You & I (2019)

41 . Empire Of The Sun – Music On The Radio

Date Added : May 18,2024

Australian duo Empire of the Sun, formed in 2007 by Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, achieved fame with “Walking on a Dream.” Through their albums, such as “Ice on the Dune” and “Two Vines,” their electro-pop sound, complemented by distinctive visual performances, has earned them international recognition, including double platinum in Australia.
Music video directed by : Michael Maxxis

We Are The People (2011)

40 . Vassy – Midnight

Date Added : May 18,2024

Vassy, a Greek-Australian singer, rose to fame with “Bad,” a collaboration with David Guetta and Showtek. She’s known for hits like “Secrets” with Tiësto and KSHMR. Vassy has received multiple international chart-topping singles and the first-ever EDMA ICON Award.

Trouble (2020)

39 . Lost Frequencies & David Kushner – In My Bones

Date Added : May 16,2024

Lost Frequencies, real name Félix De Laet, is a Belgian DJ who rose to fame with “Are You With Me” in 2014. His albums include “Less Is More” (2016) and “Alive and Feeling Fine” (2019), featuring hits like “Reality.” He has collaborated with artists like James Blunt and Aloe Blacc.Song featured on the album : Lost Frequencies

Are You With Me (2015)

38 . Alan Walker, Kylie Cantrall – Unsure

Date Added : May 16,2024

Alan Walker, from Northampton to Bergen, Norway, hit the global charts at 18 with “Faded.” A self-taught DJ and producer, he’s Norway’s most subscribed YouTuber and a platinum artist, known for his iconic mask and unique blend of gaming and music.Song featured on the album : Alan Walker

Faded (2015)

37 . Celeste Buckingham – Drive [Ruhde Remix]

Date Added : May 16,2024

Celeste Buckingham, a Slovak singer-songwriter, gained prominence after appearing on Česko Slovenská SuperStar in 2011. Her debut album “Don’t Look Back” (2012) includes the hit “Run Run Run,” leading to multiple awards including New Artist of the Year at the Slávik Awards.
Music video directed by : Pierre Lexis, Celeste Buckingham – Song featured on the album : Celeste Buckingham

Make Me (2023)

36 . Baby K – Fino Al Blackout

Date Added : May 16,2024

Baby K, an Italian rapper born Claudia Nahum, debuted with “Killer” in 2012. Her album “Una Seria” (2013) and the single “Roma-Bangkok” from “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (2015) were major successes in Italy. She signed with Sony Music and her music has topped the Italian charts.
Music video directed by : Matilde Composta – Song featured on the album : Babykvevo

Bolero (W/ Mika) (2023)

35 . Yanns – TLM

Date Added : May 14,2024

Yanns, born Yannick Schweitzer, is a French urban music artist. His single “Clic clic pan pan” went diamond and he was nominated for “Révélation francophone de l’année” at the NRJ Music Awards 2022. Albums include “Pays des merveilles” and “Partir loin.”Song featured on the album : Sale Gosse

Clic Clic Pan Pan (2022)

34 . The Illustrious Blacks – Illusion

Date Added : May 14,2024

The Illustrious Blacks, an Afro-Electro-Disco-Space-Punk duo from NYC, combine futuristic funk and space disco. Albums include “Neo Afro Futuristic Psychedelic Surrealistic Hippy” with singles like “Blast Off.” Featured on Billboard with “Black Like Jesus.”
Music video directed by : Shvwn Cooper

Cloud 9 (2022)

33 . DJ Dave & Tofaga Meke – Aua Le Aoa

Date Added : May 14,2024

DJ Dave, a Samoan DJ and producer, is known for mixing traditional Samoan sounds with modern beats. Notable works include “Le La Oso Band Nonstop Mix” and “Samoan Gospel Nonstop Mix,” showcasing his influence in the Samoan music scene.

32 . aespa, 에스파 – supernova

Date Added : May 14,2024

Aespa, a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment, debuted with “Black Mamba” in 2020. They achieved success with singles like “Next Level” and EPs “Savage” and “Girls.” Known for integrating virtual avatars in their concept.Song featured on the album : Armageddon

Black Mamba (2021)

31 . Mavado, Di Genius – Bubble & Brace

Date Added : May 13,2024

Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado, born David Constantine Brooks, debuted with the hit “Real McKoy” (2004). His first album, “Gangsta for Life” (2007), features “Weh Dem A Do.” He has collaborated with Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj and signed with DJ Khaled’s label in 2011.
Music video directed by : Shane Creative

Give It All To Me (W/ Nicki Minaj) (2014)

30 . Criimson – Tquila (w/ Tbby)

Date Added : May 13,2024

Criimson is a Timorese singer-songwriter, emerging in the music scene with a focus on personal and emotional themes. Details on albums or significant singles were not provided.

Deskulpa (2023)

29 . Dr. Yaro & La Folie – Olé

Date Added : May 13,2024

French hip-hop duo Dr. Yaro & La Folie released “Apollo 11” in 2019 and “Sang pour cent” in 2021. Their 2024 album “À Deux” includes the single “Garçons.”
Music video directed by : Marty

Garçons (2023)

28 . Bolémvn – On Y Va (w/ Jungeli)

Date Added : May 13,2024

French rapper Bolémvn, born Bryan Mounkala in 1996, is known for his singles “10K” and albums like “Anarchiste” and “Vol 169 Atterrissage.” He is a prominent figure in the Évry rap scene.
Music video directed by : Antoine Person

10K (W/ Maes) (2021)

27 . 6Arelyhuman – Faster N Harder

Date Added : May 11,2024

6Arelyhuman (Toby Aaron Hamilton), born in 2001 in Dallas, Texas, is known for his contributions to emo and Scenecore music, blending dance, pop, and trap. His album “Sassy Scene” includes the viral TikTok hit “Hands Up!”.

Hands Up! (W/ Kets4Eki) (2023)

26 . Robert Falcon & Fovos – Underground

Date Added : May 7,2024

Robert Falcon, a Belgian electronic dance music artist, gained initial traction by signing with Spinnin’ Records at 21. His single “IF U” found success and received support from Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. He has performed internationally, including at major festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Korea.

All Of The Lights (W/ Coone) (2023)

25 . Agoria – I Feel Good

Date Added : May 7,2024

Agoria, born Sébastien Devaud on January 16, 1976, in Valencin, France, is a DJ and producer known for techno and deep house music. He released albums such as “Blossom” (2003) and “The Green Armchair” (2006). Agoria co-founded InFiné record label and Nuits Sonores music festival, contributing significantly to the electronic music scene.
Music video directed by : Ivan Beczkowski

You’Re Not Alone (W/ Blasé) (2019)

24 . Lion Babe – So Pretty

Date Added : May 7,2024

Lion Babe, an American R&B duo from New York City, consists of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. They debuted with “Treat Me Like Fire” (2012), leading to a record deal and their EP “Lion Babe” (2014). Their album “Begin” (2016) featured Pharrell Williams and included the hit “Wonder Woman.”
Music video directed by : Ira Groza

Jump Hi (W/ Childish Gambino) (2015)

23 . Telenova – Power

Date Added : May 7,2024

Melbourne-based trio Telenova, comprising Angeline Armstrong, Edward Quinn, and Joshua Moriarty, debuted with “Bones” in 2021, followed by EPs “Tranquilize” and “Stained Glass Love.” Known for their cinematic pop sound, they won Breakthrough Independent Artist at the 2022 AIR Awards, and toured Europe/UK in 2023.
Music video directed by : Angeline Armstrong

Why Do I Keep You? (2022)

22 . Mau P – On Again

Date Added : May 5,2024

Mau P, a Dutch producer from Amsterdam, garnered global acclaim with his debut single “Drugs From Amsterdam,” which topped charts with its deep bassline and catchy vocals, before releasing the collaborative “Metro” and creating remixes for big names like Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia, all while establishing his own SiriusXM radio show, “XXX Radio.”
Music video directed by : Tommy Reerink

Drugs From Amsterdam (2023)

21 . Steps – Deeper Shade Of Blue

Date Added : May 5,2024

Steps, a British pop group famous for “5, 6, 7, 8” (1997), rose to stardom with their debut album Step One (1998), featuring hit singles like “One for Sorrow” and “Tragedy,” before disbanding in 2001 and reuniting in 2011 to release a greatest hits album and star in a documentary series.

Tragedy (2010)

20 . Heuss L’Enfoiré – Mélanine (w/ Werenoi)

Date Added : May 5,2024

Heuss L’Enfoiré, French-Algerian rapper, gained prominence with his 2019 album “En Esprit,” containing hit singles like “Khapta” and “Moulaga,” both showcasing his ability to integrate North African and Caribbean sounds into contemporary French rap, while his collaborations with Sofiane highlight his versatile musical range.
Music video directed by : William Thomas

Moulaga (W/ Jul) (2020)

19 . Tems – Love Me Jeje

Date Added : May 4,2024

Nigerian artist Tems, born June 11, 1995, gained recognition with “For Broken Ears” (2020). Her collaboration with Wizkid on “Essence” reached Billboard Hot 100’s top ten. She is the first African female artist to top this chart with “Wait for U.”

Crazy Tings (2022)

18 . Soolking – Otra

Date Added : May 4,2024

Soolking, born Abderraouf Derradji in 1989, in Algiers, is a singer and rapper whose music style is a unique blend of reggae, soul, hip-hop, and Algerian raï. He gained significant popularity with his 2018 debut solo album “Fruit du démon,” and his singles “Guérilla” and “Dalida” which both achieved Platinum status. His second studio album, “Vintage,” was released in 2020, followed by “Sans Visa” in 2022.
Music video directed by : William Thomas

Dalida (2018)

17 . Soprano – Facile À Danser

Date Added : May 4,2024

Soprano, a French rapper born in 1979, emerged from the group Psy 4 de la Rime to a successful solo career. His albums, including 2010’s chart-topping “La Colombe,” and the single “En Feu” have solidified his place in French music. Song featured on the album : Freedom

Le Coach (W/ Vincenzo) (2020)

16 . Sofi Tukker – Throw Some Ass

Date Added : May 4,2024

Sofi Tukker, the musical duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, are known for their blend of house and EDM genres while incorporating elements of Brazilian culture. They gained recognition with their hit songs “Drinkee,” “Best Friend,” and “Purple Hat.” Their debut album, “Treehouse,” released in 2018, earned a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album.
Music video directed by : Aerin Moreno – Song featured on the album : Bread

Best Friend (2017)

15 . Purple Disco Machine & Benjamin Ingrosso – Honey Boy (w/ Shenseea & Nile Rodgers)

Date Added : May 3,2024

Tino Piontek, aka Purple Disco Machine from Germany, brings together house, disco, funk, and synth-pop. His 2013 hit “My House” and 2017 album “Soulmatic” propelled him to fame. The 2020 single “Hypnotized” achieved Europe-wide success, leading to the acclaimed 2021 album “Exotica”.
Music video directed by : Alice Fassi

In The Dark (W/ Sophie And The Giants) (2021)

14 . Isabella Lovestory – Botoxxx

Date Added : May 3,2024

Isabella Lovestory, born Isabella Rodriguez Rivera on November 30, 1993, in Honduras, now based in Montreal, Canada, mixes pop and reggaeton into her music, described as perreo-pop. She released “Amor Hardcore” in 2022 and earlier EPs “Humo” and “Mariposa.” Her work reflects her Honduran roots and Montreal experiences, often collaborating with producer Chicken.
Music video directed by : Ariel Poupart

Mariposa (2021)

13 . Edward Maya – Nah Nah Nah (w/ pizzaboys, Carine)

Date Added : May 3,2024

Edward Maya, born Eduard Marian Ilie on June 29, 1986, in Bucharest, Romania, gained international recognition with his 2009 hit “Stereo Love.” Known as a DJ, record producer, and songwriter, his other significant tracks include “This Is My Life” and “Desert Rain.” Maya’s “Stereo Love” received a Billboard Music Award for Top Dance Song in 2011.

Stereo Love (W/ Vika Jigulina) (2010)

12 . Theodort – Wayeh

Date Added : May 2,2024

Theodort, a French rapper and former YouTuber, is emerging in the music scene.
Music video directed by : Dante Palma – Song featured on the album : Imad

11 . L2B – Touché Coulé

Date Added : May 2,2024

French rap group L2B, formerly L2B Gang, hails from Champigny-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne. Comprised of KLN (Kilian Dehlot), IDS (Idrys M’Bakidi), and D2 (Dave-D. Sanou), they gained recognition with hits like “Trahison,” boasting over 16 million Spotify streams. Released albums include “94 Bois” and “94 Bois, Vol. 2.”
Music video directed by : Mateo Da Silva

Trahison (2021)

10 . Lala &Ce – Djinzin (w/ Ste Milano)

Date Added : May 2,2024

Lala &ce, born Mélanie Crenshaw, is a Franco-Ivorian artist whose approach combines elements of trap, “cloud rap,” and R&B, while embracing a sober and discreet aesthetic with hazy loops and softly spoken lyrics.
Music video directed by : Baptiste Maureau

Show Me Love (2021)

9 . Nelly Makdessy – Dose 3ali

Date Added : May 2,2024

Lebanese singer Nelly Makdessy, born October 10, 1979, in Beirut, gained fame through “Kaass El Noujoum” on LBC in the early ’90s. Albums like “Shouf El Ein,” “Ahli Arab,” and “Ana Eh” contributed to her success. Notable singles include “Eshtag” and “Oof Oof.”
Music video directed by : Rindala Kodeih

Hala Hala (2019)

8 . Hurricane – Vratice Se On

Date Added : May 1,2024

Hurricane, also known as Hurricane Girls, is a Serbian pop-R&B girl group formed in November 2017. The group is renowned for representing Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Music video directed by : Vladimir Bjelobaba

Loco Loco (2021)

7 . Blerando – Rrakata

Date Added : May 1,2024

Blerando, a German-Albanian rapper and singer, debuted with “Shadi” in 2021, gaining recognition in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania. He’s known for collaborative efforts and involvement in music production, often partnering with Fleggo.

Xhensila (2023)

6 . Annicette – Vita Piqûre

Date Added : May 1,2024

Annicette is a music artist from Madagascar, gaining attention with music videos like “Zaho Tia.”
Music video directed by : Jordan Daewoo Vevo

Sommet (2023)

5 . Ive, 아이브 – Heya, 해야

Date Added : May 1,2024

South Korean girl group IVE, formed in 2021, debuted with “Eleven.” Members An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo have achieved rapid success, with tracks like “LOVE DIVE” winning multiple awards.

Eleven (2021)

4 . Vanessa Williams – Legs [Keep Dancing]

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Vanessa Williams, born March 18, 1963, transitioned from Miss America 1983 to a successful music career with albums like “The Right Stuff” (1988) and “The Comfort Zone” (1991), featuring the hit “Save the Best for Last.” She has also acted in “Ugly Betty.”

Save The Best For Last (2010)

3 . Go_A – Krip

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Go_A, a Ukrainian band formed in 2012, represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with “Shum,” finishing fifth. The song merges ancient chants with modern beats. Their debut album “Idy na zvuk” was released in 2016.

Shum (2021)

2 . Polimá Westcoast, Young Cister – Vogue

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Chilean rapper Polimá Westcoast, born August 29, 1997, broke through with “Brokeboi.” His single “Ultra Solo” topped the Chilean charts. His major album, “Equilibrio,” was released in collaboration with Young Cister after signing with Sony Music in 2019.

Ultra Solo (W/ Pailita) (2022)

1 . Kris Kross Amsterdam & Inna – Queen Of My Castle

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Kris Kross Amsterdam, formed in 2011, gained international attention with the 2016 track “SEX” in collaboration with Cheat Codes. They continued to produce hits like “Whenever” and “Hij Is van mij,” achieving significant chart success in the Netherlands.
Music video directed by : Cristian Miron

Whenever (W/ The Boy Next Door & Conor Maynard) (2019)

‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°661


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