‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°662

Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

43 . Fatboy Slim – Role Model

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Fatboy Slim, born Quentin Cook, is a British DJ and producer famous for popularizing big beat. Key albums include “Better Living Through Chemistry” (1996) and “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” (1998). Hit singles are “Praise You” and “The Rockafeller Skank.” He won a BRIT Award for Best Producer in 1999 and collaborated with David Byrne on “Here Lies Love” (2006).

Right Here, Right Now (2010)

42 . Sofi Tukker – Spiral (w/ Heidi Klum)

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Sofi Tukker, the musical duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, are known for their blend of house and EDM genres while incorporating elements of Brazilian culture. They gained recognition with their hit songs “Drinkee,” “Best Friend,” and “Purple Hat.” Their debut album, “Treehouse,” released in 2018, earned a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album.
Music video directed by : Aerin Moreno – Song featured on the album : Bread

Best Friend (2017)

41 . Confidence Man – I Can’t Lose You

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Confidence Man is an Australian electro-pop band formed in 2016, known for high-energy performances. Members include Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Clarence McGuffie, and Reggie Goodchild. Their debut album “Confident Music for Confident People” (2018) includes hit singles like “Boyfriend (Repeat)” and “Don’t You Know I’m in a Band.”
Music video directed by : Zac Dov Wiesel – Song featured on the album : 3Am (La La La)

On & On (Again) (W/ Daniel Avery) (2023)

40 . Burak Yeter – Forever Young (w/ Alfie Sheard)

Date Added : Jun 13,2024

Burak Yeter is a Turkish-Dutch DJ and producer born on May 5, 1982. He gained international fame with the single “Tuesday” (2016) featuring Danelle Sandoval. Notable albums include “For Action” (2005) and “Blue” (2007). He trained in sound engineering at Istanbul Technical University and is known for catchy melodies and deep house beats.
Music video directed by : Razzy Escalona

Tuesday (W/ Danelle Sandoval) (2017)

39 . Elderbrook – Shallow Water

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Elderbrook, real name Alexander Kotz, is an English musician known for “Cola” with CamelPhat, earning a Grammy nomination. His albums include “Why Do We Shake in the Cold?” and “Little Love.”
Music video directed by : Phúóng Vū

Numb (2020)

38 . Sefa & Vertile – Battlefield

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Sefa Vlaarkamp, born June 30, 2000, in the Netherlands, is a key figure in Hard Dance music. His debut album “Leven is Lijden” and hit “Nothing Like The Oldschool” boosted his career.
Music video directed by : Auke Brinkman

1527 (2023)

37 . Gryffin & Disco Lines – Magnet (w/ Max)

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Dan Griffith, known as Gryffin, is an American DJ and producer blending melodic house with organic and electronic elements. His debut album “Gravity” (2019) features hits and collaborations with Carly Rae Jepsen and Aloe Blacc, showcasing his talent in creating emotive dance music.
Music video directed by : Noah Semeria

Nobody Compares To You (W/ Katie Pearlman) (2017)

36 . Jul – Me Prends Pas La Tête

Date Added : Jun 10,2024

Julien Mari, known as Jul, is a French rapper born January 14, 1990. He has risen to prominence in the French rap scene with his unique style, achieving significant album sales and chart success.
Music video directed by : Amine Et Vrunk – Song featured on the album : Mise À Jour

J’Ai Tout Su (2022)

35 . Justice – Neverender (w/ Tame Impala) [Coachella 2024]

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

French duo Justice, consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, blends rock and electronic music. Their acclaimed album “Cross” earned a Grammy nomination, with their remix of “Electric Feel” winning a Grammy in 2009. Known for albums like “Woman,” they’ve innovated French house and electro house, winning a Grammy in 2019 for Best Electronic/Dance Album.Song featured on the album : Hyperdrama

D.A.N.C.E. (2011)

34 . W.I.S.H – Therapy

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

W.I.S.H is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2019 with “Star Light.” Known for their vocal abilities and synchronized dance performances, they explore themes of love, empowerment, and dreams.
Music video directed by : Mikey Mccleary

Lazeez (2024)

33 . Jul – Tié Fou

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Julien Mari, known as Jul, is a French rapper born January 14, 1990. He has risen to prominence in the French rap scene with his unique style, achieving significant album sales and chart success.
Music video directed by : William Thomas & Zakalavista – Song featured on the album : Mise À Jour

J’Ai Tout Su (2022)

32 . Robin Schulz – Only Way Is Up (w/ Izzy Bizu)

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

German DJ and producer Robin Schulz, known for his house music, gained fame with remixes like “Waves” (2014) and “Prayer in C”. His debut album “Prayer” (2014) and subsequent releases like “Sugar” (2015) have topped charts worldwide.
Music video directed by : Julian Kleinert & Amélie Siegmund

Sugar (2015)

31 . Dylan – Perfect Revenge

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Dylan is a UK artist known for blending pop, indie, and electronic music. She gained prominence in 2021 with her debut EP “Red,” featuring the hit single “Your Love.” Born in London, her music often explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.
Music video directed by : Blacksocks

Girl Of Your Dreams (2023)

30 . Kaytranada – Drip Sweat (w/ Channel Tres)

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Kaytranada, born Louis Kevin Celestin, is a Canadian electronic producer known for albums “99.9%” and “BUBBA.” He won a Grammy for “BUBBA” and features collaborations with Kali Uchis and Anderson .Paak.
Music video directed by : Bethany Vargas

10% (W/ Kali Uchis) (2020)

29 . Nora Fatehi – Nora

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Nora Fatehi, a Canadian dancer and actress active in the Indian film industry, is known for her dance performances in films and music videos. She gained fame with the song “Dilbar” and participated in reality shows like “Bigg Boss 9.”
Music video directed by : Abderrafia Elabdioui

Manike:Thank God (2022)

28 . Didine Canon 16 – Free Us (w/ El Garra)

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Didine Canon 16, an Algerian rapper born Khireddine Youcef, emerged as a key figure in Maghreb rap since 2015. Known for “Akhténi” and “El Ma9youd,” his work often addresses social issues, resonating with youth. He collaborated with Mohamed Ramadan on “Nassaba” and appeared in “Ahwal Nass 2.”

Tesla (2022)

27 . TWS, 투어스 – Hey! Hey!

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

TWS is an emerging Korean boy band gaining attention in the K-pop scene.
Music video directed by : Woogie Kim

26 . Dystinct & Shreya Ghoshal – Zaalima

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Dystinct, born Iliass Mansouri, is a Belgian-Moroccan singer known for his R&B and hip-hop blend. His debut album “Monarchie” features hits like “Ghabi” and collaborations with Chawki and Tiiw Tiiw.
Music video directed by : Piyush – Shazia

Business (W/ Naza) (2023)

25 . Nelson Freitas – Satisfy You (w/ Kel P)

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Nelson Freitas, a Dutch-born Cape Verdean artist, began his career with “Quatro Plus” in the 1990s. His debut solo album “Magic” in 2006 was followed by successful albums like “My Life” and “Elevate.” Known for mixing Cape Verdean Kriol and English in his songs, he has collaborated with artists like Anselmo Ralph. Freitas has won multiple awards, including at the International Cape Verdean Music Awards.
Music video directed by : Xz

Something Good (2013)

24 . Nakry – Bachata

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Nakry is a French urban and rap artist known for blending trap with traditional French rap. He gained attention with tracks like “Léwé” and “4 Anneaux” and collaborated with Mehdi YZ on “Du 13 au 06.”
Music video directed by : Massimo Visuals

Léwé (2020)

23 . David Guetta, Morten & Prophecy – Kill The Vibe [Live]

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

David Guetta, born in 1967, in Paris, is a renowned DJ, music producer, known for his influence on the global dance music scene through his unique blend of sleek house with an electroclash punch.

Titanium (2011)

22 . Sandra Afrika – Dajte Mi

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Sandra Afrika, born Sandra Prodanović on April 1, 1988, in Belgrade, Serbia, is a pop-folk singer. Her debut single “Afrika” in 2007 and subsequent hits like “Neko će mi noćas” and collaborations with Costi Ioniţă solidified her prominence in the Serbian music scene.
Music video directed by : Pryme

Bye Bye (W/ Costi) (2014)

21 . Valiant – Godfada

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Valiant, real name Raheem Bowes, is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame via his viral hit “Dunce Cheque,” which sparked both attention and controversy.

Dunce Cheque (2022)

20 . Jessy Matador – Kumaniko

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Jessy Matador, born Jessy Kimbangi on October 27, 1982, in Kinshasa, DRC, is a French singer and dancer known for his blend of dancehall, reggae, and African music. His 2010 Eurovision entry “Allez Ola Olé” topped the French charts. His breakthrough single “Décalé Gwada” (2008) became a hit in France.

Allez Ola Olé (2010)

19 . Jovani & Taja – Jūra

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Jovani, born Jonas Nainys on June 25, 1983, in Birzai, Lithuania, is a DJ and producer known for electronic dance music. He gained fame with tracks like “Miami Dream” and collaborations such as “When We’re Old” remix. He co-founded Radistai DJs and is a prominent figure in Lithuanian radio and TV.
Music video directed by : Jonas Nainys

You Make Me (2022)

18 . Josas – Vanille

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Josas is a French rapper known for his unique style and lyrical themes of friendship, betrayal, and resourcefulness. He signed with Capitol/Universal Music in 2023, releasing “Insuline.” His track “En faisant de l’art” featured on the soundtrack of “Les Déguns 2.”

E.T (2023)

17 . Foster The People – Lost In Space

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Foster the People, an American indie pop band formed in 2009, gained fame with their debut single “Pumped Up Kicks” (2010). Their debut album “Torches” (2011) included hits like “Helena Beat.” Their second album “Supermodel” (2014) and third album “Sacred Hearts Club” (2017) continued their success.
Music video directed by : Rupert Höller – Song featured on the album : Paradise State Of Mind

Pumped Up Kicks (2011)

16 . Paola&Chiara – Festa Totale

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Paola&Chiara, an Italian pop duo from Milan, gained fame in the late 1990s. Their hit single “Vamos a Bailar (Esta Vida Nueva)” from the album “Television” (2000) topped charts internationally. They released albums like “Festival” (2002) and “Win The Game” (2007). Their comeback song “Furore” debuted at the 2023 Sanremo Music Festival.
Music video directed by : Paolo Santambrogio

Vamos A Bailar [Esta Vida Nueva] (2019)

15 . Jason Derulo, Frozy & Tomo – From The Islands [Kompa Passion]

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Jason Derulo, a Florida-born singer-songwriter with Haitian roots, transformed early musical passions into worldwide hits like “Whatcha Say.” His journey from writing for Birdman to chart-topping singles and albums blends contemporary R&B with pop, capturing audiences with his vibrant performances.

Whatcha Say (2009)

14 . Yves – Loop (w/ Lil Cherry)

Date Added : May 30,2024

Yves, born Ha Soo Young on May 24, 1997, is a South Korean singer in the K-pop group LOONA under Blockberry Creative. She leads the sub-unit yyxy. Yves debuted with LOONA in 2017, known for her powerful stage presence and vocal abilities.

Sunny (2023)

13 . Marshmello, Kane Brown – Miles On It

Date Added : May 30,2024

Marshmello, born Christopher Comstock on May 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, is an American DJ and producer. Known for his white marshmallow helmet, he gained fame with hits like “Alone” (2016), “Silence” (2017), and “Happier” (2018). His albums include “Joytime” (2016) and “Shockwave” (2021). He has collaborated with Selena Gomez and Khalid.

Alone (2017)

12 . Partiboi69 – Double Drop

Date Added : May 30,2024

Partiboi69 is an Australian DJ and producer known for blending electro, techno, and ghetto house. CEO of Unprotected Records, he gained fame with tracks like “Always Keep It 69” and “Magnificent.”
Music video directed by : Tom Clover

Ketamine Dreams (2017)

11 . Alessandra – Supposed To Be

Date Added : May 30,2024

Alessandra, born September 5, 2002, in Pietra Ligure, Italy, is a Norwegian-Italian singer. She won Melodi Grand Prix 2023 with “Queen of Kings” and placed fifth at Eurovision 2023. Alessandra has a background in piano and vocal training and moved to Norway in 2021 to pursue her music career.

Queen Of Kings (2023)

10 . Gims & Dystinct – Spider

Date Added : May 29,2024

Gims, a Congolese-French artist, rose from Sexion d’Assaut to solo success with albums like “Subliminal” and “Ceinture noire.” Known for collaborations with Sia and Maluma, his music has topped French charts.

Est-Ce Que Tu M’Aimes ? (2015)

9 . Manal – Mahboula

Date Added : May 29,2024

Manal Benchlikha simply known as Manal is a Moroccan singer who infuses modern pop with traditional beats. Her second album is is “coming soon.”
Music video directed by : Oussama Hedda – Song featured on the album : Arabian Heartbreak

Slay X Elgrandetoto (2019)

8 . Shabab – Macarena

Date Added : May 29,2024

Shabab is an Austrian singer and rapper known for tracks like “Ohne Dich,” “Scooter,” and “RS Coupé,” produced by Yung Rox and Dario Santana. His music blends catchy beats with personal storytelling, gaining him a significant following.
Music video directed by : Lukas Holler

Napoli (2023)

7 . Skolim, Divix, Hellfield – Bebecita

Date Added : May 29,2024

Skolim, a Colombian reggaeton artist is known as the “King of Reggaeton latino from Polonia.”

6 . Spice Diana – Twookya

Date Added : May 24,2024

Spice Diana, a Ugandan singer-songwriter, debuted in 2014 with “Onsanula.” Known for collaborations with Pallaso and Harmonize, she’s received awards like Best Female Breakthrough Artist (2015 HiPipo Music Awards) and Female Artist of the Year (Zzina Awards, 2018 and 2019). Her notable singles include “Anti Kale” and “I Miss You.”

Siri Regular (2023)

5 . DJ Gimi-O & Kenan – Ka Je

Date Added : May 24,2024

DJ Gimi-O, a German-Albanian DJ, gained recognition with tracks like “Mashallah” and “Pavarsia.” His 2018 breakthrough came with “Lujmi,” featuring Mergim Mjeku. In 2022, he released the popular single “Ex” with Elvana Gjata and Bardhi. Active on social media, he began gaining popularity on TikTok in March 2019.

Do Ti Kallim (W/ Alketa) (2022)

4 . L’Entourloop & Azahriah – Don’t Turn The Bass Down

Date Added : May 24,2024

L’Entourloop, a French music collective, blends reggae and hip-hop. Formed in 2013 by Sir James and King Johnny, they gained attention with their 2015 album “Chickens in Your Town.” Known for hits like “Dreader Than Dread” and dynamic remixes, their 2017 album “Le Savoir Faire” featured numerous collaborations.
Music video directed by : Mat Santa Cruz & L’Entourloop

Start From Scratch Mix (2022)

3 . Rachelle Allison – Si Seulement

Date Added : May 23,2024

Rachelle Allison, from the French Caribbean, is renowned in the Zouk and Caribbean music scenes. Her breakthrough single “Loin de Moi” gained acclaim. Notable single: “Ma Lumière.”
Music video directed by : Mike Saint

Capitaine (2023)

2 . Relja – Ribe Zloceste

Date Added : May 23,2024

Relja Popović is a Serbian artist, known for being part of the hip-hop duo Elitni Odredi. Their 2010 album “Oko Sveta” includes hits like “Moja Jedina.” Relja also pursues an acting career.

Hladno Leto (2023)

1 . Masterkraft & Ugoccie – Today [Oringo]

Date Added : May 23,2024

Masterkraft, born Sunday Ginikachukwu Nweke, is a Nigerian producer known for hits like “Kwarikwa” by Flavour and “Fine Lady” by Lynxxx featuring Wizkid. He has worked with top Nigerian artists including Wizkid, Banky W, and Timaya.

Equipment (W/ Flavour) (2021)

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