‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°663

Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . Be:First & Ateez – Hush-Hush

Date Added : Jul 4,2024

BE:FIRST is a Japanese dance and vocal group formed in 2021 via the reality show “THE FIRST,” managed by BMSG. Their debut single “Gifted.” and first album “BE:1” (2022) topped Japanese charts. The popular single “Shining One” showcases their powerful vocals and choreography, amassing millions of views.

Girls (2024)

48 . Rym – Daba Daba (w/ Kouz1)

Date Added : Jul 4,2024

Rim Fikri, known as Rym, is a versatile artist from Casablanca, Morocco. At 22, she has engaged in music, acting, and painting. Her single “Stylo warqa” earned nearly 2 million Spotify streams and featured her on Spotify’s EQUAL Global playlist. As an EQUAL Ambassador, she plays a significant role in promoting female artists.
Music video directed by : Alaa Eddine Rais

Papa (2023)

47 . Sanja Vucic & Amar Gile – Oko Oko

Date Added : Jul 4,2024

Sanja Vučić, born August 8, 1993, in Kruševac, Serbia, is a prominent Serbian singer. She gained recognition with the band ZAA and represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016 with “Goodbye (Shelter).” A member of Hurricane from 2017 to 2022, she began her solo career in 2022 with singles like “Omađijan” and “Đerdan.”
Music video directed by : Đordje Jovčić

Đene Đene (2023)

46 . The Avener – The Morning Sun

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

The Avener, born Tristan Casara on January 23, 1987, in Nice, France, is a deep house DJ and producer. His 2014 hit “Fade Out Lines” topped charts across Europe. His debut album “The Wanderings of the Avener” (2015) featured hits like “Hate Street Dialogue.” He has collaborated with Mylène Farmer and Sting.
Music video directed by : Kidhao

Fade Out Lines (W/ Phoebe Killdeer) (2015)

45 . ThunderZ, Mrs M – Garig Ertonts (w/ U$O)

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

ThunderZ, real name B. Ulzii-Uchral, is a Mongolian rapper and singer. He gained fame after winning the Back Yard rap battle in 2014. His tracks like “Let’s not quarrel” and “We will die once” promote positive messages. His music video “Tsumuuhei (Animated Video)” has over 15 million views on YouTube.
Music video directed by : Tuugii

Noyon Emegtei Ost (2023)

44 . Harrycane & Eemoh – Vula Sekele

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Botswana DJ and Producer, Harrycane is known for his blend of local rhythms with global appeal.Song featured on the album : Dubula Dubula

43 . Celina Sharma – France

Date Added : Jul 3,2024

Celina Sharma, an Australian singer born on July 4, 2002, gained attention with her 2018 debut single “Say Yes.” Her 2019 collaboration “Lean On” with Emiway Bantai brought widespread recognition. Known for her performances at the Sunburn Festival and her significant social media following, she blends diverse cultural influences in her music.

24/7 (W/ Harris J) (2022)

42 . apl.de.ap & SB19 – Ready

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

Apl.de.ap, born Allan Pineda Lindo in the Philippines, is a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas. This Grammy-winning group has achieved global fame with albums like “Elephunk” and hits including “Where Is the Love?” He has contributed significantly to the fusion of hip hop with socially conscious lyrics.
Music video directed by : Ben Mor

Be (W/ Honey Cocaine & Jessica Reynoso) (2014)

41 . Tove Lo & Sg Lewis – Busy Girl

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

Swedish singer Tove Lo, born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, gained fame with the 2013 hit “Habits (Stay High).” Her debut album “Queen of the Clouds” (2014) featured singles like “Talking Body.” She has written for artists like Ellie Goulding and collaborated with Alesso and Nick Jonas. Tove Lo‘s albums include “Lady Wood” (2016) and “Sunshine Kitty” (2019).
Music video directed by : David Wilson

Habits [Stay High] (2014)

40 . Dany Brillant – Je Voudrais Bien Rester Toujours Fidèle

Date Added : Jul 2,2024

Dany Brillant, born Daniel Cohen-Biran on December 28, 1965, in Tunis, Tunisia, is a renowned French singer. His breakthrough came with the 1991 album “C’est ça qui est bon,” featuring the hit “Suzette.” Known for his blend of pop, swing, and Latin styles, he has released successful albums like “Havana” (1996) and “Dolce Vita” (2001).
Music video directed by : Thierry Vergnes

Suzette (1991)

39 . 3P – ABC

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

3P is a Malaysian boys band known for songs like “Jackie Chan,” “Good Luck One-Stop Service,” and “Top Form.”
Music video directed by : 3P, Koh Khai – Song featured on the album : Children Song (Ep)

38 . Jay Chou, 周杰倫 – Uncle Joker, 喬克叔叔

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Jay Chou, born January 18, 1979, in Taipei, Taiwan, is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter known for his blend of Western and Eastern musical styles. His debut album “Jay” (2000) and follow-up “Fantasy” (2001) solidified his status, with hits like “Simple Love.” He has also made significant contributions to film, including “Initial D” (2005) and “Secret” (2007).

I’M Not Worthy (2012)

37 . Babymonster – Forever

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Hailing from Seoul, Babymonster, also known as Baemon, is a seven-member South Korean girl group bursting onto the scene under YG Entertainment’s banner.

36 . Kolo La R – Raviva

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Kolo La R, born Mdahoma Nadim in 1997 in Marseille, is a French-Comorian rapper known for his urban pop and street style. His career took off after moving to Paris in 2017 and signing with Bajollywood Music.
Music video directed by : Massimo Visual

Marsiglia (2024)

35 . Azet & Dardan – Dale

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Azet, born Granit Musa on March 6, 1993, in Tirana, Albania, is a prominent German rapper. His debut album “Fast Life” (2018) topped the German charts. Known for his unique blend of gangsta rap and Balkan influences, he is also a member of the rap crew KMN Gang.
Music video directed by : Jakub Rzucidlo – Song featured on the album : Eurosport

Gang (2023)

34 . Tove Lo & Sg Lewis – Desire

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Swedish singer Tove Lo, born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, gained fame with the 2013 hit “Habits (Stay High).” Her debut album “Queen of the Clouds” (2014) featured singles like “Talking Body.” She has written for artists like Ellie Goulding and collaborated with Alesso and Nick Jonas. Tove Lo‘s albums include “Lady Wood” (2016) and “Sunshine Kitty” (2019).
Music video directed by : David Wilson – Song featured on the album : Heat (Ep)

Habits [Stay High] (2014)

33 . Sevdaliza – Alibi (w/ Pabllo Vittar & Yseult)

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Sevda Alizadeh, known professionally as Sevdaliza, is an Iranian-Dutch artist acclaimed for her unique blend of electronic, alternative R&B, trip-hop, and experimental pop. She is also a visual artist and director, known for her thought-provoking music videos and short films.
Music video directed by : Fernando Nogari

Human (2016)

32 . Swedish House Mafia – Lioness (w/ Niki & The Dove)

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Swedish House Mafia, an electronic dance music trio from Sweden, consists of Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso. Formed in 2008, they gained fame with “Until One” (2010) featuring “One (Your Name)” and “Miami 2 Ibiza.” Their 2012 hit “Don’t You Worry Child” topped charts worldwide. They announced their split in 2013, ending with “One Last Tour.”
Music video directed by : Joshua Teplitz

Don’T You Worry Child (W/ John Martin) (2013)

31 . Angel Bleu – Ibiza

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Angel Bleu is a Colombian singer from Valledupar, known for her style that fuses urban genres and vallenato pop. She grew up in Minnesota and Miami and has explored Caribbean rhythms in her music.

Amor (W/ Randy) (2022)

30 . Ermenita – Shamia

Date Added : Jun 29,2024

Ermenita Hoxha is an Azerbaijani pop singer known for her songs “Malli” (2022), “Faj” (2023), and “Plas” (2023). Her music features collaborations with producers like Princ1 and MAX Production, showcasing her talent in the Azerbaijani pop music scene.

Malli (2023)

29 . Nucci – Bebo 4

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Nucci, a Serbian rapper from Belgrade, gained fame with his debut album “Beskraj” and the hit single “Dalje.” Known for his lyrical dexterity, his popular single “Ego” has garnered millions of views on YouTube.
Music video directed by : Kukla

Bebo (2020)

28 . DJ Chari, KZM & JP The Wavy – Smash Hit

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

DJ Chari, a Japanese DJ and producer from Tokyo, gained fame with his debut album “Tokyo Drill” and the hit single “Trap Anthem.” Known for his innovative approach to electronic music, his track “Flexin'” is a club favorite in Japan.
Music video directed by : Rie (Havit Art Studio)

Goku Vibes (W/ Dj Tatsuki Tohji, Elle Teresa, Uneducated Kid & Futuristic Swaver) (2021)

27 . Snow Man – 君は僕のもの

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Japanese boy band Snow Man, formed in 2012, debuted in 2020 with significant acclaim. They are known for acrobatic performances and have albums like “Snow Mania S1″ and “Snow Labo. S2.” Their media presence extends to films and television, including theme songs for “Black Clover” and “Mr. Osomatsu.”
Music video directed by : Fujimaru Totsuka

Evolution (2022)

26 . LMK – Boss It (w/ DJ Sebb)

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

LMK, born Eve-Line Lamarca, is a French urban music artist blending reggae, hip-hop, and bass music. Known for albums like “Musical Garden” (2015) and “Highlights” (2017), she has collaborated with artists like Skarra Mucci, Tairo, and Billy Danze.

Tout Est Frais (2021)

25 . Red Velvet, 레드벨벳 – Cosmic

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2014. They gained fame with “Happiness” and their EP “Ice Cream Cake” (2015). Notable albums include “The Red” (2015) and “Perfect Velvet” (2017). Known for the hit “Bad Boy,” they performed in North Korea in 2018.

Psycho (2020)

24 . Dhurata Dora, Mc Kresha & Lyrical Son – Tortura

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Dhurata Dora, born in 1992 in Nuremberg, Germany, is a Kosovo-Albanian pop singer. Known for “A Bombi” in 2016 and the platinum-hit “Zemër” with Soolking. She’s a prominent figure in Balkan pop music.

Zemër (W/ Soolking) (2019)

23 . Anas – Météo

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Anas is a Moroccan singer known for blending contemporary pop with traditional Moroccan music. He gained recognition with the single “Ntiya” and the album “Aala Bali.” Popular for the single “Fikran,” his music connects deeply with North African audiences.

Hania (2021)

22 . Channel Tres – Cactus Water

Date Added : Jun 25,2024

Channel Tres, born Sheldon Jerome Young in 1991, in Compton, California, is an American rapper and singer, known for his “Compton house” style that blends house beats with West Coast rap. His career took off in 2018 with the release of his self-titled EP and since then, he has collaborated with various artists, including Robyn and Tyler, The Creator.

Controller (2018)

21 . Lum!x, Lucas & Steve – Can’t Forget You

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Lum!x, born July 23, 2002, in Austria, is an electronic dance music DJ and producer known for the 2019 single “Monster,” in collaboration with Gabry Ponte. He represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with “Halo” and won an award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards in 2023.
Music video directed by : Denise Kim Mulder & Celeste Filius

Monster (W/ Gabry Ponte) (2020)

20 . Tones And I – Dance With Me

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Toni Watson, aka Tones and I, born August 15, 2000, in Australia, rose to fame with “Dance Monkey,” topping charts in over 30 countries. Her 2019 debut EP “The Kids Are Coming” includes hits like “Johnny Run Away.” Watson’s unique pop sound has led to global recognition, including a record for most weeks at number one on the Australian Singles Chart.
Music video directed by : Tones And I, Nick Kozakis & Sela Vai – Song featured on the album : Beautifully Ordinary

Dance Monkey (2019)

19 . Queen Fumi – Millions (w/ Mputu Meya)

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Queen Fumi, born Fumilayo Raimi on March 13, 1992, is a Beninese musician known for RnB and Afropop. Her debut single “Romantic Boy” (2016) marked her entry into the music scene. Hits like “Zero” and “Madame” (2018) and “Coco” (2019) have cemented her reputation. She won nominations at the African Talent Awards (2019).
Music video directed by : Derek Simba

Zero (2018)

18 . Zafèm – Lalin Ak Solèy

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Zafèm, founded by Dener Céide and Réginald Cangé in 2019, is a Haitian band. Their debut album “Las” (2023) became the most streamed in Haiti, topping charts in several countries. The album’s success includes being the first Haitian group to reach 3 million streams on Audiomack and charting on Billboard.

17 . Sushant KC – Kya Kardiya

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Sushant KC is a Nepalese singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and emotive music. Born in Kathmandu, he gained popularity with his song “Aama” (2018). His music often explores themes of love, loss, and personal experiences. Notable tracks like “Sathi” and “Maya” have further established him as a rising star in South Asian music.
Music video directed by : Thomas Gm

Sushant Kc (2020)

16 . Daria Negra – Chillout

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Daria Negra, born Daria Budka, is a Ukrainian musician. She gained recognition on the Channel 4 series “The Piano” with her rendition of “Libertango,” which led her to the finals.
Music video directed by : Fastermedia

Apogeum (W/ Przemek Eratox) (2023)

15 . Newjeans, 뉴진스 – Supernatural

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

South Korean girl group NewJeans debuted with “Attention” in 2022, quickly becoming a standout in K-pop. Their EP “New Jeans” features hits like “Hype Boy” and “Cookie.” With over a million sales, they won multiple rookie awards and achieved record chart positions with singles like “Ditto” and “OMG.”
Music video directed by : Shin Dongle

New Jeans (2023)

14 . Empire Of The Sun – Cherry Blossom

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Australian duo Empire of the Sun, formed in 2007 by Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, achieved fame with “Walking on a Dream.” Through their albums, such as “Ice on the Dune” and “Two Vines,” their electro-pop sound, complemented by distinctive visual performances, has earned them international recognition, including double platinum in Australia.
Music video directed by : Luke Steele & Michael Maxxis

We Are The People (2011)

13 . ShanaXShena – Nagaa

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

ShanaXShena is a male musical duo from Sri Lanka
Music video directed by : Hasindu D Silva

Seethala Kamara (2024)

12 . Purple Disco Machine, Chromeo – Heartbreaker

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Tino Piontek, aka Purple Disco Machine from Germany, brings together house, disco, funk, and synth-pop. His 2013 hit “My House” and 2017 album “Soulmatic” propelled him to fame. The 2020 single “Hypnotized” achieved Europe-wide success, leading to the acclaimed 2021 album “Exotica”.
Music video directed by : Spencer Ford

In The Dark (W/ Sophie And The Giants) (2021)

11 . Mocci – Matghletech

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Mocci, born Mohamed Aalit on June 23, 1991, in Larache, Morocco, gained fame with the hit “Quoltalek” (2020). Known for blending rap and Afrobeat, his EP “Love Yourself First” (2021) and “Tiempo” (2022) showcase his versatility.
Music video directed by : Kawtar Taghzaoui

9Ortass (2021)

10 . Riize, 라이즈 – Boom Boom Bass

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Riize, a South Korean boy group under SM Entertainment, debuted in 2023 with “Get A Guitar”. Comprising Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Sohee, Anton, and previously Seunghan, they blend talent and visuals. They’re ambassadors for Musinsa and Louis Vuitton (2023).

Get A Guitar (2023)

9 . Malik Bentalha – Evasion ( w/ Kore Feat Kader Takwondo)

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Malik Bentalha, born March 1, 1989, in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France, is a comedian and actor known for his show “Malik Bentalha se la raconte” and roles in films like “Pattaya” (2016). He gained prominence after joining the Jamel Comedy Club in 2010.
Music video directed by : Fouragnan Frédéric – Song featured on the album : Raï N’B Fever 5

8 . Gravity, Arjun Kanungo & Outfly – Kyu

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Gravity, born Akshay Poojary, is an Indian rapper known for his unique sound in hip-hop. Notable projects include “Prashna Chinha” (2018), “3:16” (2022), and “SUPERVILLAIN” (2023). He is a co-founder of Bombay Lokal and founder of Death Clutch Music.
Music video directed by : Prettyboi – Song featured on the album : Moonbounce

Breaking News (2023)

7 . Sasso – Ca Traine La Night

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Sasso, a French rapper from Lyon, gained recognition with his album “Enfant2LaRue Vol. 1” (2020). His single “Mamacita” became one of his most popular songs, showcasing his blend of street rap and melodic elements.
Music video directed by : Karim Meg

J’Picole (2021)

6 . Cascada – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough [Jax Jones Rmx]

Date Added : Jun 21,2024

Cascada, formed in 2004 in Germany, hit it big with “Everytime We Touch” in 2006. Winning the World Music Award in 2007, they’ve sold around 30 million records. Their music, evolving from Eurodance to electropop, includes hits like “Evacuate the Dancefloor.”
Music video directed by : Marcel Brell

Everytime We Touch (2007)

5 . Kida & Ermal Fejzullahu – Fiksim

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Kida Kudz, born Kayode Odesanya on January 27, 1995, is a Nigerian Afrobeats artist. He gained prominence after winning the Sprite Triple Slam zonal finals. Known for hits like “Jiggy Bop” (2018), “Issa Vibe,” and “Buga,” Kida Kudz blends Afrobeats, rap, and R&B. His albums include “Top Memba” (2021).

Pp (W/ Mozzik) (2021)

4 . Silky & Tom Zanetti – Flight Mode 2

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Silky, a London-based artist, blends UK hip-hop and house music. Influenced by Frankie Knuckles, he gained traction with grime-influenced singles like “Mad At Me” and “Flight Mode.” Silky‘s notable collaborations include My Favorite Robot and Jonny Cruz, and he founded the Faceless label.

Levels Freestyle (2021)

3 . Alonzo – Hasta La Vista

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Alonzo, born Kassim Djae, is a French rapper from Marseille, known for his solo career and as a member of Psy 4 de la Rime. His solo breakthrough album “Les Temps Modernes” (2010) established him as a key figure in French hip-hop. Notable albums include “Règlement de comptes” (2015) and “100%” (2016).
Music video directed by : Arthur Keasy

Tout Va Bien (W/ Ninho & Naps) (2023)

2 . Sarah Engels – Wie Nie Zuvor

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Sarah Engels, born Sarah Lombardi, is a German pop singer who gained fame on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) in 2011. Her debut album “Heartbeat” (2011) featured the hit single “Call My Name.” She has released albums like “Dream Team” (2013) and “Teil von mir” (2016).

Para Siempre [Für Immer] (2023)

1 . Las Catrachas – No Lloraré

Date Added : Jun 17,2024

Las Catrachas, an all-female group from Honduras, are known for their vibrant Punta music. Their debut single “Te Soñé” highlighted their unique style. The group consists of Kiria Rubio, Kimberly Madrid, Merin Sorto, Génesis Garay, and Susana Villatoro.
Music video directed by : Jorge Vindel

Te Soñé [Punta Version] (2023)

‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°663



‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°663

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