‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°664


‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°664


  • Geo Da Silva , Canello & George Buldy - Stumblin’ In (Official Extended Video)
  • Ki/Ki - 5 Mins Of Acid
  • Colt - Esquive
  • Error - 00,00Kg (Offizielles Musikvideo)
  • Dvbbs, Yellow Claw, Tavatli - It Ain'T Safe
  • Lunax X Luca Schreiner (Feat. Any) - No Heroes
  • Jessie Ware - Free Yourself (Glastonbury 2024)
  • Vetta Borne - Cpr
  • Come Thru
  • Asher - Can'T Get Enough
  • Nikka Costa - Dance N Forget
  • Zank - Feels Like Home
  • Petit Biscuit - Cruel Heart
  • Amine - Elle Est Là ( )
  • Sjaak X Yonii - My Baby La La
  • Deto Black - Naija Babes
  • Glass Spells - Without You
  • Sophie Powers - Awesome (Feat. Baby Tate)
  • Micheal Browne - Foreign Man (Grenada) (Soca 2024)
  • Dj Layla & Sianna - Love Is Calling |
  • Inbar - Amanecer (By. My Casa)
  • Tsha, Rose Gray - 'Girls'
  • Reorder - 1984
  • Boy Toy - Your Favorite Color
  • Mel 4Ever Feat. Heidi Montag - Heels
  • Joe Goddard - Destiny Ft. Findia
  • Captain Jack - Iko Iko (Tropical House Mix 2024) 4K
  • Lazuli - Piña Coco
  • Viki Martín - Summer 2024
  • Lancelot - Madame
  • Track Starr - You Do
  • Blümchen - Party All The Time
  • Omar Apollo - Drifting
  • Zokush - Dès L'Matin
  • Navjaxx - Fading Lights (4K )
  • Davit Barqaia - Broken Heart [Music Video]
  • Reebz - Thanatosis
  • U108 - Я Есть Любовь | 2024
  • Disko Mushroom
  • Jan Blomqvist - Muted Mind
  • Snakehips & Earthgang (Snakegang) - Glimmer
  • Kaeyra - Sour
  • Elderbrook & Shimza - Places

Here are the brand new worldwide dance tunes that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

44 . Jimin, 지민 – Who

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Jimin, a member of BTS, hailing from South Korea, began his journey with a passion for dance, joining BTS in 2013. He’s achieved solo success with tracks like “Lie” and “Filter,” and his album “Face” in 2023 hit number one. Jimin‘s academic pursuits in business complement his artistic achievements.
Music video directed by : Yongseok Choi – Song featured on the album : Muse

Like Crazy (2023)

43 . Sukha – Ask ‘Em

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Sukha, born Sukhman Sodhi in Toronto, gained attention in 2022 with the single “Siftaan” and released his debut album “Undisputed” in 2023. His hit “8 Asle” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 Canada chart.
Music video directed by : The.97

Same Thing (2023)

42 . Djadja & Dinaz – La Même Histoire

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Djadja & Dinaz, a French rap duo from Meaux, gained fame with the 2016 album “On s’promet.” Known for their platinum-certified albums and singles like “J’suis Kha,” their 2023 album “Alpha” had a successful debut.Song featured on the album : Alpha

J’Fais Mes Affaires (2016)

41 . Sanfara – Tak Tak (w/ Ghita Lahmamssi)

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Sanfara, born Mohamed Aly Sanfara in Tunis, gained popularity with the 2019 single “Nbet Nhareb.” His debut album “Coin En Effer” was released in 2021, blending Maghreb rap and trap music.

Wakti Yejri (2022)

40 . Michaela Jaé – Green Lights

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Michaela Jaé, also known as Mj Rodriguez, gained fame with the TV series “Pose.” Her notable musical release is the single “Something to Say.” She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.
Music video directed by : Dano Cerny

Something To Say (2022)

39 . Gerilson Insrael – Anjo Mulher

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Gerilson Insrael, an influential figure in Angola’s music scene, debuted with “Protótipo” in 2019, featuring popular songs like “Minha Bêbada.” His music, blending ghetto zouk with kuduro and kizomba, was further explored in his 2021 album “Veracidade.”
Music video directed by : Xb Efect

Minha Bêbeda (2019)

38 . Darshan Raval – Jeeja

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Darshan Raval, born October 18, 1994, in Ahmedabad, India, gained popularity with “Tera Zikr.” He has released multiple hit singles like “Baarish Lete Aana” and has won the Mirchi Music Award for Upcoming Music Composer of the Year in 2016. Raval is active in both Bollywood and Gujarati music scenes.
Music video directed by : Piyush & Shazia – Song featured on the album : Out Of Control

Tum Mere (2023)

37 . Maes – Interpol

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

French rapper Maes, born Walid Georgey, rose to prominence with his mixtape “Réelle Vie” and the chart-topping single “Madrina” featuring Booba. His albums “Pure” and “Les derniers salopards” have dominated French charts, with “Les derniers salopards” reaching number one.
Music video directed by : Hustler Game Premium – Song featured on the album : La Vie Continue

Street (2019)

36 . Mashiho – Dance With Me

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Mashiho, born Takata Mashiho, is a Japanese singer and dancer from Mie Prefecture, best known as a member of the South Korean boy group Treasure. Debuting with “The First Step: Chapter One” (2020), featuring the hit “Boy,” Treasure quickly became a prominent K-pop group.

Bona Bona (W/ Treasure) (2023)

35 . Skolim – Posłuchaj Mała

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Skolim, a Colombian reggaeton artist is known as the “King of Reggaeton latino from Polonia.”

0 (0)

34 . Felix Jaehn – Ready For Your Love (w/ Sophie Ellis-Bextor)

Date Added : Jul 17,2024

Felix Jaehn is a German DJ and record producer known for his 2015 remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader,” which topped charts worldwide. His debut album “I” was released in 2016, featuring hits like “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better).”

Ain’T Nobody [Loves Me Better] (W/ Jasmine Thompson) (2015)

33 . Collins Wewa – My Baby

Date Added : Jul 17,2024

Collins Wewa, an American entertainer from Los Angeles, is known for his work as an actor, dancer, and comedian.

32 . Sound Of Legend – Heaven

Date Added : Jul 17,2024

Sound Of Legend is a French electronic dance music group formed in 2014 by Jean-Luc Legrand and Nicolas Gueguen. Their most famous hits: “Sweet Dreams” and “Hold That Sucker Down”.
Music video directed by : Sound’N Pics

Tell Me Why (2019)

31 . KäÄRijä, Joost – Trafik!

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Käärijä, born Jere Pöyhönen on October 21, 1993, in Helsinki, Finland, is a Finnish rapper and songwriter. His debut album “Fantastista” (2022) includes the hit single “Viimeinen Kesä,” marking his rise in the Finnish music scene.
Music video directed by : Lyon Pol

Cha Cha Cha (2023)

30 . John Summit – Tears (w/ Paige Cavell)

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

American DJ John Summit, born John Schuster, achieved success with the 2020 hit “Deep End.” He has topped charts with singles like “Human” and collaborated with Sofi Tukker and Lee Foss. Summit performs at major festivals including Coachella and Tomorrowland. In 2022, he launched the record label and events brand “Off The Grid,” now “Experts Only.”
Music video directed by : Connor Brashier

What A Life (W/ Guz & Stevie Appleton) (2023)

29 . Kelly Lee Owens – Love You Got

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Kelly Lee Owens, born in 1988 in Rhyl, Wales, is an electronic music producer and singer. Her debut album “Kelly Lee Owens” (2017) includes the single “Anxi.” featuring Jenny Hval. Her follow-up album “Inner Song” (2020) continues to explore themes of healing and personal growth.

On (2020)

28 . Red Queen – Italo Disco

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Red Queen is a Polish disco polo band formed in 2017, led by vocalist Asia Korycka. Known for their energetic performances, they gained popularity with the track “Ciao Ciao.” The band includes guitarist Zbyszek and DJ Bartek.

Lady In Red (2022)

27 . Cumeer BigFan – Weynaada Wanagsanaada

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Cumeer BigFan is a Turkish content creator known for his videos on YouTube and TikTok.

26 . TWS, 투어스 – Double Take

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

TWS is an emerging Korean boy band gaining attention in the K-pop scene.
Music video directed by : Christian Haahs

25 . Kalash – Feeling

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Kalash, a French rapper of Martinican descent, gained recognition with his debut album “Kalash” (2010). His 2016 album “Kaos,” featuring Booba on “Rouge et Bleu,” solidified his presence in French rap, blending Caribbean influences with urban music.
Music video directed by : William Thomas

Tombolo (2022)

24 . RZ & BimBim – C’Dead

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

RZ is an upcoming French rapper and singer from Paris.
Music video directed by : Seven Eyes

Millénaire (2022)

23 . Alesso, Nate Smith – I Like It

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Alesso, born Alessandro Lindblad on July 7, 1991, is a Swedish DJ famous for “Heroes (We Could Be)” featuring Tove Lo. His debut album “Forever” (2015) solidified his place in EDM. He has performed at major festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland.
Music video directed by : Mattias Russo-Larsson

Heroes [We Could Be] (W/ Tove Lo) (2015)

22 . Paris Hilton – I’m Free (w/ Rina Sawayama)

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Paris Hilton, born February 17, 1981, in New York City, is a media personality and businesswoman. Her debut album “Paris” (2006) featured the hit “Stars Are Blind.” She has launched successful product lines and appeared in reality TV shows like “The Simple Life.”
Music video directed by : Matthew Daniel Siskin

Stars Are Blind (2017)

21 . Becky Hill – Multiply

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Becky Hill, an English singer-songwriter, rose to fame on “The Voice UK” in 2012. Known for blending pop, dance, and R&B, Hill’s career includes hits like “Losing” and collaborations with MK and Matoma. Her 2019 mini-album “Get to Know” and 2021 debut album “Only Honest on the Weekend,” featuring David Guetta, highlight her dynamic style​​​​​​​​.

Losing (2014)

20 . Taeyeon, 태연 – Heaven

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Taeyeon, a South Korean K-pop icon, debuted with Girls’ Generation and launched a successful solo career with albums like “My Voice.” Known for singles like “Four Seasons,” she’s appeared in TV shows and contributed to soundtracks, becoming one of South Korea’s best-selling solo artists.

Invu (2022)

19 . Ninho, Niska – Coco

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

French rapper Ninho, of Congolese descent, began his career influenced by American hip-hop. His platinum-certified mixtape M.I.L.S in 2016 marked his success, followed by several chart-topping albums. Ninho‘s music, spanning multiple gold and diamond singles, has firmly positioned him in the French music scene.
Music video directed by : The Only G.

Jefe (2022)

18 . King & Mc Heam – Saza

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

From Uttar Pradesh to “MTV Hustle”‘s top 5 in 2019, King Rocco, born October 10, 1998, is an Indian rapper and singer. Starting on YouTube in 2012, he forwent a traditional education at Delhi’s Dyal Singh College for a music career, launching albums like “Circumstances” and “The Gorilla Bounce”.
Music video directed by : Kartik Kher & Hemansh Sharma

Ektarfa (2022)

17 . Mero – Qualité

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Mero, a German-Turkish rapper from Rüsselsheim, Germany, exploded onto the music scene with his 2018 debut single “Baller los.” His subsequent singles, including “Hobby Hobby” and “Wolke 10,” topped the charts in Germany and Austria. His style blends rapid-fire delivery with Turkish influences.
Music video directed by : Jakub Rzucidlo

Baller Los (2019)

16 . Soso Maness – Allez (w/ PLK & Naps)

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Soso Maness, born Sofien Hakim Manessour on March 21, 1987, in Marseille, France, is a notable French rapper. His albums “Rescapé” (2019) and “Mistral” (2020) gained acclaim. The single “Petrouchka” featuring PLK from his album “Avec le temps” (2021) topped French charts. He is also a member of the collective “13 Organisé”.
Music video directed by : Thomas Deschamps

Petrouchka (W/ Plk) (2021)

15 . Dhurata Dora & Yll Limani – Diskoteka

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Dhurata Dora, born in 1992 in Nuremberg, Germany, is a Kosovo-Albanian pop singer. Known for “A Bombi” in 2016 and the platinum-hit “Zemër” with Soolking. She’s a prominent figure in Balkan pop music.
Music video directed by : Ari Dalladaku

Zemër (W/ Soolking) (2019)

14 . Guy2Bezbar – Monaco

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

French rapper Guy2bezbar, born Guillaume Durand, melds rap, hip-hop, and soul since 2007. Known for albums like “L’Amour Est Dur,” his collaborations with artists like 2Boulevard showcase his creative diversity.
Music video directed by : Baeby Mama

Bebeto (2020)

13 . [G]I-Dle, 여자)아이들 – Klaxon, 클락션

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

[G]I-Dle, a South Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2018, is known for their direct involvement in music production. Their hits include “Dumdi Dumdi” (2020) and “Tomboy” from their album “I Never Die” (2023). The group includes members Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua.

퀸카 (Queencard) (2023)

12 . Gambi – Héhé Hé

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Gambi, a French rapper from Fontenay-sous-Bois, rose to fame with his 2019 singles “Hé oh” and “Popopop,” both topping the French Singles Chart. His debut album “La vie est belle” (2020) includes the hit “Dans l’espace” featuring Heuss l’Enfoiré.
Music video directed by : Drive By

Hé Oh (2020)

11 . Sanja Vucic – Bailamos

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Sanja Vučić, born August 8, 1993, in Kruševac, Serbia, is a prominent Serbian singer. She gained recognition with the band ZAA and represented Serbia at Eurovision 2016 with “Goodbye (Shelter).” A member of Hurricane from 2017 to 2022, she began her solo career in 2022 with singles like “Omađijan” and “Đerdan.”
Music video directed by : Đordje Jovčić, Hana Derdžić

Đene Đene (2023)

10 . Desh, Young Fly & Azahriah – Bakpakk

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Desh, born Molnár Attila on December 18, 1997, is a Hungarian rapper from Budapest. Known for his single “RÉT” (2020) with Azahriah, he released his debut album “DESHPERADO” in 2022. Popular tracks include “Kukásautó” and “Malibu.” He has performed at major venues like Budapest Park.
Music video directed by : Rádli, Ördög

Rollin (W/ Young Fly, Kkevin) (2023)

9 . Edda Dora – Ne Hallerdeyim

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Edda Dora, a British artist born in 1999, blends traditional Turkish influences with modern pop. Known for the single “Aşk,” her music has gained traction on streaming platforms. She engages with fans on social media and is active in fashion and design.
Music video directed by : Edda Dora

Aşk (2024)

8 . Makar – Take Me Home

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Makar, born Makar Barsegjan on July 13, 1998, in Mechelen, Belgium, is a rapper known for his multilingual rap style. His single “Mood” (2022) topped Spotify and Shazam charts. He has collaborated with artists like SRNO and producers like Tiësto and R3HAB.

Kniel Voor Me (2022)

7 . L’Algérino – Roméo (w/ Soolking)

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

L’Algérino, born Samir Djoghlal, is a French-Algerian rapper from Marseille. His debut album “Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers” (2004) launched his career. Known for the hit “Sur la tête de ma mère” (2010), his album “Banderas” (2016) features popular tracks like “Les Menottes (Tching Tchang Tchong).”

Va Bene (2018)

6 . Tommy Richman – Million Dollar Baby

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

American artist Tommy Richman, from Woodbridge, Virginia, rose to fame with the 2024 single “Million Dollar Baby.” His earlier works include the EP “The Rush” (2023). Richman has collaborated with Brent Faiyaz and signed with ISO Supremacy.

Million Dollar Baby (2024)

5 . Ivana Boom Nikolic & Emel – Vir

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Ivana Boom Nikolic, a Serbian singer and dancer, gained fame with the girl group Hurricane, which represented Serbia at Eurovision 2021 with “Loco Loco.” Hurricane’s debut album “Hasta La Vista” (2020) featured several hits. Ivana’s dynamic stage presence and vocal abilities have been showcased internationally.
Music video directed by : Djordje Jovcic

Ispocetka (2023)

4 . Trentemøller – Dreamweavers

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Trentemøller, born Anders Trentemøller, is a Danish electronic musician known for his debut album “The Last Resort” (2006). He blends minimal techno, ambient, and indie rock. Notable tracks include “Moan” and “Miss You.” Albums like “Into the Great Wide Yonder” (2010) and “Lost” (2013) showcase his evolving sound.
Music video directed by : Jonas Bang – Song featured on the album : Dreamweaver

Gravity (2014)

3 . Disclosure – She’s Gone Dance On

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Disclosure is an English electronic music duo from Reigate, Surrey, consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence. Their debut album “Settle” (2013) topped the UK Albums Chart, featuring hits like “Latch” with Sam Smith. They continued their success with “Caracal” (2015) and “Energy” (2020), earning multiple Grammy nominations.
Music video directed by : Vincent Catel

Latch (W/ Sam Smith) (2019)

2 . Kaaris – Que Lo Que (w/ ElGrandeToto)

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Known for his aggressive style and contributions to the trap genre, Kaaris, Ivorian-French rapper, rose to fame with his 2013 album “Or Noir” and single “Zoo.”

Tchoin (2016)

1 . Đogani – Top Top

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Đogani, founded by Đorđe Đogani and Slađana Delibašić in the 1990s, gained popularity with their debut album “Storm” (1992). Known for hits like “Čekaj me kod kolima” (2005), the group continued to release successful albums such as “Novi dan” (2001) and “Đogani” (2005), blending turbo-folk and Eurodance.
Music video directed by : Vuk Protić

Đavole (2013)

‘Music For The Dancers’ New Music Videos – N°664


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