Nat King Cole begins the recording of ‘Cole Español,’ an album arranged by Nelson Riddle (1958)

Nat King Cole’s ‘Cole Español’ is a studio album arranged by Nelson Riddle, recorded on February 17, 18, 20, June 11, 30, 1958 and released in August 1958 by Capitol.

Track Listing : 1.Cachito (Consuelo Velázquez) – 02:50 . 2.María Elena (Lorenzo Barcelata, Bob Russell) – 02:42 . 3.Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) (Osvaldo Farrés, Joe Davis) – 02:46 . 4.Las Mañanitas (John Gilmore, Jeanette Vanessa Harris, Patrick Harris) – 02:57 . 5.Acércate Más (Come Closer To Me) (Osvaldo Farrés, Al Stewart) – 02:49 . 6.El Bodeguero (Grocer’S Cha-Cha) (Richard Egües) – 02:25 . 7.Arrivederci Roma (Renato Rascel, Pietro Garinei, Sandro Giovannini, Carl Sigman) – 02:46 . 8.Noche De Ronda (Agustín Lara) – 02:34 . 9.Tú, Me Delirio (Cesar Portillo De La Luz) – 02:36 . 10.Te Quiero, Dijiste (Magic Is The Moonlight) (María Grever, Charles Pasquale) – 02:41 . 11.Adelita (John Gilmore, Jeanette Vanessa Harris, Patrick Harris) – 02:10

Musicians : Nat King Cole – Vocal . Nelson Riddle – Conductor . Armando Romeu Jr. – Conductor. . Cuarteto Rivero – Backing Vocals On (5)

Production : Produced By Lee Gillette

Recorded On February 17, 18, 20, June 11, 30, 1958 At Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California And In Havana, Cuba.

Released In August 1958 By Capitol.


arara @ RateYourMusic
This mishappen album served a purpose. It brought my attention to the Mariachi Culture.Don’t get me wrong. I love Nat King Cole. Both as a crooner and as a jazz singer and piano player. […]

While that no doubt was intended to shore up his tentative performances, it actually showed him up, as the native Spanish singers offered a painful contrast to his own pedestrian readings of words he did not understand and pronounced with no flair. […]

Nat King Cole’s ‘Cole Español’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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