Nat King Cole records ‘St. Louis Blues’ with Nelson Riddle as arranger and conductor (1963)

Nat King Cole’s ‘St. Louis Blues’ is an album (OST to the film of the same name staring Cole) recorded on January 29–31, 1958 with Nelson Riddle as arranger and conductor and released in May, 1963 by Capitol.

Track Listing : 1.Overture (Introducing Love Theme)/Hesitating Blues (Nelson Riddle) – 3:08 . 2.Harlem Blues (W.C. Handy) – 01:51 . 3.Chantez Les Bas (W.C. Handy) – 02:35 . 4.Friendless Blues (Mercedes Gilbert, W.C. Handy) – 03:15 . 5.Stay (Andy Razaf, W.C. Handy) – 02:37 . 6.Joe Turner’S Blues (Walter Hirsch, W.C. Handy) – 02:40 . 7.Beale Street Blues (W.C. Handy) – 02:56 . 8.Careless Love (Martha E. Koenig, Spencer Williams, W.C. Handy) – 02:44 . 9.Morning Star (Mack David, W.C. Handy) – 02:12 . 10.Memphis Blues (George A. Norton, W.C. Handy) – 03:06 . 11.Yellow Dog Blues (W.C. Handy) – 03:16 . 12.St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy) – 02:27

Musicians : Nat King Cole – Vocal . Nelson Riddle – Arranger, Conductor

Production : Produced By Lee Gillette

Package : Jordan Taylor – Liner Notes

Recorded On January 29–31, 1958.

Released In May, 1963 By Capitol.


Gone With The Twins
One of only three films in all of the 50s that featured an all black cast (the other two being Carmen Jones and Porgy and Bess), St. Louis Blues tells the exceptional tale of musician Will Handy […]

dustinglanterman @ RateYourMusic
Nat’s vocals are in fine shape and he provides a wonderful performance. “Joe Turner’s Blues” is one of the most hard driving tunes I’ve heard Nat record. A very enjoyable set. […]

Overall, the film is a fantastic tribute to the contributions and influence of W.C. Handy. If you enjoy blues, jazz, gospel, or love musicals, then I recommend this film. […]


Nat King Cole’s ‘St. Louis Blues’


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