New-Year (Sentimental) Resolutions

From ‘I Will Follow Him’ to ‘I’m Gonna Leave You By Yourself’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Good Old Jazz and Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘What My Heart Is Going To Do‘. It has Nat King Cole, T-Bone Walker, Nancy Wilson, Robert Cray and many more.

IMAGE : Your New Year’s Resolution Photo by Nattu

Astrud Gilberto: The fact that Astrud seldom grants interviews made it possible for many untruthful versions on how her guest appearance in the Getz & Gilberto album came about to be printed here and there, such as that she was “discovered” by Creed Taylor, or by Stan Getz, or yet, by Jobim, when the only truth is that she was invited to participate in the album by João Gilberto, who has great admiration for her singing talents.

Soulwalking : Johnny Guitar Watson was listed as Young John Watson when he signed with Federal in 1953. There he recorded ‘Space Guitar’, utilising reverberation and feedback, an unusual technique at the time.

Lou Christie : Lou Christie’s career as a songwriter, recording artist, and performer started in a two-track studio in Glenwillard Pennsylvania, his rural hometown near Pittsburgh. Lou’s first million selling song, The Gipsy Cried, transformed a local choirboy, Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco, into a national teen idol, while still a teenager himself.

Eddie Harris : Eddie Harris always wanted to play the saxophone simply because he admired the way it looked. But in order to play saxophone for Capt. Dyette one had to play the clarinet first, so Eddie’s first wind instrument was the clarinet. Eddie took private clarinet and saxophone lessons for many years and then began his saxophone career playing with all types of bands.

Phil Woods : As tenor sax giant Zoot Sims said as he watched the astronauts land on the moon, “Look at that! Wow! And I’m still playing Indiana!” That is how I feel about the new technology. (I still play Indiana, but to quote Zoot’s partner, Al Cohn, I am using my own changes). It is astounding!

Luciana Souza : Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she grew up in a family of Bossa Nova innovators. .. She has been a prominent soloist in two important works by composer Osvaldo Golijov.

Peggy March : I have been singing since the age of two and my Mother said I sang every musical commercial on radio and TV. At the age of 15 I became the youngest female singer to have a #1 hit, ”I Will Follow Him”, all over the world. This record, by the way, still stands.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame : Lloyd Price is widely known as “Mr. Personality,” a nickname copped from one his best-known songs, “Personality,” from 1959. Among the premier rhythm & blues singers of the Fifties and Sixties, the Louisiana native can also claim a host of other talents: musician, bandleader, songwriter, producer, record-company executive and booking agent.

PLAYLIST : Bill Evans – I Will Say Goodbye (3.30) . Little Peggy March – I Will Follow Him (2.28) . Buddy Holly – I’m Gonna Love You Too (2.15) . Lloyd Price – I’m Gonna Get Married (2.38) . Nat King Cole – I’m Gonna Spank My Heart (2.54) . Herbie Mann & Phil Woods – We Will Meet Again (4.07) . Luciana Souza – I Shall Wait (6.16) . Peggy Lee – I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair (3.13) . Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker – There Will Never Be Another You (6.53) . Barry White – Im Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby (4.09) . Johnny Guitar Watson – I’m Gonna Get You Baby (4.05) . T-Bone Walker – I´m Gonna Find My Baby (2.54) . Nancy Wilson – Never Will I Marry (2.19) . Robert Cray – I m Gonna Forget About You (3.09) . Alberta Hunter – I Will Always Be In Love With You (3.25) . Nina Simone – I’m Gonna Leave You (2.19) . Astrud Gilberto – I Will Wait For You (4.37) . Lou Christie – I’m Gonna Make You Mine (2.41) . The Simpsons – I’ll Gonna Fall In Love (2.20) . Eddie Harris – I’m Gonna Leave You By Yourself (3.04) .


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