Blue Note publish Norah Jones’ fifth album : ‘Little Broken Hearts’ produced By Danger Mouse (2012)

Norah Jones‘ ‘Little Broken Hearts’ is her fifth studio album produced By Danger Mouse and released on April 25, 2012 by Blue Note.


Blue Note publish Norah Jones’ fifth album : ‘Little Broken Hearts’ produced By Danger Mouse (2012)

Track Listing : 1.Good Morning (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:17 . 2.Say Goodbye (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:27 . 3.Little Broken Hearts (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:12 . 4.She’S 22 (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:10 . 5.Take It Back (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 04:06 . 6.After The Fall (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:42 . 7.4 Broken Hearts (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 02:59 . 8.Travelin’ On (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:06 . 9.Out On The Road (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:28 . 10.Happy Pills (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 03:34 . 11.Miriam (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 04:25 . 12.All A Dream (Norah Jones, Brian Burton) – 06:29

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Musicians : Norah Jones – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer . Brian Burton A.K.A. Danger Mouse – Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Programming, String Arrangements, Synthesizer . Dan Elkan – Electric Guitar . Jonathan Hischke – Bass . Heather Mcintosh – Bass, Cello, Cello Arrangement . Blake Mills – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar . Todd Monfalcone – Electric Guitar . Gus Seyffert – Backing Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar . Sonus Quartet – Strings . Joey Waronker – Drums, Percussion

Production : Produced By Danger Mouse . Todd Monfalcone – Engineer . Tom Schick – Additional Engineer . Kennie Takahashi – Engineer, Mixing . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Frank Harkins – Art Direction, Design . Gordon H. Jee – Creative Director . Sarai Fiszel – Make-Up Artist . Kemal Harris – Stylist . Mandy Lyons – Hair Stylist . Frank Ockenfels III asterisques RVM – Photography

Video Director(s) : Isaiah Seret for “Happy Pills”

Recorded During 2011 At Mondo Studio, Electro Vox Studios (Los Angeles, California).

Released April 25, 2012 By Blue Note.

(Source Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts | Official Site)


Therein lays the success of Little Broken Hearts. Unlike other disheartened recordings, some of which are more sullen than others, Jones never sounds too depressed on this set. Instead, she keeps the mood fairly moderate amongst Burton’s fluid soundtrack, […]

Why You Should Listen to Norah Jones (Again) Jones’s name is on the spine, but Burton’s fingerprints are all over the rest. His bag of tricks is a few tricks too deep to call him a one-trick pony, but you’ve heard variations of these textures, groovesand arrangements before. Then again, with Burton, atmosphere is 75 percent of the equationand Jones deftly adapts to her surroundings, whether she’s playfully cooing or spitting out righteous indignation. […]

#10 LP of 2012: Norah Jones-“Little Broken Hearts” This is the first time Ms. Jones had a big impact on my ears. “Happy Pills” jumped out of the speakers and spoke to me. This song made me curious about the rest of this Dangermouse produced LP. I have always enjoyed her voice, but the songwriting this time out seemed more contemporary. […]


Blue Note publish Norah Jones’ fifth album : ‘Little Broken Hearts’ produced By Danger Mouse (2012)


Blue Note publish Norah Jones’ fifth album : ‘Little Broken Hearts’ produced By Danger Mouse (2012)

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