Now Makossa Makossa

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Now Makossa Makossa

Soukousman’s blog : Funky Makossa was created by Manu Dibango in the 70’s who is one of the Cameroonian stars to become successful out of the U.S. There was also Makozouk which was Makossa mixed with Zouk and Makossa fused with Congolese Soukous.

Afropop Worldwide : By the 1980s, guitarist Toto Guillaume and bassist Aladji Touré had set up shop in the French capital, arranging and producing a stable of musicians who would shape the gleaming Paris recordings of makossa’s heyday.

Jacob Crawfurd : Behind the artist name of Petit Pays is Adolphe Claude Moundi, born in Douala (Cameroon) in 1967. He started early playing music, but also studied law in Paris. Petit Pays has had a professional music career since the late 1980’s when he teamed up with the producer Eyabé Kwedi.

Africa Sounds : When we refer to the vintage era of Cameroon music, we mean the moment in time when the funk element was heavy, the zouk element was just arriving but not altogether there yet, and the horns were crisp and tight.

AfricAmbiance : Looks like most people would like to vote best Makossa song/album of all times. I bet you that would be the most difficult thing to do! I have tried several times without success. Yesterday I watched a few 1980s and early 1990s video clips like Konkai Makossa (Charlotte Mbango), Malinga (Guy Lobe) and Debena (Toto Guillaume) on Stv with much nostalgia

rfi musique : This anti-establishment stance did not work its way into Decca’s songs, however. The singer, whose rich, deep vocals recall those of Papa Wemba, insists that “Makossa is very much a regional sound – it’s a music of love!”

CD Baby : Born in an artistic family (she’s actually Eboa Lotin’s granddaughter), Charlotte Mbango is becoming part of the Parisian music scene by singing backing vocals for numerous Afro-Antilles artists.

Ambe Johnson : Zele le bombardier,does not seem to havereleased any album since 1996. This young artiste introduced a new,classystyle of dancing Bikutsi called “Pedale”.

Now Makossa Makossa : PLKOa-V2biaa289r1lW_ZdjmKK8Ykpbz2m

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