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The Wurlitzer Organ Trust of Auckland : The installation of the instrument was not completed in time for the official opening of the theatre in December 1926, and the organ was not heard publicly until February 1927 in a dedicatory concert played by American organist Eddie Horton.

Glen E. Nelson : There were many varieties of the Hammond organ, some designed for home use, some designed for church use, and some designed for live gigs and studio recording. But the most popular variety, and the one still commonly in use today (if you can find one that isn’t too beat up) is the Hammond B-3.

Organ Stop Pizza : During the late teens and early twenties, nearly every theatre, large and small installed theatre pipe organs. Though they were manufactured by many companies, the Wurlitzer product was considered by far the best. The “Mighty Wurlitzer” enjoyed familiarity with such names as Frigidaire, Victrola, and Kodak.

Lounge Legends : Günter Platzek became known for his longtime work with the James Last Orchestra, of which he was a member from 1965 up until his death. He was also a member of the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, or North German Radio) big band, the Alfred Hause tango orchestra and the Bert Kaempfert orchestra.

Klaus Wunderlich : “Before I encountered the organ, I worked as a pianist and accordionist. I went on tour with a bar trio. In those days, the pianos I had to play were often in bad condition and out of tune. Then, in 1955, when the first Hammond Organs appeared on the market,…at first I wasn’t enthusiastic at all, I was a fan of jazz. But in any case it was better to play on a primitive Hammond Organ than on a misadjusted piano”.

Wikipedia : Lenny Dee’s routine included corny jokes and wild hat and costume routines that Dee was noted for. A lover of animals, Dee often included his pet dogs (particularly one black poodle he owned named “Miss Muffett”) in his routine, with the dogs barking along with some of his numbers.

The Rinks : In the early 1950’s Leon Berry acquired a massive organ affectionately known as “The Lion”. It had been used in the Lake Theater in Crystal Lake and so totally filled his basement that as it was being installed he had to eliminate the cold air return duct for the furnace.

Third Island : Born Rosina Baga in 1906, Ena started her musical career as an movie-house organist in the golden age of silent movies. In 1932 she was invited to Balmoral, where she improvised music for Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush for George V and Queen Mary.

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