Ornette Coleman records ‘Change of the Century’ with Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins (1959)

Ornette Coleman‘s ‘Change of the Century’ is his fourth studio album recorded on October 8 and 9, 1959, with Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins and released In June 1960 By Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Ramblin’ (Ornette Coleman) – 06:39 . 2.Free (Ornette Coleman) – 06:24 . 3.The Face Of The Bass (Ornette Coleman) – 06:59 . 4.Forerunner (Ornette Coleman) – 05:16 . 5.Bird Food (Ornette Coleman) – 05:31 . 6.Una Muy Bonita (Ornette Coleman) – 06:02 . 7.Change Of The Century (Ornette Coleman) – 04:41

Musicians : Ornette Coleman — Alto Saxophone . Don Cherry — Pocket Trumpet . Charlie Haden — Bass . Billy Higgins — Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün Bones Howe – Engineer

Package : Ornette Coleman – Liner Notes

Recorded On October 8 And 9, 1959 At Radio Recorders In Hollywood, California.

Released In June 1960 By Atlantic.

(Source Ornette Coleman @ Wikipedia)


Jerry Jazz Musician.
Ornette’s liner notes on Change are an open window to his musical and managerial philosophy of the timeand given his stature in the music’s narrative, a significant historic document worth revisiting. […]

We have Ornette Coleman, a musician who, after many years, had come to a sound… this new style that got rid of all the chords, the whole map of improvisationand left the band to find its own directionand achieve its own unity through great communication. […]

All About Jazz
Yes, finally things are really beginning to come apart at the seams, properly foreshadowing Free Jazz: A Group Improvisation (Atlantic, 1961). Coleman has fully gained his traction and is now ready. […]


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