Ornette Coleman records his sixth album : ‘Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation’ for Atlantic Records (1960)

Ornette Coleman‘s ‘Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation’ is his sixth album recorded on December 21, 1960 September 1961 and released by Atlantic Records.

Track Listing : 1.Free Jazz (Part One) (Ornette Coleman) – 19:55 . 2.Free Jazz (Part Two) (Ornette Coleman) – 16:28

Musicians : Don Cherry — Pocket Trumpet . Scott Lafaro — Bass . Billy Higgins — Drums . Eric Dolphy — Bass Clarinet . Freddie Hubbard — Trumpet . Charlie Haden — Bass . Ed Blackwell — Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün . Tom Dowd — Engineer

Recorded On December 21, 1960 At A&R Studios In New York City.

Released September 1961 By Atlantic Records.

(Source Ornette Coleman – Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation | Official Website)


All About Jazz
Once the piece is started in earnest, certain characteristics begin to manifest. Among these is Coleman’s experiences playing blues. It saturates his playing and is present throughout the piece. […]

Hot House
When I listen to this, I think of jazz being broken down only partially, in big chunks, then rebuilt. Each instrument on the album sounds like jazz on its ownand collected together they build an entirely new structure out of the original parts; like deconstructing Huck Finn and rewriting it as On the Road. Free Jazz is still jazz, like On the Road is still a novel. But still, it feels like an entirely new style regardless […]

Jazz had long prided itself on reflecting American freedom and democracy and, with Free Jazz, Coleman simply took those ideals to the next level. A staggering achievement. […]


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