Contemporary publish Ornette Coleman’s debut album : ‘Something Else!!!!’ (1958)

Ornette Coleman‘s ‘Something Else!!!!’ is his debut album recorded on February 10 – March 24, 1958 with Don Cherry among others and released the same year by Contemporary.

Track Listing : 1.Invisible (Ornette Coleman) – 04:11 . 2.The Blessing (Ornette Coleman) – 04:45 . 3.Jayne (Ornette Coleman) – 07:17 . 4.Chippie (Ornette Coleman) – 05:37 . 5.The Disguise (Ornette Coleman) – 02:46 . 6.Angel Voice (Ornette Coleman) – 04:19 . 7.Alpha (Ornette Coleman) – 04:09 . 8.When Will The Blues Leave? (Ornette Coleman) – 04:58 . 9.The Sphinx (Ornette Coleman) – 04:13

Musicians : Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone . Don Cherry – Cornet . Walter Norris – Piano . Don Payne – Double Bass . Billy Higgins – Drums

Production : Produced By Lester Koenig Roy Dunann – Engineer

Package : Nat Hentoff – Liner Notes

Recorded On February 10 – March 24, 1958.

Released In 1958 By Contemporary.

(Source Ornette Coleman – Something Else!!!! | Ornette Coleman @ Wikipedia)


For those unfamiliar with Coleman and tend to write 51id6zo-IkL._SL500_AA300_ him off as too abstract or too harsh, this album would be a good place to start if you’re interested in trying to understand his art. […]

First, there is no doubt that Coleman himself plays with an unconventional tone, a purposefully hazy intonationand with limited relation to the apparent chord changes of the tunes. Second, the (mostly) unison ensemble playing between Coleman and Cherry has a buzzing quality that is microtonally “off” […]

All About Jazz
He moved to New York and signed with Atlantic, resulting in the albums which remain the basis of his reputation. This record was a foot in the door; the big noise (and big it was) would come later. […]


Ornette Coleman‘s ‘Something Else!!!!’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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