Ornette Coleman records ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come,’ his third album featuring ‘Lonely Woman’ (1959)

Ornette Coleman‘s ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ is his third album recorded on May 22, 1959 and released in October 1959 By Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman) – 04:59 . 2.Eventually (Ornette Coleman) – 04:20 . 3.Peace (Ornette Coleman) – 09:04 . 4.Focus On Sanity (Ornette Coleman) – 06:50 . 5.Congeniality (Ornette Coleman) – 06:41 . 6.Chronology (Ornette Coleman) – 06:05

William Claxton

Musicians : Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone . Don Cherry – Cornet . Charlie Haden – Bass . Billy Higgins – Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegun . Bones Howe – Engineer . Stephen Innocenzi – Mastering

Package : William Claxton asterisques RVM – Photography . Marvin Israel – Cover Design . Stuart Nicholson – Liner Notes . Martin Williams – Liner Notes

Recorded On May 22, 1959 At Radio Recorders In Hollywood, California..

Released In October 1959 By Atlantic.

(Source Ornette Coleman – The Shape of Jazz to Come | Official Site)


The advancements made here, whether it be the lack of chordal instruments or Ornette’s own unique style of playing (he was for the most part, self-tought), are wonderful even in their most basic and early state. […]

The Guardian
Great moments in jazz: Ornette Coleman defines the Shape of Jazz to Come Coleman’s lovely melodies and intensely human and voice-like saxophone sound seem so natural now, that it’s perhaps hard to imagine the furore he caused on his emergence in the late 1950s. Indeed, Coleman was often treated as a fraud or a fool. Why? […]

Jazz History Online
I’ll never forget the first time I heard these two albums. It was in 1960and I was hanging out with my avant-garde jazz musician pals in Boston. When we first listened to Ornette Coleman’s brazenly titled “The Shape of Jazz to Come” and “Change of the Century,” we couldn’t stop talking about them […]


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