Oscar Peterson begins the recording of ‘With Respect to Nat’ in tribute to Nat King Cole (1965)

Oscar Peterson‘s ‘With Respect to Nat’ is a studio ( in tribute to Nat King Cole who had died earlier that year) album where Peterson sings on all tracks but one and recorded between October 28 and November 13, 1965 and released the same year by Limelight.


Oscar Peterson begins the recording of ‘With Respect to Nat’ in tribute to Nat King Cole (1965)

Track Listing : 1.When My Sugar Walks Down The Street (Gene Austin, Jimmy Mchugh, Irving Mills) – 02:18 . 2.It’S Only A Paper Moon (Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg, Billy Rose) – 02:29 . 3.Walkin’ My Baby Back Home (Fred E. Ahlert, Roy Turk) – 02:31 . 4.Sweet Lorraine (Cliff Burwell, Mitchell Parish) – 03:31 . 5.Unforgettable (Irving Gordon) – 02:37 . 6.Little Girl (Francis Henry, Matt Hyde) – 02:35 . 7.Gee, Baby, Ain’T I Good To You (Andy Razaf, Don Redman) – 02:56 . 8.Orange Colored Sky (Milton Delugg, William Stein) – 02:12 . 9.Straighten Up And Fly Right (Nat King Cole, Irving Mills) – 02:25 . 10.Calypso Blues (Clifford Carmen, Nat King Cole, Don George) – 03:34 . 11.What Can I Say After I Say I’M Sorry? (Walter Donaldson, Abe Lyman) – 02:39 . 12.Easy Listening Blues (Nadine Robinson) – 03:23

Musicians : Oscar Peterson – Piano, Vocals . Hank Jones – Piano . Ray Brown – Double Bass . Richard Davis – Bass . Herb Ellis – Guitar . Barry Galbraith – Guitar . Mel Lewis – Drums . Wayne Andre – Trombone . Jimmy Cleveland – Trombone . J. J. Johnson – Trombone . Tony Studd – Bass Trombone . Seldon Powell – Alto Flute, Tenor Flute . Jerome Richardson – Bass Flute, Tenor Flute . John Frosk – Trumpet . Joe Newman – Trumpet . Ernie Royal – Trumpet, Flugelhorn . Danny Stiles – Trumpet . Phil Woods – Alto Saxophone . Manny Albam – Arranger, Conductor

Production : Produced By Jack Tracy

Package : Leonard Feather – Liner Notes . Suha Gur – Mastering . Sung Lee – Art Direction, Design . Fred Seligo – Photography . Suzanne White – Design Coordinator

Recorded Between October 28 And November 13, 1965.

Released In 1965 By Limelight.


yofriend @ RateYourMusic
Oscar the singer does his job quite well. He even sounds a bit like Nat, without being a copycat, also without reaching that master’s perfection. But then, Oscar’s the piano masterand there’s also the piano here. […]

The Fancy One @ Amazon
And I was pleasantly surprized to hear Oscar’s singing voice…he sounds amazingly like Nat vocally as well as instrumentally. He said he didn’t want to sing (much like Nat didn’t want to do early in his career) because he sounded so much like Nat, he didn’t want to suffer by comparison. So playing the piano seemed to be a better move for him. […]

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