Otis Spann records the album ‘Walking the Blues’ for Candid (1960)

Otis Spann‘s ‘Walking the Blues’ is an album recorded on August 23, 1960 and released by Candid.

Track Listing : 1.It Must Have Been The Devil (Otis Spann) – 03:46 . 2.Otis’ Blues (Otis Spann) – 04:18 . 3.Goin’ Down Slow (James Burke Oden, Otis Spann) – 04:0 . 4.Half Ain’T Been Told (James Burke Oden, Otis Spann) – 04:43 . 5.Monkey Face Blues (James Burke Oden) – 04:58 . 6.This Is The Blues (Otis Spann) – 03:12 . 7.Can’T Stand Your Evil Ways (James Burke Oden) – 03:52 . 8.Come Day, Go Day (James Burke Oden) – 04:12 . 9.Walkin’ The Blues (Otis Spann) – 04:58 . 10.Bad Condition (James Burke Oden) – 04:23 . 11.My Home Is In The Delta (Muddy Waters) – 03:11

Musicians : Otis Spann – Piano, Vocals . Robert Lockwood, Jr. – Guitar, Vocals . James Burke Oden – Vocals

Package : Tony Russell – Liner Notes

Recorded 1960.

Released On August 23, 1960 By Candid.

(Source Otis Spann‘s ‘Walking the Blues’ | Otis Spann @ Wikipedia)


Robert Christgau
The production is imaginative and uncluttered, with Spann’s piano augmented only by the guitar of Robert Lockwood Jr. and vocal variety provided by the mordant inventions of St. Louis Jimmy, who sings four of his own compositions. I play this often. […]

Most importantly, however, is the fact that Walking the Blues simply sounds great — it’s some of the finest blues piano you’ll ever hear. […]

Otis Spann records the album ‘Walking the Blues’ for Candid (1960)


Otis Spann‘s ‘Walking the Blues’


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