Casablanca publish Parliament’s ‘Chocolate City,’ an album produced by George Clinton (1975)

Parliament‘s ‘Chocolate City’ is an album (tribute to Washington D.C.) released on April 8th, 1975 by Casablanca.

Track Listing : 1.Chocolate City (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 05:37 . 2.Ride On (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 03:34 . 3.Together (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 04:07 . 4.Side Effects (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Ahneua Hilson) – 03:13 . 5.What Comes Funky (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 02:23 . 6.Let Me Be (George Clinton, Vivian Lewis) – 05:37 . 7.If It Don’T Fit (Don’T Force It) (George Clinton, Gary Shider, Bernie Worrell) – 02:07 . 8.I Misjudged You (George Clinton, Ernie Harris, Fuzzy Haskins) – 05:14 . 9.Bigfootin’ (George Clinton, Fuzzy Haskins, Gary Shider) – 04:50

Musicians : George Clinton – Vocals . Bootsy Collins – Bass, Guitar, Drums . Raymond Davis – Vocals . Ramon Tiki Fulwood – Drums . Clarence Fuzzy Haskins – Vocals . Eddie Hazel – Guitar, Vocals . Prakash John – Bass . Tyrone Lampkin – Drums . Man In The Box – Drums . Cordell Mosson – Bass, Guitar . Billy Bass Nelson – Bass . Lucius Tawl Ross – Rhythm Guitar . Gary Shider – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals . Calvin Simon – Vocals . Grady Thomas – Vocals . Bernie Worrell – Synthesizer, Keyboards

Production : Produced By George Clinton . George Clinton , Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell . Jim Callon – Engineer . Jim Vitti – Engineer

Arrangements : George Clinton , Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell

Recorded In 1975.

Released On April 8Th, 1975 By Casablanca.

(Source Parliament‘s ‘Chocolate City’ | George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic official website)

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But if you have some Parliament at home and do not own Chocolate City, I recommend picking up this new reissue. If you do buy it, put it in your CD player, go to the second trackand follow Clinton’s call to the dance floor: “Put a hump in your back, shake your sacroiliacand ride on!” […]

Of course, it’s hard to find a lot of faults with a record so consistently on the verge of something huge. But then, the best was yet to come. […]

Rolling Stone
Whereas the old, guitar-centered band glowered at the straight world from its freak-trench, Parliament found a way to party with it —; and still bring their own Babel of stoned jokes, invented alter egos and dirty, funny innuendo. […]


Parliament‘s ‘Chocolate City’


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