Nonesuch publish Pat Metheny Group’s thirteenth album : ‘The Way Up’ (2005)

Pat Metheny Group’s ‘The Way Up’ is their thirteenth album featuring one 68 minute-long piece influenced by Steve Reich and released on January 25, 2005 by Nonesuch


Nonesuch publish Pat Metheny Group’s thirteenth album : ‘The Way Up’ (2005)

1 . The Way Up (Live)

2 . That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be

Track Listing : 1.Opening (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) – 05:17 . 2.Part One (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) – 26:27 . 3.Part Two (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) – 20:29 . 4.Part Three (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) – 15:54

Musicians : Pat Metheny – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synth Guitar . Lyle Mays – Piano, Keyboards . Steve Rodby – Bass, Cello . Cuong Vu – Trumpet, Voice . Gregoire Maret – Harmonica, Percussion . Antonio Sanchez – Drums . Richard Bona – Percussion, Voice . Dave Samuels – Percussion . Pat Metheny Group – Band

Production : Produced By Pat Metheny . David Oakes – Engineer . Jason Spears – Assistant Engineer . Rob Eaton – Engineer, Mixing . Ted Jensen – Mastering

Package : Doyle Partners – Design, Photography

Recorded 2003-2004 At Right Track Recording, New York City.

Released On January 25, 2005 By Nonesuch.

(Source Pat Metheny Group – The Way Up | Pat Metheny – Official Site)

Pat Metheny Group


If anything, it may actually be the record Metheny and Mays have been trying to make for over two decades. It is the place between the cracks, where defined genres disappear into a poetic whole and what emerges is something utterly new, guided and inspired by the limitless creativity of the jazz tradition. […]

All About Jazz
The Way Up is the heir to Bright Size Life, no less optimistic or full of genius than its progenitor. Written as one continuous piece of music with longtime collaborator keyboardist Lyle Mays, this intense jazz manifesto demonstrates a discernment that is obscured to the young by their very nature. […]

Passages of reflective lyricism escalate to keening crescendos, then the music falls away, to reconfigure itself and build again. This is music that demands many listenings. […]


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