Pat Metheny releases ‘Unity Band’ recorded with Chris Potter, Ben Williams and Antonio Sánchez (2012)

Pat Metheny‘s ‘Unity Band’ is a studio album recorded with Chris Potter, Ben Williams and Antonio Sánchez and released on June 12, 2012 by Nonesuch.

Track Listing : 1.New Year (Pat Metheny) – 07:37 . 2.Roofdogs (Pat Metheny) – 05:33 . 3.Come And See (Pat Metheny) – 08:28 . 4.This Belongs To You (Pat Metheny) – 05:20 . 5.Leaving Town (Pat Metheny) – 06:24 . 6.Interval Waltz (Pat Metheny) – 06:26 . 7.Signals (Orchestrion Sketch) (Pat Metheny) – 11:26 . 8.Then And Now (Pat Metheny) – 05:57 . 9.Breakdealer (Pat Metheny) – 08:34

Musicians : Pat Metheny – Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Synth, Orchestrionics . Chris Potter – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax . Ben Williams – Acoustic Bass . Antonio Sánchez – Drums

Production : Produced By Pat Metheny . James Farber – Engineer . Bob Mallory – Assistant Engineer . Pete Karam – Mixing . Ted Jensen – Masterin

Package : Barbara De Wilde – Art Direction . Jimmy Katz – Back Cover Photo . Jack Vartoogian – Photography

Recorded In February 2012..

Released On June 12, 2012 By Nonesuch.

(Source Pat Metheny‘s ‘Unity Band’ | Official Website)


But great playing does not necessarily make a great record. And Unity Band is not a great record in large part because it moves about with such restlessness. […]

Arguably one of Metheny’s best releases in recent times This lends a subtle dynamism. Tunes wise, Metheny has recovered some of the folk-like beauty that defined early albums like 1982’s Offramp and there are more than a few moments when that distinctive blend of soaring […]

When “Breakdealer” wraps up after eight and a half minutes, many listeners will find themselves with a craving for more of that particular iteration of the Unity Bandand less of what made up the previous eight tracks. […]


Pat Metheny‘s ‘Unity Band’



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