Happy Birthday Patrice Rushen. ‘Miss Patrice’

This Day (September 30, 1954), in Los Angeles, is born Patrice Rushen, a R&B and jazz vocalist, composer and pianist.


Happy Birthday Patrice Rushen. ‘Miss Patrice’

Digest Tracklist :

Bossa Nova . HavenT You Heard (Indigo2 London Uk 29-07-2011) . I Need Your Love . w/ Karen Briggs . Piano Solo (88 Montreux Jazz Festival) . Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra . Forget Me Nots ( Thornton Winery) . Number One (Indigo2 London Uk 29-07-2011) . Bill Evans, Marian Mcpartland, John Lewis, Patrice Rushen – BillieS Bounce (1975) .

Tracklist :

Forget Me Nots . Music Of The Earth . Remind Me . Haven’t You Heard . Hang It Up . Message In The Music . Where There Is Love . All We Need . Settle for My Love . I Was Tired Of Being Alone .


Santana-and-Wayne-Shorter-Montreux-Jazz-Festival-1988-07-14.jpg’ alt” class=’image_product’/>

[1987] Carlos Santana and Wayne Shorter plus Alphonso Johnson (b), Chester Thompson (kb), Patrice Rushen (kb), Leon “Ndugu” Chancler (d), Armando Peraza (cong), Jose Chepito Areas (timb) will share the stage at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland >> 115 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2014] the Lee Ritenour Band – that is Lee Ritenour (g), Patrice Rushen (kb), Abraham LaBoriel (b) and Sonny Emory (d) – plays at the Catalina Jazz Club Bar & Grill, Hollywood, CA >> 34 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2010] Patrice Rushen performs with Ricky Lawson (d), Eric Marienthal (s) and Reggie Hamilton (b) at Indigo2 in London >> 16 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2008] Lee Ritenour performs with Patrice Rushen (p, kb), Melvin Davis (b) and Will Kennedy (d) at North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands >> 58 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This Day (September 30, 1954), in Los Angeles, is born Patrice Rushen, a R&B and jazz vocalist, composer and pianist.

The Official Patrice Rushen Site :

Wilson & Alroy : She’s the first woman to be musical director for a major awards show (the Emmys), was musical director for a Janet Jackson world tour, produced movie soundtracks and has succeeded at other traditionally male activities.

@ last.fm : “Forget Me Nots” was the basis of Will Smith’s “Men In Black” from the blockbuster movie of the same name on Big Willie Style and George Michael extensively used the same track for his hit ‘Fastlove’.

@Discogs : Rushen also plays multiple instruments including the flute, clarinet and various kinds of percussion.

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