Happy Birthday Paul Anka. ‘Encore Anka’

This day (July 30, 1941), in Ottawa, Ontario, is born Paul Anka, a Canadian singer.

Digest Tracklist :

My Way (2019) . Diana (2017) . Ogni Volta (2016) . My Way . Hello (2005) . Smells Like Teen Spirit . Put your hand on my shoulder . Hold Me Till The Morning Comes (1983) . Jublilation (1979) . Nights on Broadway . (You’re) Having My Baby (1974) . Diana (1957) .

Tracklist :

Diana . Put Your Head on My Shoulder . Smells Like Teen Spirit . You Are My Destiny . Wonderwall . Lonely Boy . Puppy Love . Jump . Eye Of The Tiger . Hello .


[1985] if in Canada, do not miss Paul Anka during the Rendez-Vous 1987 hockey games aired on Canadian television CBC. >> 5 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1973] Paul Anka sings at the London Palladium in London >> 10 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (July 30, 1941), in Ottawa, Ontario, is born Paul Anka, a Canadian singer.

Paul Anka : By the ‘70s, the success of “My Way” and a string of hits like “(You’re) Having My Baby” confirmed his status as an icon of popular music. His later achievements as a recording artist included “Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes,” a hit duet with Peter Cetera in 1983, the Spanish-language album Amigos in 1996,…

@ Facebook : At record hops, I’m up on stage and all these kids are holding each other with heads on each other’s shoulders. Then I have to go have dinner in my room because there are thousands of kids outside the hotel — ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ was totally that experience.

@last.fm : In 1957 he went to New York City where he auditioned for ABC, singing a lovestruck verse he had written to a former babysitter, Diana Ayoub. The song, Diana, brought Anka instant stardom as it rocketed to number one on the charts. Diana is one of the best selling 45s in music history.

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