Happy Birthday Pharoah Sanders. ‘Tenor Spiritual’

This day (October 13, 1940), in Little Rock, Arkansas, is born Pharoah Sanders, an American jazz tenor saxophonist.


Digest Tracklist :

Thembi . You’Ve Got To Have Freedom (2011) . It’S Easy To Remember (2004) . Heart Is A Melody (2004) . Wonderful, Wonderful (1998) . Live In Germany (1995) . w/ John Hicks – After The Morning (1982) . Doctor Pitt .

TOP 10

Pharoah Sanders Top 10 :

The Creator Has A Master Plan . You’ve Got to Have Freedom . Astral Traveling . Colors . Naima . Love . Bailophone Dance . Origin . Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt . Love Is Everywhere .


Recorded on November 23, 1965, Meditations is an album by John Coltrane with Pharoah Sanders. >>

Recorded on November 24, 1971, Black Unity is a composition and album by Pharoah Sanders. >>

Recorded on February 14 & 19, 1969, Karma is an album by Pharoah Sanders. >>


[2013] Pharoah Sanders & The Underground perform at Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, Germany >> 84 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1988] David Sanborn (and the Night Music Band)’s guests for the Night Music program are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pharoah Sanders, The Platters, Van Dyke Parks and Maria McKee. >> 46 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1978] Pharoah Sanders is with Starship Orchestra – that is Norman Connors (d, perc), Duke Jones (tp), Buzzy Jones (ts, fl), Bobby Lyle (p), Billy McCoy (p, el p), Jacques Burvick (kb), Greg Hill (g), Alex Blake (el b), Petro Bass (perc, cong), Lawrence Killian (cong) at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland >> 26 MINUTES >>

[2014] Pharoah Sanders takes part in the Jazz Festival held at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia, >> 27 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2010] Pharoah Sanders plays at Birdland in New-York City >> 8 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2012] Pharoah Sanders with William Henderson (p), Dennis Carrol (b) and George Fludas (d) concludes the Iowa City Jazz Festival >> 79 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1998] Pharoah Sanders Quintet – that is Pharoah Sanders (ts), Jean-Paul Bourelly (g), William Henderson (p, talking drum), Alex Blake (b) and Trilok Gurtu (d, perc) – take parts in the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days held at Sala Kongresowa in Warsaw, Poland >> 62 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2012] The Pharoah Sanders Quartet – that is Pharoah Sanders (ts), Dan Tepfer (p), Oli Hayhurst (b) and Gene Calderazzo (d) – is at Jazzaldia in Donosti, San Sebastian, Spain >> 78 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2015] Pharoah Sanders plus William Henderson (p), Oli Hayhurst (b) & Gene Calderazzo (d) performs at New Morning in Paris >> 63 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (October 13, 1940), in Little Rock, Arkansas, is born Pharoah Sanders, an American jazz tenor saxophonist.

@allmusic : In the years after Coltrane’s death, however, Sanders explored other, somewhat gentler and perhaps more cerebral avenues — without, it should be added, sacrificing any of the intensity that defined his work as an apprentice to Coltrane.

@last.fm : Although he developed a slightly different style from Coltrane, Sanders was strongly influenced by their collaboration together. Sanders was also greatly influenced by Coltrane’s earlier works (in which Sanders did not collaborate), particularly A Love Supreme.

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