Phil Woods release ‘Musique du Bois,’ a studio album recorded with Jaki Byard, Richard Davis and Alan Dawson (1974)

Phil Woods’ ‘Musique du Bois’ is a studio album recorded with Jaki Byard, Richard Davis & Alan Dawson and released on January 14, 1974 by Muse.

Track Listing : 1.Samba Du Bois (Phil Woods) – 06:58 . 2.Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) – 10:07 . 3.Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter) – 08:23 . 4.The Last Page (Phil Woods) – 09:06 . 5.The Summer Knows (Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Michel Legrand) – 07:15 . 6.Airegin (Sonny Rollins) – 05:57 . 7.Samba Du Bois (Phil Woods) – 06:14

Musicians : Phil Woods – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone . Jaki Byard – Piano . Richard Davis – Double Bass . Alan Dawson – Drums

Production : Produced By Joel Dorn, Don Schlitten Paul Goodman – Engineer . Gene Paul – Mastering

Package : Oliver Wasow – Illustrations . Doug Ramsey – Liner Notes . Nancy Dwyer – Graphic Design . Page Simon – Graphic Design

Recorded In 1974.

Released On January 14, 1974 By Muse.

 Phil Woods


Byard’s intrinsic contribution pertains both to his soloing and accompanying. Check out his performance on this phenomenal rendering of “Willow Weep For Me”: […]

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Am I going to pass up the chance to hear one of my favorite pianists, my favorite drummer and favorite bassist play together? Hell no! […]

This CD is a widely acknowledged modern jazz masterpiece, a classic in the discography of Woods, easily amongst the best five recordings of his long and storied career — and a must-buy. […]


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