Pinay Reggae

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Pinay Reggae

Wikipedia : Filipino reggae is reggae music created in the island nation of the Philippines. The country has several bands and sound systems that play reggae and dancehall music in a style faithful to its expression in Jamaica. Reggae in the Philippines comprises the many forms of reggae and its sub-genres, and at times combining traditional Filipino forms of music and instruments in their music.

Philippine Headline News Online : Now there is nothing Filipino about reggae which originated from the Caribbean but we do share the same tropical weather and lighthearted approach to life approximated by reggae and our native music.

Buzzle : The various forms of music also are an indication of the different cultures that exist out here. There is a fine blend of native compositions and modern tunes. The music styles seen here have European and American influences. From hip-hop to pop music, it’s all popular out here. The Spanish people have left a distinct mark even in terms of music. With their influence, came the use of guitars and the zarzuela. Filipino rock and Filipino reggae also have a major fan following.

Reggae Mistress on MySpace : Slammin’ irie feel! Yup that’s you get from these amazing ladies. They sing, they dance, they groove! Their soulful rendition of popular and not so popular reggae tunes can drift you away in the warm serenity of the Bora beach.

Tropical Depression on MySpace : They built a reputation for creativity that saw reggae fused with local themes. As The Beat described its first release KAPAYAPAAN, it “shows reggae has taken root in the Philippines and displays throughout the imprint of inspirator Bob Marley while containing elements no other reggae band I know of could draw from.” Chuck Foster continues, “the bulk of the album is sung in the band’s native language and is some of the prettiest music I’ve heard in a while.” : You don’t have to know what dancehall is to party to the sound of Milagros Dancehall Collective. Suffice it to say that this group of local reggae scene regulars is capable of creating a groove so infectious that you won’t even care if they never play a single Bob Marley favorite — or, for that matter, any of the pop hits that have come to pass for reggae in the minds of the general public — during an entire set.

Badjao The Roots on MySpace : The group is heavily influenced by Bob Marley, and most of their repertoire comes from the Legend. The band uplifts and inspires souls with the power of the roots vibration. BADJAO ROOTS is truly a group bigger than the band itself, bonding together all lovers of reggae music, roots, peace and love, culture and spirituality.

Titik Pilipino. : The legendary Sigbin of Cebu’s lower mythology comes alive with the Philippine’s premiere in-your-face dub/reggae band Junior Kilat. Their debut album “Party Pipol Ur On Dub TV from Galaxy Records brings to every island the fresh new flavor of a rarer style of reggae.

Skabeche :

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