The Police release ‘Reggatta de Blanc,’ their second album featuring ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘Walking on the Moon’ (1979)

The Police’s ‘Reggatta de Blanc’ is their second (featuring ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘Walking on the Moon’) album released on October 2, 1979 by A&M.

Track Listing : 1.Message In A Bottle (Sting) – 04:51 . 2.Reggatta De Blanc (Andy Summers, Sting, Stewart Copeland) – 03:06 . 3.It’S Alright For You (Sting, Stewart Copeland) – 03:13 . 4.Bring On The Night (Sting) – 04:15 . 5.Deathwish (Andy Summers, Sting, Stewart Copeland) – 04:13 . 6.Walking On The Moon (Sting) – 05:02 . 7.On Any Other Day (Stewart Copeland) – 02:57 . 8.The Bed’S Too Big Without You (Sting) – 04:26 . 9.Contact (Stewart Copeland) – 02:38 . 10.Does Everyone Stare (Stewart Copeland) – 03:52 . 11.No Time This Time (Sting) – 03:17

Norman Seeff

Musicians : Sting – Bass Guitar, Lead And Backing Vocals, Double Bass . Andy Summers – Guitar, Piano, Backing Vocals . Stewart Copeland – Drums, Guitar On (3), Lead Vocals On (7), Piano And Intro Of (10), Backing Vocals On (3 – 4)

Janette Beckman

Production : Produced By The Police, Nigel Gray . Dave Collins – Mastering . Nigel Gray – Engineer . Bob Ludwig – Mastering

Package : Janette Beckman asterisques RVM – Photography . Michael Ross – Art Direction . Norman Seeff asterisques RVM – Photography . James Wedge – Photography

Recorded 1978 & February – August 1979.

Released On October 2, 1979 By A&M.


Regatta de Blanc could only have come after Outlandos D’Amour. The production values are higher, more intricate and some of the music more grown up – incorporating world music and jazz influences as well as reggae and roots. […]
Although the majority of “Reggatta de Blanc” is comprised of songs that are overwhelmingly tight from a rhythmic standpoint, most are muddled by a more sedate atmosphere and unfocused structures. […]

Rolling Stone
In Reggatta de Blanc‘s best cut, “Message in a Bottle,” Summers twists a sinuous, repetitive guitar line (borrowed from Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper”) around the pounding, anchoring bass. Copeland’s quick hi-hat fills add to the song’s feel of fatalistic urgency, while Sting’s lilting mock-reggae wails — papier-màché plaintive though they may be — work like the siren of an emergency vehicle, guiding and warning of momentum. […]


The Police’s ‘Reggatta de Blanc’


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