R.L. Burnside releases ‘Too Bad Jim,’ his sixth album produced by Robert Palmer (1993)

R.L. Burnside’s ‘Too Bad Jim’ is his sixth studio album produced by Robert Palmer, recorded in April 1993 and releasedi In 1994 by Fat Possum.

Track Listing : 1.Shake ‘Em On Down (R.L. Burnside, Traditional) – 04:48 . 2.When My First Wife Left Me (John Lee Hooker) – 03:46 . 3.Short Haired Woman (R.L. Burnside) – 00:00 . 4.Old Black Mattie (Traditional) – 04:10 . 5.Fireman Ring The Bell (R.L. Burnside) – 03:58 . 6.Peaches (Traditional) – 04:15 . 7.Miss Glory B. (R.L. Burnside) – 03:24 . 8..44 Pistol (R.L. Burnside) – 02:56 . 9.Death Bell Blues (R.L. Burnside) – 03:54 . 10.Goin’ Down South (R.L. Burnside, Traditional) – 05:50

Musicians : R.L. Burnside – Guitar, Vocals . Kenny Brown – Guitar . Duwayne Burnside – Bass . Calvin Jackson – Drums . Robbie Norris – Guitar, Vocals

Production : Produced By Robert Palmer Robbie Norris – Engineer, Mixing . Bruce Watson – Assistant Engineer

Package : Robert Palmer – Liner Notes

Recorded In April 1993.

Released In 1994 By Fat Possum.


The Local Voice
Too Bad Jim is the soul of a man no pseudo-journalist hack like me could begin to bring to life on paper. I’m a fool for attempting this column, and for my trespasses I apologize […]

Which isn’t to say that Too Bad Jim has been gimmicked-up, akin to some sort of White Stripes dilettantism. No, Burnside is indeed the real deal. His blues tunes are true to the spirit of those old field recordings in that his blues is not confined to modern/commercial notions of how long each verse should be. […]

Burnside sounds more relaxed and the band steps back from the spotlight slightly, letting the guitarist burn brightly on his own, showcasing his deep blues roots. […]


R.L. Burnside’s ‘Too Bad Jim’


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