Rahsaan Roland Kirk records ‘Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle,’ an album for Atlantic (1973)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s ‘Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle’ is an album recorded on January 22, 1973 in New-York City and released the same year by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Salvation And Reminiscing (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) – 05:22 . 2.Seasons: One Mind Winter/Summer/Ninth Ghost (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) – 09:37 . 3.Celestial Bliss (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) – 05:40 . 4.Saxophone Concerto: Saxophone Miracle/One Breath Beyond/Dance Of Revolution (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) – 21:00

Musicians : Roland Kirk – Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Nose Flute, Black Mystery Pipies, Alto Saxophone . Charles Mcghee – Trumpet . Dick Griffin – Trombone . Harry Smiles – Oboe . Ron Burton – Piano . Henry Mattathias Pearson – Bass . Robert Shy – Drums . Sonny Brown – Percussion . Ralph Macdonald – Percussion . Dee Dee Bridgewater – Vocals . Jeanne Lee – Vocals . Sanford Allen – Violin . Julien Barber – Violin . Selwart Clarke – Violin . Gayle Dixon – Violin . Al Brown – Viola . Kermit Moore – Cello

Production : Produced By Joel Dorn

Recorded On January 22, 1973 At Regent Sound Studios, Nyc.

Released In 1973 By Atlantic.


Melting Pot
“Saxophone Concerto” stands as one of the greatest compositions and bravura performances from Rahsaan. The track takes up the entire second side of the album, split into three parts, “Saxophone Miracle,” “”One Breath Beyond,” and “Dance Of Revolution,” and was recorded without a single over-dub. […]

Stylus Magazine
That pounding drum intro; a clanging guitar built-up to an anthemic chorus; that strange glitchy noise you’ve never quite been able to figure out; that first kiss or heartbreak; a well-turned rhyme that reminds you of something in your own past so much, it seems like it was written for you—all of those little things that make people love music. […]

Silent_Mike @ RateYourMusic
There’s more. “Salvation and Reminiscing” is a ghost’s workout, his vocalists hauntingly echo his minor-key phrases, before a roiling string section (complete with chimes and timpani) chases Kirk through the woods. He goes through a tonal workout before echoing the strings’ theme, which then gets resolved in a most cinematic manner. […]


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