Robert Cray releases his third live album : ‘Cookin’ In Mobile’ recorded in Mobile, Alabama (2010)

Robert Cray‘s ‘Cookin’ In Mobile’ is his third live album recorded at Saenger Theatre in Mobile Alabama and released on July 27, 2010 by Vanguard Records.


Robert Cray releases his third live album : ‘Cookin’ In Mobile’ recorded in Mobile, Alabama (2010)

1 . Our Last Time

2 . Love (2009)

3 . Sittin on Top of the World (Montreux Jazz Festival, 2008)

4 . The One In The Middle

5 . Smoking Gun

6 . Time Makes Two (w/ The Robert Cray Band, 2010)

Track listing : 1.Our Last Time (John Hanes, Jim Pugh) . 2.Anytime (Jim Pugh) . 3.Love 2009 (Jim Pugh) . 4.Right Next Door (Because Of Me) (Dennis Walker) . 5.Chicken in the Kitchen (Robert Cray) . 6.Sitting on Top of the World (Chester Burnett) . 7.One in the Middle (Jim Pugh) . 8.Lotta Lovin’ (Robert Cray) . 9.Smoking Gun (Bruce Bromberg, Richard Cousins, Robert Cray) . 10.I Can’t Fail (Robert Cray) . 11.That’s What Keeps Me Rockin’ (Tony Braunagel, Johnnie Lee Schnell) . 12.Time Makes Two (Robert Cray) .

Musicians : Robert Cray – Guitar, Vocals . Jim Pugh – Keyboard . Tony Braunagel – Drums . Richard Cousins – Bass .

Production : Produced by Rob Dennis . Jack Clarke – Engineer . Tom Dyer – Engineer . Rob Dennis – Engineer, Mixing, Producer . Greg “Xaq” Zaccaria – Guitar Technician .

Packaging : Carrie Smith – Graphic Design . Erika Goldring – Photography .

Recorded on February 21, 2010 at the historic Saenger Theatre in Mobile Alabama .

Released on July 27, 2010 by Vanguard Records.

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Robert Cray


A new live albumand DVD, from the celebrated contemporary blues guitarist.Chicken in the Kitchen. A slow blues, concerned with sex, cooking and infidelity, it builds to into a magnificent instrumental work-out, with Cray’s guitar sparring with the keyboards of Jim Pugh, who has been playing an increasingly important role in this excellent band. […]

What some have heard as too smooth, polished, politeand formulaic has also been praised as an elegant, stylish blend of blues, soul, R&Band gospel. Listeners in both camps will find plenty to bolster their respective argument although I daresay his detractors might be surprised by what they hear. […]

The Phoenix
His cover of the relic “Sitting on Top of the World” doesn’t come close to approaching the raunch level of Howlin’ Wolf’s or the psychedelic intensity of Cream’s, but he does the song justice in his own way. […]


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