Robert Cray releases ‘Live From Across The Pond,’ his first live album recorded at Royal Albert Hall in London (2006)

Robert Cray’s ‘Live From Across The Pond’ is his first live album released on September 12, 2006 by Vanguard Records.

Track listing : 1.Phone Booth (Richard Cousins, Robert Cray, Dennis Walker) – 04:38 . 2.Poor Johnny (Robert Cray) – 06:22 . 3.Our Last Time (Jim Pugh) – 08:23 . 4.Right Next Door (Because of Me) (Dennis Walker) – 06:01 . 5.12 Year Old Boy (Robert Cray Band, Robert Cray) – 00:00 . 6.I Guess I Showed Her (Dennis Walker) – 04:40 . 7.The Things You Do to Me (Robert Cray) – 07:02 . 8.I Was Warned (Robert Cray, Dennis Walker) – 08:36 . 9.Twenty (Robert Cray) – 07:34 . 10.Bad Influence (Robert Cray) – 03:58 . 11.The One in the Middle (Jim Pugh) – 08:19 . 12.Back Door Slam (Bonnie Hayes, Kevin Hayes) – 05:26 . 13.Time Makes Two (Robert Cray) – 06:18 . 14.I’m Walkin’ (Chris Hayes, Kevin Hayes) – 05:23 .

Musicians : Robert Cray – Guitar, Vocals . Jim Pugh – Keyboard . Kevin Hayes – Drums . Karl Sevareid – Bass .

Production Produced by Robert Cray . June Murakawa – Assistant Engineer . Don Smith – Mixing .

Package : Amy L. VonHolzhausen – Creative Director .

Recorded at Royal Albert Hall Westminster, London, England .

Released on September 12, 2006 by Vanguard Records.

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And he does this with all the grace, energy and style that Mr. Clapton has done just as well. Another asset is how this material seems to flow so quickly, with the five or six-minute songs gliding by in two or three. […]
A successful “new generation” blues musician with a reputation for writing and producing excellent recordings, Robert Cray got tagged early on as a disappointing live performer. This double CD, his first live record, will change that opinion […]

A journeyman guitarist with a knack for mixing a classic electric blues sound with various contemporary pop sounds, Cray has remained a consistent if underappreciated artist since his 1986 crossover/breakthrough album strong Persuader. […]


Robert Cray’s ‘Live From Across The Pond’ M


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