Robert Cray releases ‘This Time’ (2009)

Robert Cray’s’This Time’ is a studio (his first in four years) album released on August 11, 2009 by Vanguard Records, Nozzle Records.

Track Listing : 1.Chicken In The Kitchen (Robert Cray) – 06:05 . 2.I Can’T Fail (Robert Cray) – 03:32 . 3.Love 2009 (Jim Pugh) – 06:24 . 4.That’S What Keeps Me Rockin’ (Tony Braunagel, Johnnie Lee Schell ) – 05:36 . 5.This Time (Robert Cray) – 07:22 . 6.To Be True (Jim Pugh, Richard Cousins) – 05:14 . 7.Forever Goodbye’ (Robert Cray, Sue Turner-Cray) – 04:33 . 8.Trouble And Pain (Robert Cray) – 04:04 . 9.Truce (Richard Cousins, Hendrix Ackle) – 05:41

Musicians : The Robert Cray Band – Band . Robert Cray – Vocals And Guitar . Jim Pugh – Keyboards . Richard Cousins – Bass Guitar . Tony Braunagel – Drums

Production : Produced By Robert Cray . Don Smith – Engineer, Mixing . Bob White – Engineer . Martin Pradler – Mixing

Package : Erika Goldring – Photography

Recorded 2009 At Santa Barbara Sound Design, Santa Barbara, California.

Released On August 11, 2009 By Vanguard Records, Nozzle Records.

Cray’s soul-drenched “I Can’t Fail” is a slow-turning, 1970s-styled R&B beauty featuring one of Cray’s most passionate vocal performances, some tasteful gospel-tinged keyboards (courtesy of Jim Pugh)and a crying Cray solo that hits your heart like the biggest, baddest arrow that Cupid has in his quiver. […]

Cray discs have been criticized for falling on the wrong side of the sleepy/stylish tightrope. Yet this one features excellent material played and sung with a timeless sophistication and intensity that, while not pushing the artist in any new directions, show that he doesn’t need to expand his lyrical or melodic […]

Robert Cray’s’This Time’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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