CBS publish Robert Wyatt’s debut solo album : ‘The End of an Ear’ (1970)

Robert Wyatt‘s ‘The End of an Ear’ is his debut solo album while he was still with Soft Machine, released on December 4, 1970 by Cbs.

Track Listing : 1.Las Vegas Tango Part 1 (Repeat) (Gil Evans) – 8:13 . 2.To Mark Everywhere (Robert Wyatt) – 02:25 . 3.To Saintly Bridget (Robert Wyatt) – 02:21 . 4.To Oz Alien Daevyd And Gilly (Robert Wyatt) – 02:09 . 5.To Nick Everyone (Robert Wyatt) – 09:12 . 6.To Caravan And Brother Jim (Robert Wyatt) – 05:20 . 7.To The Old World (Thank You For The Use Of Your Body, Goodbye) (Robert Wyatt) – 03:17 . 8.To Carla, Marsha And Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller) (Robert Wyatt) – 02:46 . 9.Las Vegas Tango Part 1 (Gil Evans) – 11:13

Musicians : Robert Wyatt – Drums, Mouth, Piano, Organ . Neville Whitehead – Bass . Mark Charig – Cornet . Elton Dean – Alto Saxophone, Saxello . Mark Ellidge – Piano . Cyrille Ayers – Assorted Percussion . David Sinclair – Organ

Production : Produced By Robert Wyatt

Recorded In August 1970 At Sound Techniques, Chelsea (London).

Released On December 4, 1970 By Cbs.

Package : Lipscombe Lubbock Ewart And Hollands – Cover, Design

(Source Robert Wyatt – The End of an Ear | The (almost) Authorised Robert Wyatt Website)


Of all the projects Robert Wyatt created apart from his tenure with Soft Machine and Matching Mole, The End of an Ear has to be the strangestand among the most beautiful and misunderstood recordings of his career. […]

Dominant is his two-parted cover of Gil Evans‘ Las Vegas Tango which tops and tails the album. Here Wyatt, utilising tape effects and multiple tracks over a shuffling backbeat, chatters and emotes non-verbally, […]

bigfootpegrande @ RateYourMusic
Apparently if as one reviewer claimed Wyatt did this album for fun he also must have known selling such an indulgent ego trip to a buying audience would be a disaster. Save your hard earned money for “Rock Bottom”. It’s his masterpiece. […]


Robert Wyatt‘s ‘The End of an Ear’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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