Roland Kirk starts the recording of ‘The Inflated Tear,’ an album for Atlantic (1968)

Roland Kirk‘s ‘The Inflated Tear’ is an album recorded between November 27 and 30, 1967 and released on June 14, 1968 by Atlantic.


Roland Kirk starts the recording of ‘The Inflated Tear,’ an album for Atlantic (1968)

1 . The Inflated Tear (Prague, 1967)

2 . Quartet, 1961

Track Listing : 1.The Black And Crazy Blues (Roland Kirk) – 06:07 . 2.A Laugh For Rory (Roland Kirk) – 02:54 . 3.Many Blessings (Roland Kirk) – 04:45 . 4.Fingers In The Wind (Roland Kirk) – 04:18 . 5.The Inflated Tear (Roland Kirk) – 04:58 . 6.The Creole Love Call (Duke Ellington)- 03:53 . 7.A Handful Of Fives (Roland Kirk) – 02:42 . 8.Fly By Night (Roland Kirk) – 04:19 . 9.Lovellevelliloqui (Roland Kirk) – 04:17

Musicians : Roland Kirk – Tenor Saxophone, Manzello, Stritch, Clarinet, Flute, Whistle, Cor Anglais, Flexafone . Ron Burton – Piano . Steve Novosel – Bass . Jimmy Hopps – Drums . Dick Griffith – Trombone

Production : Produced By Joel Dorn . Paul Goodman – Engineer

Package : Curtice Taylor – Hand Coloring . Carl Bailey – Liner Notes . Bob Defrin – Art Direction, Design . David Gahr – Photography

Recorded November 27–30, 1967.

Released On June 14, 1968 By Atlantic.

(Source Roland Kirk – The Inflated Tear | Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Legendary Jazz Saxophonist)

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Killer Strayhorn
I KNOW YOU HAVE CRIED THE INFLATED TEAR, BEAUTIFUL RAHSAANHis producer Joel Dorn, was a bit of a strange chap that Kirk trusted with the main body of his work for some reason. Its hard to say if Dorn knew much about recording a jazz record. Some observers have described him as a “Barnum and Bailey” type promoter, who just wanted to be doing hip and counter culture antics. […]

The Rumpus
The Inflated Tear” sounded like the entire spectrum of the history of African-American music rolled into one four-minute song: old slavery spirituals, work songs, field hollers, soul, modern jazzand early blues. It was like a Duke Ellington reed section, yet more emotional, more intimate, with a sound that ached of centuries. It was like listening to the inside of someone’s heart. […]

The debut recording by Roland Kirk (this was still pre-Rahsaan) on Atlantic Records, the same label that gave us Blacknuss and Volunteered Slavery, is not the blowing fest one might expect upon hearing it for the first time. […]


Roland Kirk‘s ‘The Inflated Tear’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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