We remember Rory Gallagher. ‘Celtic Blues’

This day (June 14, 1995), in Cork, Ireland, died William Rory Gallagher, Irish singer and guitarist


We remember Rory Gallagher. ‘Celtic Blues’

Tracklist :

1 . Sugar Mama (1969)

2 . What’s Going On (w/ Taste, Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970)

3 . For the Last Time (1971)

4 . Tore Down (1972)

5 . Tattoo’d Lady (1975)

6 . Bankers blues (1976)

7 . A million miles away (1977)

8 . Shadow play (1978)

9 . Do You Read Me (Rock Goes To College, 1979)

10 . Moonchild (1982)

11 . I Wonder Who (1984)

12 . Bad Penny (1985)

13 . Nadine (1986)

14 . Walkin’ Blues (1988)

15 . I’m Ready (1990)

16 . Messin’ With The Kid (1993)

17 . Tattoo’d Lady (1994)

Tracklist :

Tattoo’d Lady . Moonchild . Bad Penny . A Million Miles Away . Shadow Play . Cradle Rock . Calling Card . Laundromat . Walk On Hot Coals . Used to Be .


Rory Gallagher’ is his eponymous first solo album recorded just after he left Taste and released on May 23, 1971 by Polydor >>


[1975] Rory Gallagher is on Irish television where he will play a blues lifted from his Irish Tour ’74 album. >> 27 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1975] Rory Gallagher and his band – that is Gerry McAvoy (b), Lou Martin (kb) and Rod de’Ath (d) – perform at the Hammersmith Odeon in London >> 60 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1982] Rory Gallagher performs at Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland >> 48 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1968] British band Taste – that is Rory Gallagher (gtr+voc), Richard Charlie McCracken (b) and John Wilson (d) – performs at Bilzen Jazz Festival in Bilzen, Belgium >> 13 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1970] if in Germany, do not miss Rory Gallagher, Santana plus Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated feat. Dick Heckstall-Smith (s), Zoot Money (kb) at West German rock series Beat-Club in Bremen >> 23 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1989] Rory Gallagher gives a special concert for the German TV show Rockpalast at Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany >> 97 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1977] is the first concert of Rory Gallagher at Dublin National Stadium. Irish TV is due to film it for Aspects of Rock >> 20 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1969] French television program Pop 2 will record Rory Gallagherand band in concert at Taverne de l’Olympia, Paris >> 43 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1981] Rory Gallagher with Gerry McAvoy (b), Brendan O’Neill (d), John Cooke (kb), Ray Beavis (s) & Harold Casey (s) will follow Eric Burdon at Loreley Amphitheatre in St. Goarshausen, Germany >> 110 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1977] BBC program Rock Goes To College is going to record Rory Gallagher during his concert at Middlesex Polytechnic in ‎London,, England >> 42 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1968] Irish band Taste – that is Rory Gallagher (g, voc), Eric Kitteringham (b) & Norman Damery (d) – take part in the Undergrounf Festival held at Theatre de l’Olympia in Paris >> 4 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1969] Irish rock trio Taste with Rory Gallagher will be at the second Isle of Wight Festival at Afton Down, on the western side of the island >> 24 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1988] German television program Ohne Filter will record Rory Gallagher and band at the SWF Baden Baden studios >> 56 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1977] if in Austria, do not miss Irish rocker Rory Gallagher taped while in Vienna at Ohne Maulkorb on ORF >> 38 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1976] Rory Gallaghergives a concert at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland >> 34 MINUTES on RVM >>


We remember Rory Gallagher. ‘Celtic Blues’

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Wikipedia : This day (June 14, 1995), in Cork, Ireland, died William Rory Gallagher, Irish singer and guitarist

Official Site : He shared his name with Ireland’s last native monarch, was born (to rock) at Rock Hospital in Ballyshannon, Donegal (March 2nd 1948) while his father was employed constructing a hydro electric power plant on the nearby Erne river.

@allmusic : However, it is the ghost of the late Jeff Buckley, one of Martin’s favorites, that haunts his sad, emotionally vulnerable singing.

@last.fm : Gallagher was known for his deep, distinctive voice, the boom-chick-a-boom or freight train sound of his backing band (Tennessee Two / Tennessee Three), his demeanor, and his dark clothing, which earned him the nickname The Man in Black.

@Discogs : Gallagher was a master on his Fender Stratocaster in playing the blues (as a born Irishman). He was also a stage beast (proof of which the various great live albums).

Photo : Jan Slob




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