Hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. releases their first album (1984)

‘Run–D.M.C.’ is their eponymous debut album released March 27, 1984.


Hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. releases their first album (1984)

1 . Rock Box (Official Video)

2 . Rock Box / Jammaster Jay (August, 16, 1984)

3 . Jam Master Jay Intro (9/25/1984, Capitol Theatre)

4 . Jam Master Jay

5 . Sucker Mc’s (Official Video)

6 . Sucker Mcs

7 . It’s Like That (w/ Jason Nevins, Official Video)

Run DMC – First Album

Track Listing : 1.Hard Times (Jimmy Bralower, James B. Moore, Russell Simmons, Larry Smith, William Warring) – 03:52 . 2.Rock Box (Darryl Mcdaniels, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith) – 05:30 . 3.Jam-Master Jay (Darryl Mcdaniels, Jason Mizell, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith, Russell Simmons) – 03:11 . [Samples: Scratchin’ By Magic Disco Machine] . 4.Hollis Crew (Krush-Groove 2) (Darryl Mcdaniels, Joseph Simmons, Jason Mizell) – 03:12 . 5.Sucker M.C.’S (Krush-Groove 1) (N.S.Hardy, Jr., Darryl Mcdaniels, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith) – 03:09 ( . [Samples: Live At The Disco Fever By Lovebug Starski] . 6.It’S Like That (Darryl Mcdaniels, Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith) – 04:50 . 7.Wake Up (Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith, Russell Simmons, Daniel Hayden) – 05:31 . 8.30 Days (Daniel Simmons, Larry Smith, James B. Moore) – 05:47 . 9.Jay’S Game (Joseph Simmons, Larry Smith, Jason Mizell, Russell Simmons) – 04:25

Glen E. Friedman

Musicians : Run–D.M.C. – Group . Darryl “D.M.C.” Mcdaniels – Group Member . Jason Mizell – Group Member, Scratching . Joseph “Run” Simmons – Group Member . Davy Dmx – Drum Programming, Guitar . Steve Loeb – Keyboards . Eddie Martinez – Guitar . Larry Smith – Drum Programming, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards

Production : Produced By Russell Simmons, Larry Smith . Kurtis Blow – Mixing . Randy Murray – Engineer . Elai Tubo – Mixing . Joseph M. Palmaccio – Mastering

Package : Cey Adams – Hand Lettering . Bill Adler – Liner Notes . Gene Bagnato – Photography . Josh Cheuse – Art Direction . Glen E. Friedman asterisques RVM – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Talib Haqq – Photography . Mister T – Design

Recorded In 1983 At Greene Street Recording (New York, New York).

Released On March 27, 1984 By Profile.

(Source Run DMC – First Album | Run–D.M.C. @Facebook)


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Their first release, the 12-inch single “It’s Like That”/”Sucker MCs” inaugurated a revolution in rap. Released on Profile Records and produced by Kurtis Blow, it was the first rap single with a hard beat and stripped-down, no-nonsense delivery. […]

This is one of those rare albums that not only started a true music revolution, but has stood the test of time as one of the greatest albums ever recorded. That is a bold statementand I don’t make it lightly given all the great music (both rap and otherwise) that has been recorded over the last 100 years. […]

The video for their third single, ‘Rock Box’ (1983), received airplay on MTV, which was unusual for a black performer, rap or otherwise, at that time. Their self-titled first album, Run-D.M.C. (1984) was the first rap album to go goldand the album was dedicated to the slain Junebug, a DJ at the Disco Fever club. […]


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