Russian Virtuosi

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Russian Virtuosi

Face Music : Traditional Russian music is predominantly heterophonic: the same melody is distributed among different voice parts, with one leading voice, mostly in a middle register. The lead singer (sapevála) determines the course of the melody, and the other voices come in later. This heterophonic group singing is often embellished by an independent voice in a very high register (podgolóssok).

Barynya Entertainment : Balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski arrived in the United States in 1992 from St.Petersburg, Russia. He was a leading member of The Andreev State symphonic balalaika orchestra, one of the most prestigious in former USSR. Alex Siniavski graduated with honors from the Leningrad State Musical Conservatory.

Alexey Arkhipovskiy : Russian famous balalayka player Alexey Arkhipovskiy was born 15 May 1967 in Tuapse, Krasnodarsky region. He`s got deep passion to music from his father who was brilliant performer on russian harmoshka and later in 50`s on traditional accordeon. : For more than 20 years, Alexander Dmitriev has been the professor of St. Petersburg Conservatoire and the “Soloist – St Petersburg Philharmonie Concert”. Twenty years ago, he wrote the treatise “The Positional Fingering for Accordion” which showed his new and progressive technical ideas.

EthnoRussia : Juliana is a singer and an ethnomusicologist. While Russian traditional music is her main passion, she also enjoys performing songs of Bulgarian, gypsy, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and many other cultures and is open to all kinds of vocal art. She also plays many ethnic instruments.

QUARTET “SKAZ” : The members succeeded in the improvement of the old technique of playing – by the skilful adoption of the proven and expert methods used by exponents of the banjo and classical guitar. In this manner “SKAZ” could perform more expressively and also acquired an additional timbre in sound.

Dmitry Kalinin : Accompanied by this glorified orchestra he has recorded a number of compositions of various genres and forms for Russian radio and TV channel “Culture” written by A.Varlamov, N. Budashkin, A. Shalov, A. Danilov. His interpretation of emotional and hard Marchakovsky’s recital was the revelation. Dmitry often performes as a soloist with Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra, the folk orchestra “Moscow” (conductor – I. Gromov), V.Petrov`s orchestra of the Gnessin academy and other orchestras.

Viktor Romanko : His musical spectrum ranges from classical, original and folk music right up to rock and pop.Viktor Romanko is the World’s only artist who presents his own complete arrangement of the composition “THE FOUR SEASONS” by A. Vivaldi on the “bayan” (an accordionplayed only with buttons).

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