Reprise publish Ry Cooder’s second album : ‘Into the Purple Valley’ (1972)

Ry Cooder’s ‘Into the Purple Valley’ is his second studio album released in January 1972 by Reprise.

Track Listing : 1.How Can You Keep Moving (Unless You Migrate Too) (Agnes Sis Cunningham) – 02:25 . 2.Billy The Kid (Traditional, Ry Cooder) – 03:45 . 3.Money Honey (Jesse Stone) – 03:28 . 4.Fdr In Trinidad (Fitz Maclean) – 03:01 . 5.Teardrops Will Fall (Dickey Doo, Marion Smith) – 03:03 . 6.Denomination Blues (George Washington Phillips) – 03:58 . 7.On A Monday (Lead Belly) – 02:52 . 8.Hey Porter (Johnny Cash) – 04:34 . 9.Great Dream From Heaven (Joseph Spence) – 01:53 . 10.Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Us All (Traditional, Ry Cooder) – 03:52 . 11.Vigilante Man (Woody Guthrie) – 04:15

Musicians : Ry Cooder – Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals . Van Dyke Parks – Keyboards . Gloria Jones – Vocals . Claudia Lennear – Vocals . George Bohanon – Horns . John Craviotta – Drums . Joe Lane Davis – Horns . Jim Dickinson – Piano . Chris Ethridge – Bass . Milt Holland – Percussion . Jerry Jumonville – Saxophone . Fritz Richmond – Bass . Donna Washburn – Vocals . Donna Weiss – Vocals . Ike Williams – Horns

Production : Produced By Jim Dickinson, Van Dyke Parks, Lenny Waronker

Package : Dave Bhang – Typography . Marty Evans – Photography . Mike Salisbury – Design

Recorded In 1971.

Released In January 1972


Here he covers cash,leadbelly and guthrie and whether he is playing slide guitar,finger picking on acoustic or playing slack tuned polynesian guitar stylings as on the lovely,lilting “fdr in trinidad” cooder somehow makes it all work , even if the production could have been a lot more interesting. […]

Robert Christgau
This time Cooder’s Everyman sounds homely rather than humble, with an honest wit that escapes the bankers and lawmen on his back, though the “wonderful urbanity” of F.D.R.–the phrase is calypsonian Fitz McLean’s–remains an ideal. […]

‘Phenomenal’ is the descriptive word to describe his playing, whether it is on guitar, Hawaiian “slack key” guitar, mandolin, or the more arcane instruments he has found. This is a must for those who love instrumental virtuosity, authentic reworkings of an era, or just plain good music. […]


Ry Cooder’s ‘Into the Purple Valley’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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