Sade release ‘Love Deluxe,’ their fourth album featuring ‘No Ordinary Love’ and ‘Cherish the Day’ (1992)

Sade’s ‘Love Deluxe’ is their fourth studio album featuring the hit “”No Ordinary Love” and released on November 11, 1992 by Epic Records.

Track Listing : 1.No Ordinary Love (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman) – 07:20 . 2.Feel No Pain (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 05:08 . 3.I Couldn’T Love You More (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 03:49 . 4.Like A Tattoo (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 03:38 . 5.Kiss Of Life (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 05:50 . 6.Cherish The Day (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 05:34 . 7.Pearls (Sade Aduandrew Hale) – 04:34 . 8.Bullet Proof Soul (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 05:26 . 9.Mermaid (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 04:23

Albert Watson

Musicians : Sade Adu – Vocals . Andrew Hale – Keyboards . Stuart Matthewman – Guitar, Saxophone . Paul S. Denman – Bass . Martin Ditcham – Drums, Percussion . Leroy Osbourne – Vocals . Anthony Pleeth – Cello . Gavyn Wright – Orchestra Leader

Sophie Muller

Production : Produced By Sade Adu, Mike Pela . Mike Pela – Engineer . Nick Ingman – String Arrangements . Chris Lord-Alge – Engineer, Mixing . Stephen Marcussen – Mastering . Adrian Moore – Assistant Engineer . Tom Coyne – Remastering . Sandro Franchin – Assistant Engineer . Marc Williams – Assistant Engineer

Package : Albert Watson asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded In 1992 At Studio Condulmer, Venice; Ridge Farm, Surrey; The Hit Factory, London; Image Recording, Los Angeles.

Released On November 11, 1992 By Epic Records.

Video Director(s) : Sophie Muller asterisques RVM for “No Ordinary Love,” and “Cherish the Day” and “Kiss of Life”

One of the only problems a listener might find here is that the lyrics focus on romance for the most part. Again, it all comes down to whether or not the listener has gripes with that. […]

More than that, it touched my soul and expressed emotions and beliefs that I’d never quite been able to articulateand for that I am deeply grateful to Sade Adu. […]

With Sade‘s current standing, it’s hard to imagine the now-fawning press trading in the kind of venom they once reserved for them. […]


Sade’s ‘Love Deluxe’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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