Sade release their sixth album : ‘Soldier of Love’ (2010)

Sade‘s ‘Soldier of Love’ is their sixth (and their first in ten years) studio album released on February 5, 2010, by RCA.


Sade release their sixth album : ‘Soldier of Love’ (2010)

1 . Soldier Of Love (2010)

2 . Babyfather (“Dancing With The Stars,” Live)

3 . Babyfather (2010)

Sade – Soldier of Love

Track Listing : 1.The Moon And The Sky (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 04:28 . 2.Soldier Of Love (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 05:59 . 3.Morning Bird (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 03:55 . 4.Babyfather (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman, Juan Janesandrew Nicholls) – 04:40 . 5.Long Hard Road (Sade Adu, Juan Janesandrew Nicholls) – 03:03 . 6.Be That Easy (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman) – 03:41 . 7.Bring Me Home (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 04:09 . 8.In Another Time (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 05:06 . 9.Skin (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 04:13 . 10.The Safest Place (Sade Aduandrew Hale) – 02:46

Sophie Muller

Musicians : Sade – Band . Sade Adu – Vocals . Stuart Matthewman – Guitar, Saxophone . Andrew Hale – Keyboards . Paul S. Denman – Bass . Tony Momrelle – Vocals . Leroy Osbourne – Vocals . Martin Ditcham – Percussion, Drums . Pete Lewinson – Drums . Joseph Robinson – Percussion And Strings On (8) . Everton Nelson – Violin . Ian Burdge – Cello . Gordon Matthewman – Trumpet . Noel Langley – Trumpet . Ila Adu – Vocals On (4) . Clay Matthewman – Vocals On (4) . Juan Janes – Guitar On (5) . Sophie Muller asterisques RVM – Ukulele

Production : Produced By Sade . Mike Pela – Engineer, Mixing . Mark “Spike” Stent – Mixing . Michael Brauer – Mixing . John Davis – Mastering

Package : Sophie Muller asterisques RVM – Photography, Art Direction . Tom Hingston Studio – Design

Recorded 2009 At Real World Studios (Box, Wiltshire, England), El Cortijo (Málaga, Málaga, Spain).

Released On February 5, 2010 By Rca.

Video Director(s) : Sophie Muller asterisques RVM for “Soldier of love” and “Babyfather”

(Source Sade – Soldier of Love | Official Website)

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The New-Yorker
The success of Sade and her anodyne band highlights one of the maddening aspects of popular music: no matter what musicians intend, music can often be a background element in a moment, in a way that books and movies can’t. Sculpture and painting, by virtue of never turning off, can pierce the familiarity of their surroundings. Albums endand even when they were on they might simply have been part of the mood, whatever that was. […]

Describing something as “smooth” no longer sets off the same alarms for younger listeners, or younger critics. And Sade‘s Soldier of Love is kind of a litmus test in that regard. Sade hasn’t changedand Soldier of Love will likely be the year’s most relaxing album. But will listeners reared to expect the immediate gratification of rock or rap go for music that hovers tremulously on the edge of both pleasure and pain? […]

The Guardian
Succinct, masterful and adventurous, “Soldier…” sounds unequivocally like vintage hoop-earring Sade while knocking preconceptions over like ninepins. […]


Sade release their sixth album : ‘Soldier of Love’ (2010)


Sade release their sixth album : ‘Soldier of Love’ (2010)

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Sade‘s ‘Soldier of Love’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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