Sade release their third album ‘Stronger Than Pride’ featuring ‘Paradise’ (1988)

Sade‘s ‘stronger Than Pride’ is their third studio album produced ny Ben Rogan and released on May 14, 1988 by Epic.


Sade release their third album ‘Stronger Than Pride’ featuring ‘Paradise’ (1988)

1 . Love Is Stronger Than Pride (1988)

2 . Love Is Stronger Than Pride (San Diego)

3 . Paradise (1988)

4 . Paradise (Live, 2011)

5 . Nothing Can Come Between Us (1988)

6 . Nothing Can Come Between Us (San Diego)

7 . Haunt Me (San Diego)

8 . Turn My Back On You (1988)

9 . Keep Looking (San Diego)

10 . I Never Thought I’d See The Day

11 . I Never Thought I’d See The Day (Live)

Sade – stronger Than Pride

Track Listing : 1.Love Is stronger Than Pride (Sade Adu, Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 04:16 . 2.Paradise (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman, Paul S. Denman) – 04:01 . 3.Nothing Can Come Between Us (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewmanandrew Hale) – 04:21 . 4.Haunt Me (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman) – 05:48 . 5.Turn My Back On You (Sade Aduandrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman) – 06:05 . 6.Keep Looking (Sade Aduandrew Hale) – 05:20 . 7.Clean Heart (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewmanandrew Hale) – 03:59 . 8.Give It Up (Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewmanandrew Hale) – 03:49 . 9.I Never Thought I’D See The Day (Sade Adu, Leroy Osbourne) – 04:12 . 10.Siempre Hay Esperanza (Stuart Matthewman, Sade Adu, Leroy Osbourne) – 05:16

Musicians : Sade Adu – Vocals . Andrew Hale – Keyboards . Stuart Matthewman – Guitar, Saxophone . Paul S. Denman – Bass . Martin Ditcham – Drums, Percussion . Gordon Hunte – Guitar . Jake Jacas – Trombone . James Mcmillan – Trumpet . Leroy Osbourne – Vocals . Gavyn Wright – Violin, Soloist

Production : Produced By Ben Rogan, Mike Pela . Ben Rogan – Engineer . Mike Pela – Engineer . Nick Ingman – String Arrangements . Olivier De Bosson – Assistant Engineer . Alain Lubrano – Assistant Engineer . Vince Mccartney – Assistant Engineer . Jean-Christophe Vareille – Assistant Engineer . Melanie West – Assistant Engineer . Frank Segarra – Assistant Engineer . Herb Powers – Mastering

Package : Levon Parian – Photography . Graham Smith – Artwork . Toshi Yajima – Photography

Recorded 1987 – 1988 At Compass Point Studios (Nassau, Bahamas), Studio Marcadet (Paris, France) And Studio Miraval (Le Val, Var, France).

Released On May 14, 1988 By Epic.

Video Director(s) : Alex McDowell for “Paradise”

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A confident, post-fame release, full of infectious, hushed musical sophistication.Adu’s voice is so ambient that it almost becomes another instrument. In fact, for someone who was such a seductive star (and who made the group), it’s hard at times to locate her on the album at all. […]

Here you see the typical Sade sound in conjunction with a typical 80s R&B drum machine percussion especially in songs like ”Turn My Back On You”. The album is also quite groove-based, however, these grooves make the songs sound pretty aimless. For a band that is known for its ”relaxing” quality, these songs are so tiresome, I could not wait for the album to finish. […]

Soul Bounce
Back in these days, eons of time did not have to pass in between Sade albums, so when “stronger Than Pride” dropped, it was the balm that the people, after being victimized by the “Me Decade” and Reganomics so desperately needed. If you had never experienced falling in love prior to hearing this song, it did not diminish your liking of it. […]


Sade release their third album ‘Stronger Than Pride’ featuring ‘Paradise’ (1988)

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