Sam Rivers records ‘Streams’ at the Montreux Jazz Festival (1973)

Sam Rivers’ ‘Streams’ is a live album recorded on July 6, 1973 at the Montreux Jazz Festival and released the same year by Impulse!

Track Listing : 1.Spoken Introduction (Sam Rivers) – 01:18 . 2.Tenor Saxophone Section/Beginning Of Flute Section (Sam Rivers) – 23:12 . 3.Conclusion Of Flute Section/Piano Section/Soprano Saxophone Section (Sam Rivers) – 25:14

Musicians : Sam Rivers – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piano . Cecil Mcbee – Bass . Norman Connors – Drums, Gong

Production : Produced By Ed Michel Baker Bigsby – Engineer . Chris Penycate – Engineer

Recorded On July 6, 1973 At Montreux Jazz Festival.

Released In 1973 By Impulse!.

Sam Rivers


I’d never seen a player or improviser of this calibre before. Just extraordinary. On a superficial level, I thought it was cool that a guy of his advanced years (though he would probably have been in his late sixties at that time) comported himself in a rather fetching pair of leather trousers. […]

javelintojesus @ RateYourMusic
Remarkably, it’s Rivers’ flute work that’s most solid here. I tend to dislike jazz flute, but Rivers has a way of manipulating the instrument’s traditional timbre and rhythmic use that is simply remarkable. McBee and Connors are fantastic on rhythm as well. […]

What’s truly amazing about the set is that Rivers’ streams of consciousness are more like, well, rivers. He draws from a seemingly inexhaustible supply of fresh soloing ideas — on four different instruments — and his playing is busy and nearly continuous throughout, stopping only to switch instruments or punctuate his lines with an excited shout. […]


Sam Rivers’ ‘Streams’


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